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00:11 Linif my mirror is on a http server? there is any way to fai-cd use it?
00:33 lazyb0yLin: hmm, it should be doable somehow.
00:33 lazyb0yyou want to save the hassle of having all the network services but on the other hand want to save make fai-mirror again and again, I guess?
00:36 lazyb0yLin: it might be just a hook where you copy the sources list you want onto the system or something like that
00:42 Linlazyb0y: I have found fai-mirror ;-) thankz
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07:02 meandtheshellhi folks - can anybody please point out the difference between FAI and cfengine - seems to me FAI is more feature rich - no?
07:03 oz_cfengine is for configuration, not installation
07:06 meandtheshelloz_: right - just figured that fai-client depends on cfengine anyways ...
07:07 meandtheshellI am with DebianGNU/Linux
07:07 meandtheshellapt-cache rdepends cfengine shows it
07:10 Bluemoonguten morgen
07:11 Bluemoonlazyb0y, das update-grub von debian funktioniert unter suse recht gut, ich kopiert das einfach aus dem NFSROOT in den fai-client
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07:23 meandtheshellwhat would be the arguments (pros + cons) about using FAI over m23 or vice versa?
07:25 meandtheshellis there a listing somewhere, discussing the differences?
Action: oz_ vever looked at m23
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07:45 meandtheshelloz_: I see
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07:53 oz_meandtheshell: fai was modeled after sun jumpstart
07:53 meandtheshellyep, I know
07:53 oz_I knew jumpstart already so the choice was easy.
07:53 oz_for me
07:53 meandtheshelloz_: ok - yes, sounds logic
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08:19 meandtheshellMrfai: hi thomas ... what are the arguments using FAI over m23 (I got a homogeneous debian-only infrastructure with x86 and x64_64)?
08:20 meandtheshellfai needs no database as with m23 - right?
08:20 meandtheshellm23 relies on MySQL
08:21 Mrfaiyep
08:22 Mrfaihave a look at the list of users of m23 and FAI.
08:23 meandtheshellhm ... what list? URL?
08:23 MrfaiThere are no m23 package available. Only an ISO image.
08:23 Mrfai
08:24 meandtheshellMrfai: well, there are deb ./
Action: meandtheshell checks URL
08:24 Mrfaifor m23 you can only look at their survey and how many people are posting into their "Forum".
08:26 MrfaiBut don't ask me about more commenta. The IRC log is watching us ;-)
08:26 meandtheshellMrfai: lol
08:27 meandtheshellMrfai: you know I played around with FAI once (three years ago or so) but now I'd get into it more deeply but before that, I'd like to be sure I choose FAI not only because I already tried it once but because it's the better choice
08:29 meandtheshell if you take a quick look at the features, does FAI (current version) provide all of them as well?
08:30 meandtheshellespecially "Integration of existing clients into m23" would be good to have for me
08:30 meandtheshellwell, about LDAP I do not care :)
08:34 Mrfaimeandtheshell: I think "intergration" does not do what you want. I'm pretty sure it will reinstall the client usiing m23 from scratch.
08:34 MrfaiI would never use m23! Does that comment help you?
08:35 meandtheshellMrfai: hehe ;-] well, ... why not besides you're the inventor of FAI
08:36 meandtheshellwhat is it that makes FAI stick up from a technical point of view (compared to m23)
08:37 Mrfaimeandtheshell: come on. This is the FAI channel. I do not like to waste my time talking about m13.
Action: meandtheshell stares blankly
08:38 h01gerMrfai, mein install_packages laeuft nur auf redhat..
08:38 h01gers/redhat/rpm distro/
08:40 Mrfaih01ger: ware gut wenn das irgendwo kommentiert waere.
