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05:35 rcyhello
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07:56 Bluemoonguten morgen
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08:11 rcyI want to use FAI to do ubuntu installations.  Should I run the server from a debian machine, or ubuntu, or does it matter?  The demohost installation has some issue with grub not being available when working from a feisty server
08:12 glancercy: in the end it doesnt matter, its just up to you.
08:13 rcyok... that's sorta what I suspected, I just wanted to make sure making the wrong choice wasnt going to cause me endless problems
08:13 rcyits taking me a little while to get my head wrapped around how this all works
08:14 glanceanyhow it whill end whith you needing to write/customize some scripts to get it all working as you want it to.
08:16 rcyoh definitly
08:17 rcyim looking to just have the demohost installed and booting as the first step
08:25 Mrfaisiretart: did you already tested 3.2betaxx with ubuntu? I like to release FAI 3.2 next week.
08:38 rcyshould /srv/fai/nfsroot/proc be an actual proc filesystem on my faiserver?
08:38 rcymake-fai-nfsroot is failing because it cant remove that directory
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09:17 Mrfaitype mount and you will see that there are remaining mounts. These are from a previous make-fai-nfsroot call, that you've interrupted or suspended
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09:18 rcyyeah yer right... I cancelled one
09:25 siretartMrfai: yes, I was able to install it, but I think I had not dma on while installing, so it tool really ages
09:25 siretartMrfai: I didn't boot the system yet, but I'm confident
09:26 siretartMrfai: did you include the workaround for update-initramfs pointing to /bin/true?
09:34 Mrfai_yep
09:35 Mrfai_no dma is mostly cased by a missing kernel module inside the initramfs. If the generic ide driver is loaded before the special driver the the chipset, you do not have dma.
09:52 rcyI'm not sure what script is running atm, but I see "Mounting /dev/hda8 to /tmp/target/usr" followed by a bunch of "[: 93: ==: unexpected operator" errors
09:52 Mrfai_put the fai.log to pste.debian.net. and also you disk_config file and format.log
09:53 rcyok, ill wait till the install finishes
10:06 rcywell, after all that, it did work this time... i booted into the system!
10:08 rcyit immediatly rebooted though... is the fai.log available somewhere?
10:11 Mrfai_on the install client in /var/log/fai, on the install server in homedir of $LOGUSER if you configured it to do so. Mmm, this maybe a FAQ for the wiki
10:11 rcyi did see stuff in the config files about it... but didnt bother touching it yet
10:12 rcymaybe it should write it to the target hd somewhere as well
10:13 rcyweird that it just rebooted automatically though... had i not been around to pull the ethernet, it would have started the install again
10:15 Mrfai_it does write it into the target
10:15 rcyoh... where?
10:15 rcyi see /var/log/bootstrap.log, but thats not it
10:16 Mrfai_/tmp/tar/var/log/fai
10:16 Mrfai_sorry
10:16 Mrfai_/tmp/target/var/log/fai
10:17 rcyexcellent
10:23 rcyfai.log: http://paste.debian.net/34670
10:24 rcyformat.log: http://paste.debian.net/34671
10:24 Mrfai_now it's a FAQ: http://faiwiki/index.php/User_FAQ#Where_do_I_find_the_log_files.3F
10:26 rcydisk_config: http://paste.debian.net/34672
10:28 rcywhere do i find the code that does this: "Calling task_mountdisks"?
10:30 Mrfai_/srv/fai/nfsroot/usr/lib/fai/subroutines and ...usr/lib/fai/mount2dir
10:34 rcyit might be nice if the echo calls in the various scripts did a echo "$0: ...", so one could more easily track down where things are coming from
10:41 rcymount2dir is the only script with == in it that i can see... but it looks fine
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10:46 Mrfai_add set -x to if, then you will get much debugging output
10:48 rcyto if?  I don't exactly know what you mean
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11:01 siretartMrfai: do you happen to have a quick workaround for having dma in live-initramfs?
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11:45 Mrfai_s/if/it/
11:46 Mrfai_siretart: which chipset? IDe or sata. Sata sould work IMO since it always enables dma.
Action: h01ger thinks sata might depend on the kernel version as some sata chipsets are not supported by 2.6.18
12:01 h01gerlazyb0y, http://udrepper.livejournal.com/17577.html - a quote: "For sysadmin types this means: do what you have to do with Xen for now. But keep the investments small. For developers this means: don't let yourself be tied to a platform. Use an abstraction layer such as libvirt to bridge over the differences. For architects this means: don't looking to Xen for answers, base your new designs on KVM."
12:01 h01gerinteresting read
12:02 oz_Xen is to die?
