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04:25 eddieis anyone around here that might be able assist me?
04:42 juri_probably not? :)
04:43 juri_i use fai-cd exclusively, so its likely that i don't know anything about what is going wrong with your configuration. :)
04:45 eddiejuri_: okay great.
04:45 eddiewill FIa work with most distro's
04:46 eddiemost linux and unix distros
04:46 eddieI have a pxe server right that will fully install centos....
04:46 eddiebut i am have ahrd time with umm debian right now.
04:51 eddiejuri_
04:51 eddie?
05:05 juri_hmm.
05:05 juri_fai has been ported to many distros, but i'm pretty sure each person just uses it with one distro at a time.
05:09 eddiewell i work a daacenter.
05:10 eddiei need to be able to auto install differnt os's
05:10 eddieat any given time
05:27 juri_running multiple FAI servers may work for you then. you can always run them in seperate QEMU sessions.
Action: juri_ toddles homeward.
05:27 eddiewell
05:28 eddieyes kinda
05:28 eddiewhat do you know PXeservers
05:28 eddieand kickstart scripts?
05:28 juri_i'm only experienced with jumpstart, and FAI. FAI handles pxe installs, however.
05:28 juri_i just use it from CD/DVD for reproducibility's sake.
Action: juri_ gone
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07:22 Bluemoonmoin moin
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08:00 Bluemoonmoin sh :)
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10:32 kamilaHi, if somebody could give me some advices, how to install "fai-server" on Debian 4.0 Etch.  #aptitude install fai-quickstart answers, that it was not possible to execute the stat operation on source packets list on
10:33 kamilaof course i added the link to /etc/apt/sources.list
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11:44 glancehmm.. bugs...
11:49 glancei have started to use the klibc-utils ifconfig dhcp-ability instead of the kernels dhcp klient to be able to use a stock kernel and initramfs as netboot-kernel
11:51 glancewhith that combo the get-boot-info-code fails to set the variables IPADDR and co.
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12:00 glancei woud sugest to replace all of that code whith code that uses ifconfig to find out everything about each networkinterface
12:07 Mrfaiglance: have a look at FAI 3.2beta6. This also uses a plain Debian kernel with initramfs. Available from
12:13 lazyb0ymoshen!
12:15 glanceah... i found the problem.
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12:18 glancethe problem inherits from hat i uses xen . Xen has some infrastructure to create kernelparameters from configfile and it creates a ip= line that look like ip=:
12:19 glanceit specifies which interface and which server to mount nfsroot from.
12:19 Mrfaiyeo, I see
12:19 glancethat line does fai not recognise
12:21 glancei have bin playingaround whith netbooting linux with inintramfs for some time but its just in later klibc-utils it have become usable.
12:21 glanceis the infrastructure like fai-chboot updated allso to coop whith initramfs ?
12:22 glanceright now i have done some quite ugly hacks to do the trck.
12:22 glances,trck,trick,
12:24 glancei allso have some tricks to coop with using one installserver to install many diffrent dists/releases/arches that needs some cleanup, but then i think it woud be some usable patches.
12:25 Mrfaicurrently fai-chboot does not handle the inird parameter, but this can be done using a template for fai-chboot. inird supprt will be added to fai-chboot later
12:25 Mrfaiglance: multi distribution is very interesting.
12:26 Mrfaiglance: go and try FAI 3.2beta6.
12:27 glancehehe... my problem is that im currently living in Sydney and all my machines is back in sweden
12:27 glancei can promise you that the lag is not to play with =)
12:32 glanceone quite intresting use of fai is using a hacked version of fai as customisation-script for nim/AIX
12:33 lazyb0yglance: would be cool of you tell us some things you missed for multi-distribution support! I did not work with multi-arch, but for multi-distribution I thought most of what is needed is already in FAI sinc3 version 3.x
12:34 lazyb0yThe only thing I know is missing from main FAI is scripts for building the base images for other distris. I only have some of them for other debian distributions in teh fai-distributions package in subversion
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12:35 Mrfaiglance: very intersting. Please make those thing public. Best place would be the faiwiki.
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12:38 glancethe only multidistro/arch i uses is ubuntu(dapper,edgy,feisty)/debian(sarge,etch)
12:38 glanceso its not that cool but anyways.
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Action: lazyb0y created a page for extremadura:
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13:02 Bluemoonre
13:03 Bluemoonbtw, ich hab das kurze sles9 howto ins wiki gestellt
13:11 lazyb0yBluemoon: supi! ich habe es auch von multi-distribution verlinkt und umgekehrt, und habe einen kurzen einfuehrungssatz ergaenzt - schau mal, ob das so O.K. ist
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13:17 Bluemoonlazyb0y, jepp, sieht gut aus
13:17 Bluemoonre sh
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