09:17 oz_m23 seems to be bloat
09:17 oz_but no word about this anymore
09:38 lazyb0yMrfai: just that less people are using it is not good argument IMHO
09:39 lazyb0yMrfai: I think, you/we should make a objective comparison(as far as we know m23 or others) and write that down somewhere
09:40 lazyb0yI think, forbidding people to ask about comparison ans help for their decision for one product vs. FAI is not a good way to handle this
09:43 lazyb0ymeandtheshell: I think it's hard to decide. m23 is not used by many people, and ate some glances, it always looks like it's more about a nice GUI than nice internal technology. FAI is the other way around
09:44 lazyb0ymeandtheshell: to decide on which technology you want to settle, I think you have to try it
09:44 lazyb0yan, I'd be happy to hear a comparison report. I'd even applaud to have this in the FAI wiki
09:46 lazyb0yBTW, in case it's not clear: I never tried it myself, so I don't know how it it, really. The debs are new to me, and in previous times, having no debs was always a reason for me not to try m23
09:47 maswanmeandtheshell: I just looked at the wikipedia page, and "three steps to reinstall" seems to be at least one step too many
09:51 lazyb0ymaswan: how many are it with FAI? are you thinking of  fai-chboot -e and  shutdown -r now?
09:52 maswanlazyb0y: yeah
Action: maswan reads some more and concludes that m23 is some kind of weird system not suitable for using (around here at least) and gets on with his life to do actual work
09:53 lazyb0yso, you're always logged into your pxe-server, and don't need to login there first :)
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09:54 maswanlazyb0y: I usually have a prompt there, yes
Action: lazyb0y doesn't like to judge without trying. we should be open for influences from other tools, and only judge fair and unbiased, and based on real tests, not by reading some website
09:55 lazyb0yNot that I really believe I will switch to m23 soon or ever...
09:55 maswanlazyb0y: hey, I'd only try out likely candidates. m23 seems to be as far out as NIM for installing machines around here.
09:55 maswanehm. NIM for non-AIX machines
09:56 maswanwe still use it for AIX, for the base install. before we let FAI do the customisation. :)
09:56 lazyb0ymaswan: that's for you as a user. that's O.K.
09:57 lazyb0ybut FAI developers should take care not to talk bad about stuff they didn't really test (knowing I didn't, and assuming nobody else really did yet - mostly because the missing packages)
Action: lazyb0y fights hard getting rhel netinstall going last minute...
09:58 lazyb0yat least nfsroot is very broken with mine/holgers redhat patches...
09:58 lazyb0ywill report details and possible fix later
10:34 Bluemoonre
10:35 Bluemoonich versuche gerade ein amd64 nfsroot auf einem i386 fai-server zu erstellen, will aber nicht so recht:
10:35 BluemoonW: Failure trying to run: chroot /srv/fai/nfsroot-amd64 mount -t proc proc /proc
10:35 BluemoonAborting
10:35 Bluemoonchroot: cannot run command `dpkg-divert': Exec format error
10:36 Bluemoonich habe mich an das HowTo gehalten
10:39 MrfaiBluemoon: das geht nur wenn ein 64bit kernel auf deinem 32bit system laeuft. Wenn ueberhaupt
10:39 Mrfaialso check mal uname -a
10:41 Bluemoonne, das ist ein 32bit
10:41 Bluemoonshit
10:41 Bluemoonhat mal jemand ein amd64 nfsroot fuer mich? :)
10:42 Bluemoonaber es wird ja trotzdem nicht gehen
10:42 Mrfaidoch
10:42 MrfaiBluemoon: MT wollte bald eine amd64 nfsroot bauen
10:42 Bluemoonah
10:42 MTich versuche es gerade :-)
10:42 Bluemoonhehe
10:42 MTbzw. die Variante von Rudy
10:43 MTnur base.tgz für amd64
10:43 Bluemoonaber zickt dann chroot nicht trotzdem rum wenn der kernel vom fai-server 32 bittig ist?
10:43 MTeine 64-bit kernel braucht man auch
10:44 MTach so, nein, warum
10:44 MTalso das base.tgz muss man halt auf einer amd64 maschine bauen
10:44 MTich muss nur gerade eine solche maschine hier an der uni suchen
10:44 MThabe gerade ein Solaris 10 erwischt
10:44 MTdas kann nicht mal grep -q
10:45 Bluemoonaber kommt dann nicht dieser fehler: "chroot: cannot run command `dpkg-divert': Exec format error" trotzdem?
10:45 Bluemoonweil das chroot vom fai-server ja immernoch 32bit ist?
