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15:34 BombadilIf there is already a (authoritative) DHCP server on our network, which I can't control - will I still be able to benefit from FAI
15:34 Bombadil?
15:36 h01geryes
15:36 BombadilOr with other words: Can I initiate a fai session also from a (let's say Knoppix-booted or how ever booted) shell?
15:36 Bombadilhmm
15:37 BombadilHow does fai manage the list of (Debian) packages to be installed on all machines?
15:38 h01ger$fai_configdir/package_config/$CLASSES
15:39 BombadilI have no fai yet, so I can't look there. Any docs?
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15:40 Bombadildo I need package fai-kernels if I don't want to use netboot stuff?
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15:40 h01gerBombadil, on the fai homepage there is the fai guide in html
15:41 h01gerthe fai-doc package also has it
15:41 h01gerre: fai-kernels: newer fai versions dont need fai-kernels at all, if you need fai-kernels with older versions depends on your way of using fai..
15:42 Bombadilwhat's its purpose?
15:42 BombadilBTW: I want to run the fai server on Debian Etch
15:43 BombadilThe package description of fai-kernels isn't good enough to give me an idea of its purpose.
15:44 Bombadilare the fai-kernels used for netboot or what?
15:49 Mrfaiyep faikernels are used for netbooting into the installation
15:50 Bombadilah, ok
15:51 Bombadilmay the maintainers could mention the word netboot in fai-kernels' package description
15:51 Bombadil/may/maybe/
15:53 h01gerfai-kernels has been removed..
15:54 Bombadilah, sorry then...
15:56 h01gernp
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