12:02 siretartMrfai_: should be piix, but using libata
12:08 Mrfai_which kernel version? check if piix is included into the initramfs.
12:23 Linmorning all (morning in brazil)
12:23 Linhow can I define the computer hostname after a fai instalation
12:24 LinI have added lines like this in dhcp.conf
12:24 Linhost cyber01.copacabana  { hardware ethernet 00:19:d1:46:5e:7d; fixed-address cyber01.copacabana; }
12:24 Linand like this in /etc/hosts:
12:25 Lin192.168.1.101 cyber01.copacabana.ibeu.org.br cyber01.copacabana
12:25 Linbut the hostname is just cyber01 not cyber01.copacabana (as I wish)
12:25 Linany tips?
12:30 Linh01ger: sorry for lameness. But what is the KVM model?
12:32 Linkernel based virtual machine (GIYF)
12:32 Lin;-)
12:34 h01ger:)
12:35 Linh01ger: I have some Hypervisors here..
12:40 Linh01ger: as I could notice there is a lib (libvirt) to compile your codes with that enable the code run "natively" over KVM, something "like" java.
12:42 Linseems weird since it doesn't create a full environment for every application.
12:47 LinOMG! There is a pletora of VMs
12:48 \shMrfai, do you know any good nfs stress test tools?
12:52 Mrfai_no.
12:53 \shbonnie++ running on an nfs share is breaking everything ,-)
12:55 Lin\sh: maybe nfs does't like stress tests..
12:56 Linnfs doesn't even like of file copies. ;-)
12:56 \shLin, it loves stress tests...because if not, netapp solutions wouldn't be there on the market ,-)
12:56 Linnetapp...
12:57 LinIMHO nfs is good for nothing (except for remote rootfs)
12:58 Linnetapp is a storage?
12:58 Linbased only on NFS?
12:59 \shnetapp is a san solution...i think low- to midrange (not so expensive and big as symetrix/emc)
12:59 Linand the storage is shared using nfs?
13:00 Linif so Im REALLY amazed.
13:33 \shLin, there are several methods..but nfs is one of the prefered ones...
13:35 Lin\sh: there are crazier people than I.
13:39 \shLin, why? it just works :)
13:39 \shiozone is a good stress test tool for nfs , yeah
13:39 Lin\sh: nfs is unreliable.
13:40 Linlow security.
13:41 \shLin, this is not true :)
13:42 \shwell at least you shouldn't use nfs over internet...but inside a secure network it's quite good and a good solution for mass storage...
13:42 Linwe cannot create redundant shares with nfs
13:43 Linnfs doesn't work in unreliable networs (TCP/IP)
13:43 \shLin, we can ;)
13:43 Linhow?
13:43 Linyou cannot just remount in another server or use a pool of servers
13:43 \shLin, just use heartbeat and use nfs3 over tcp
13:44 \shyou don't need...you just need several servers, run heartbeat on it, give him a single virtual ip and everything works
13:44 Linnfs doesn't work *WELL* in unreliable networs (TCP/IP)
13:44 Lin\sh: have you tried this?
13:44 Lin\sh: doesn't show any freezes?
13:45 Lin\sh: I had bad times using NFS, mounts frozen, zombie processes, systems stoped. A complete chaos
13:46 \shLin, believe me it does...it does at lycos-europe, unity media (2nd biggest cable provider in germany) and it does at our company :) and I think in several more companies around the globe :)
13:57 Lin\sh: just a simple question. How do you synchronize the repository content?
13:58 \shLin, repository content?
13:59 Lin2 nfs servers.
13:59 Lina lot of files, someone request a file /data/firefox/firefox2.exe
13:59 Linor someone write a new file on this repository.
14:00 Linhow do you keep both them synchronized?
14:00 Linsingle rsync everyday?
14:00 \shLin, the sync is done via drbd
14:00 \shLin, it's something like raid1 over network
14:00 Lini know drbd
14:00 LinI use it here.. to syn my xen servers.
14:01 Lindrbd do not allow access to both devices at same time. just one.
14:01 Linbut Ok. I understood ;-)
14:02 \shLin, you just need one...push a MSA 1000 on your hp server and you are fine ;)
14:03 \shor just (as we do) use 2 oem machines with 16x500GB sata hds in raid6 mode, which gives you around 7 TB storage...  
14:04 Linhp? we use dell ;-) there is some incopatibility? :-P
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18:26 zirpu2I'm using ubuntu 7.04 and the fai that comes with it to install some amd64 boxes with 3ware 9650se cards.
18:26 zirpu2anyone have exerience with the 3ware 9650se cards?
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Action: h01ger needs yet another fai config space...
18:47 h01gerhmm. this doesnt scale.
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