10:45 Bluemoonoder lieg ich da jetzt flasch?
10:45 Bluemoonfalsch
10:47 MTdas sollte kein problem sein, wenn der boot-kernel 32bit-Support hat
10:47 MT(ich glaub, die kernel haben das schon)
10:47 MTalso die Debian-Kernel
10:47 MTLeute, hat irgendjemand eine amd64-Maschine mit root-Zugriff
10:47 MT?
10:48 Bluemoonmom
10:48 Bluemoonich habe nur ne suse hier
10:48 MTmüsste nur an so ein base.tgz kommen
10:48 MTdas is schon ok
10:48 MTLinux sollte es sein, und root-Rechte muss man haben
10:48 Bluemoonhabe ich
10:48 MTkönntest Du mir sowas machen?
10:49 Bluemoonkann ich auf einer susebox ein debootstrap ausfuehren?
10:49 MThast Du debootstrap irgendwo installiert
10:49 MTalso auf einer Debian-box?
10:49 Bluemoonklar :)
10:50 MTscp -r /usr/lib/debootstrap/  myamd64:/tmp/ddir/
10:50 MTalso vorher dort /tmp/ddir machen
10:50 MTscp /usr/sbin/debootstrap myamd64:/tmp/
10:50 MTDEBOOTSTRAP_DIR=ddir/debootstrap/ ./debootstrap --arch amd64 etch test-amd64/
10:50 MTsollte theoretisch funktionieren
10:50 Bluemoonok, versuche ich mal
10:51 MTalso letzterer Befehl halt auf myamd64
10:51 MTin /tmp
10:51 MTfalls /tmp nicht noexec ist
10:51 MTdann müsste es halt ein anderes Verzeichnis sein...
10:53 MTwenn das soweit klappt, muss noch ein bisschen aufgeräumt werden
10:53 MTchroot test-amd64
10:53 MTapt-get clean
10:53 MTrm /etc/resolv.conf
10:53 MT(also bitte im chroot!!!!)
10:54 MTexit
10:54 MTund dann kann man das tar bauen
10:57 Bluemoonna mal gucken
10:57 Bluemooner ist am bootstrappen
11:03 Bluemoonmuss da noch der fai-kernel installiert werden?
11:04 Bluemoon
11:04 MThmm, glaub nicht
11:04 Bluemoondas ist ohne
11:04 MTist das Deines?
11:04 Bluemoonalso ohne fai kernel
11:04 Bluemoonka
11:04 Bluemoonja
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11:53 MrfaiMt ich habe eine Debian box, auf der ist aber zur Zeit nur 32bit drauf. ICh versuch mal debootstrap mit --arch aufzurufen. Kleinen augenblick.
11:53 MrfaiIMO reicht das aber nicht als nfsroot
11:57 \shnein
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11:58 \shx86 kann einfach keine x86_64 installieren...weil keine PER_LINUX_64 domain existiert...soweit ich weiss
11:59 \shich habs letztens erst mit einem kernel probiert...der bringt noch nichtmals einen 64bit generic type zu stande unter x86
11:59 \shcool...opensuse buildservice baut ubuntu packages ,-)
11:59 \shmittlerweile auch bei mir im DC:)
12:00 MrfaiSo fertig.
12:02 MrfaiUnter bigt es ein base-amd64.tar.bz2
12:03 \shMrfai: und was macht man damit, wenn man kein 64bit hat? chroot /tmp/target in das chroot und das bricht wie hacke zusammen ;)
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12:07 Bluemoondas sagte ich ja vorhin :)
12:07 Mrfai\sh: ich weiss. Aber MT wollte so ein tar file haben.
12:08 MrfaiAber man kann es per NFS exportieren.
12:13 h01ger\sh, was machst du mit einem arm-installer wenn du keine arm kiste hast?
12:13 h01gerantwort: qemu-arm benutzen :-P
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12:23 MrfaiBeide FAI mailinglisten sind nun auf mailman umgestellt
12:24 \shh01ger: cool...apt-get install qemu-amd64 -> package not found ,-)
12:26 h01gerich meine dafuer gibt es kein extra packet, das ist schon drin
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12:27 \shh01ger: wie will eine 32bit kiste denn 64bit emulieren? da hat selbst vmware schon probleme ,-)
12:27 mawawacan I get help with unattended.txt using unattended-gui
12:28 \sh.oO(die haben auch schon probleme 64bit distros laufen zu lassen auf broken-stepping-amd-cores)
12:28 Mrfaimawawa: no. This is the channel for FAI, not for unattended.
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12:31 h01ger\sh, qemu emuliert die cpu. vmware virtualisiert sie nur. daher kann/koennet qemu das. (qemu kann auch virtualisierung. dann ist qemu schnell... das sind zwei verschiedene betriebsmodi)
12:56 Barbarossatacheles
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13:46 MTalso das .tgz von bluemoon war schon mal super
13:46 MTnur install_packages ist nicht für sowas gebaut
13:46 MThabe einen 64bit-kernel gebootet
13:46 MTdas tgz als als alternativen basefile entpackt
13:46 MTund dann wurde install_packages unglücklich
13:47 MTwenn man apt-get benützt und nicht aptitude
13:47 MTweil der nach uninstallable packages sucht
13:47 MTaber auf der i386 architektur
13:47 MTmit aptitude klappts, weil install_packages da nicht prüft :-)
13:48 MTso, jetzt wird aber ein sauberes nfsroot gebaut
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14:10 BarbarossaMrfai: Mailman-URL?
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14:10 BarbarossaHint: Die Webseiten noch nicht aktuell :)
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14:55 MrfaiBarbarossa: neue URL kommt heute Abend. Danke fuer den Hinweis. Und im Wiki muss auch nachgesehen werden.
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15:00 BarbarossaMrfai: Die normale Webseite auch
15:06 \shMrfai: hab ich eigentlich einen wiki account? ,-)
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15:09 igormorgadohi all
15:12 igormorgadoI have generated a FAI-CD (using fai packages from fai repositories). 1. When I boot it wont find my ROOTFS. Why? 2. Accessing the CD in a windows computer all files are in 8.3 UPPERCASE mode. There is a way to fix this just for the mirror?
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15:31 nonoss_Hi, can you tell me how you create a debootstrap-like for redhat and/or fedora ?
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16:34 sysopis possible to use fai over other distro like gentoo?
16:37 igormorgadosysop: i dont think so.
16:37 igormorgadodebian rulez ;-)
16:38 sysopigormorgado: yes, I think so!
16:38 sysopigormorgado: but there are more distros and preferences.
16:39 sysopor is possible to use softupgrade to change antoher distro to a functionaly debian?
16:39 igormorgadosysop: don think so too. ;-)
16:41 sysopI mean, I prefer debian over all othersl OS.
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17:18 lazyb0ysysop: you can use fai with many other distributions.
17:18 lazyb0ynot all examples for this are in the released fai version, but most important features are.
17:19 lazyb0ythey wait fro testers :)
Action: lazyb0y just presented fai with rhel5 to a customer some hours ago
17:20 lazyb0ynonoss: i posted the yum call for debootstrapping fedora here some while ago
17:21 lazyb0yi will write it in the wiki and post it to the mailing list as soon as it is free to post again, I don't want to post it here every two hours
17:23 lazyb0yh01ger: your and my patches together make dirinstall and softupdate, but my branch does not create a proper nfsroot currently
17:24 lazyb0yafter many fucked up attempts of net installs, I realized that some important proga are missing in the nfsroot...
17:24 lazyb0yand when looking deeper, yes, there was a long list of base programs, that was just dropped of the nfsroot software install list
17:24 lazyb0ybut make-fai-nfsroot finished successfully
17:25 lazyb0ystrangely enough, I could simply install them with apt get after chrooting into the nfsroot, and in the very last minute, everything worked
Action: lazyb0y goes to check install_packages again...
17:31 lazyb0yigormorgado: from which fai version did you generate the cd?
17:32 igormorgadolazyb0y: lemme check
17:32 igormorgado3.1.8
17:32 lazyb0yigormorgado: as for windows: if this only happens on windows, let me guess who's doing something wrong :)
17:33 lazyb0yigormorgado: this version is broken in etch. it's known that it doesn't work (but I wonder why it even can burn a cd at all).
17:33 lazyb0ydid you install a "upported" mkinitrd-cd?
17:33 igormorgadolazyb0y: I have downloaded packages from fai repositories
17:34 lazyb0yah
17:34 MrfaiIMO this should work.
17:34 igormorgadolazyb0y: those maintained for him!!
17:34 igormorgadoMaintainer: Thomas Lange <>
17:34 lazyb0y:)
17:35 Mrfaiigormorgado: which type of CDROM? SCSI, IDE? Please paste the excact error messages
17:35 igormorgadoIDE.
17:35 igormorgadoI had problem only while mounting root FS.
17:35 igormorgadohmm I have to go to computer to get the EXACT error message.
17:36 igormorgadoMrfai: btw.. generating the CD didn't create a CD boot option to my classes.. how can I do that?
17:37 igormorgadolazyb0y: I have generated the CD on fai server, copied to my computer and burned it.
17:37 igormorgadoomw to get the EXACT error message.
Action: lazyb0y also wants a bathtub!
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17:44 igormorgadoMrfai: back
17:45 igormorgadoRAMDISK: Compressed image found at block 0
17:45 igormorgadoNo FS could mount root, tried: ramfs
17:45 igormorgadoCannot mount root fs of unknown disk(1,0)
17:45 igormorgados/ramfs/cramfs/
17:45 oz_igormorgado: what kernel are you using on this CD?
17:46 igormorgadooz_: dunno. CD generetad my fai-cd
17:46 igormorgadolemme check
17:46 oz_19:45 < igormorgado> Cannot mount root fs of unknown disk(1,0) <- unknown disk sounds bad
17:46 oz_igormorgado: I'd guess the ramdisk support is just availible as module
17:47 igormorgadooz_: really? this shoyuld be weird. cause it needs on boot.
17:48 oz_year, weird but it would be a solution to you problem
17:48 oz_+r
17:48 igormorgado2.6.20
17:49 oz_????
17:49 oz_grep the kernel config file for these entries
17:50 oz_CONFIG_BLK_DEV_RAM_SIZE=65536
17:50 igormorgadoCONFIG_BLK_DEV_INITRD=y
17:50 igormorgadonothoung else about initrc.
17:50 oz_initrc?
17:51 igormorgadoinitrc?
17:51 oz_19:50 < igormorgado> nothoung else about initrc.
17:51 igormorgadoinitrd
17:51 igormorgadosorry mistype.
17:51 igormorgadothose other 3 lines are ok.
17:52 igormorgadoCONFIG_CRAMFS=y
17:53 oz_CONFIG_BLK_DEV_RAM=y?
17:54 oz_argl
17:54 oz_<- has new work
18:06 Mrfaiigormorgado: try the same with the original fai-kernel. This is 2.6.18
18:13 lazyb0yMrfai: do the welcome mails mean we can post to the mainlis list again?
18:16 Mrfaiyep.
18:16 sysopsome ona have yet a configuration for install another fai server from fai?
18:16 sysoplike universal machine of charles babbage...
18:17 igormorgadoMrfai: how can I specify the kernel? I havent done anything.
18:17 Mrfaisysop: on the fai-cd ISO image, there are the config for setting up an install server
18:18 Mrfaiigormorgado: /etc/fai/make-fai-fnsroot.conf: KERNELPACKAGE=
18:18 igormorgadoKERNELPACKAGE=/usr/lib/fai/kernel/linux-image-2.6.18-fai-kernels_1_i386.deb
18:18 igormorgadoit already the 2.6.18
18:18 igormorgadobut it written 2.6.20
18:19 igormorgadocopacabana:/etc/fai# ls -l /usr/lib/fai/kernel/linux-image-2.6.18-fai-kernels_1_i386.deb
18:19 igormorgado-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 5472696 2007-05-09 22:03 /usr/lib/fai/kernel/linux-image-2.6.18-fai-kernels_1_i386.deb
18:20 sysopMrfai: thank you
18:32 Mrfaiigormorgado: call fai-cd and paste the output to
18:35 igormorgadook
18:36 igormorgadocopacabana:/etc/fai# fai-cd -m /dados/mirror2/ /dados/opa2.iso
18:36 igormorgadoCreating initrd image with kernel 2.6.20-16-generic
18:36 igormorgadothat is what you want?
18:37 MrfaiMmm, let me think about this
18:46 Mrfaiigormorgado: output of dpkg -l fai\* please
18:52 igormorgadoMrfai: ok
18:52 Mrfaiigormorgado: show me ls -l /srv/fai/nfsroot/boot
18:52 MrfaiI'm pretty sure you have more than one kernel inside the nfsroot
18:53 igormorgadoun  fai                       <nenhuma>                 (nenhuma descrição disponível)
18:53 baldymaa ich hasse screen.,,
18:53 baldyhuch
18:53 igormorgadoii  fai-client                3.1.8                     Fully Automatic Installation client package
18:53 igormorgadoii  fai-doc                   3.1.8                     Documentation for FAI
18:53 igormorgadoii  fai-kernels               1.17+etch2                special kernels for FAI (Fully Automatic Installation)
18:53 igormorgadoin  fai-nfsroot               <nenhuma>                 (nenhuma descrição disponível)
18:53 igormorgadoii  fai-quickstart            3.1.8                     Fully Automatic Installation quickstart package
18:53 igormorgadoii  fai-server                3.1.8                     Fully Automatic Installation server package
18:54 igormorgadoyeah.. I have 2 kernels on nfsroot/boot
18:54 igormorgado2.6.18 and 2.6.20
18:54 igormorgadoI have done it cause I need wireless drivers on fai boot cd
18:57 Mrfaiigormorgado: remove the 2.6.20 kernel from the nfsroot, then build a FAI cd and check if this works.
18:57 MrfaiIf yes, then try to build your own 2.6.20 kernel for FAI. Why do you need the wireless driver during installation?
18:58 igormorgadoMrfai: what I have to do to put wireless drivers inside the kernel.. and ok I will create.
18:58 igormorgadoMrfai: cause I will do FAI install from wi-fi
18:58 Mrfaiigormorgado: WOW!
18:58 igormorgadoMrfai: Why wow?
18:59 MrfaiI never thought about this option.
18:59 igormorgadoMrfai: what do you think about it. a option too enter SSID, KEY should be fine
19:01 Mrfaiigormorgado: But then, it's not fully automatic any more :-(
19:01 MrfaiBut you can do this. Write a script using the dialog command
19:02 igormorgadoMrfai: i was thinking about, create the CD with these options.
19:03 igormorgadoMrfai: the wireless thing in debian is just add 3 lines to network/interfaces as:
19:03 igormorgadowireless-ssid MYNETWORK
19:03 igormorgadowireless-key MYKEY
19:03 igormorgadowireless-driver DRIVERNAME
19:04 igormorgadoeverything else can be taken from DHCP.
19:06 igormorgadonew coffe arrives... wait 5 minutes ;-)
19:08 lazyb0ynonoss: I documented that yum process here:
19:08 sysoplazyb0y: well, its good for redhat no?
19:10 lazyb0ysysop: yes
19:10 lazyb0ysee you later
19:10 sysoplazyb0y: good bye
19:10 sysoplazyb0y: have a great day
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21:27 igormorgadohi all again
21:27 igormorgadoAfter a fai-mirror im having problems with fai-make-nfsroot.
21:27 igormorgadoCalling debootstrap feisty /srv/fai/nfsroot /dados/mirror
21:27 igormorgadoI: Retrieving Release
21:27 igormorgadoE: unknown location /dados/mirror/dists/feisty/Release
21:27 igormorgadoAborting
21:28 igormorgadobut this: /dados/mirror/dists/feisty/Release  exists. As shown here: -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 1909 2007-07-11 17:19 /dados/mirror/dists/feisty/Release
21:31 igormorgadook ok .. I have found the solution by myself
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22:18 igormorgadowhich package creates fai pxe configuration and files?
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--- Thu Jul 12 2007

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