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11:19 psiboxcan someone explain to me, what 'disk_config end' is supposed to be good for ?
11:20 psiboxalso on http://faiwiki.informatik.uni-koeln.de/index.php/Howtos there's a dead link to a patched version of setup_harddisks
11:20 psiboxany idea where that version is located now ?
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16:24 sysopcan be a distro or live cd with specific for fai?
16:32 juri_sysop: look at fai-cd.
16:32 juri_i use it to make distros of my FAI, and have a live-cd on the same cd.
16:36 sysopthanks
16:36 sysopfor script config files... what language you use?
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16:40 sysopperl, cfengine?
17:10 juri_sh. ;)
17:10 sysopshell... not the best one, but is an option.
17:24 juri_i prefer it.
17:25 sysop:) ok
17:25 psiboxsh is definitely better than cfengine ;)
17:26 sysopwhen?
17:26 psiboxalways.
17:26 sysopit's possible to fai install another fai server... like replicate them?
17:26 psiboxyou can install a fai server using fai, yes.
17:27 psiboxyou can install any server using fai.
17:28 sysoplike universal machine of Charles babage
17:28 sysopcan you make autonomous system with sh so simple?
17:49 oz_sure..it won't be very efficient
17:49 sysopthank oz_
17:50 sysopI think FAI is good to install an maybe configure... but for maintenance?
17:51 sysopmake changes in a hibrid systems with lot of host without reinstall.
17:52 sysopI know FAI can be used with a running system. but it need something like cfengine for make more
17:54 oz_there is also task_softupdate
17:54 oz_and personally, I don't mind reinstalling too much
17:55 sysopbut for change an option in for example, a config file of postfix
17:55 oz_cfengine
17:55 sysopbut only need this changes in some servers
17:55 oz_cfengine, yes :=)
17:56 sysopyes... I think too.
17:56 sysopI think FAI and cfengine together
17:56 sysopis best
18:05 juri_i swore by a "never re-install" rule, before i discovered FAI. i still have two machines running that were installed in 2000-2001.
18:06 sysopand even with a very old installation?
18:07 sysopif you have a kernel very old, and a libc and other packages that cause conficts
18:08 sysopit is possible to crash the system on boot?
18:13 juri_i used debian back then, and have kept the machines up-to-date.
18:14 juri_so, they're very well tuned machines. after that many years of using a machine, there are configs deep in that machine i could never reproduce.
18:14 juri_tho; i try. and i stick the results in my fai configdir. :)
18:15 sysopcool
18:17 sysopjury_, are you a network admin or have some job in IT?
18:17 juri_two jobs in IT, actually. (three?)
18:18 sysopwaaauu... a very busy person.
18:18 juri_network/system administrator for a banking technology outsourcing company, and developer/project_team_manager for a walmart contracting company.
18:19 sysopooooohhhh
18:19 sysopand it use debian too?
18:20 juri_so, i develop software, administrate systems, administrate networks, and manage small teams.
18:20 juri_yes, i'm all debian, all the time. actually, all FAI.
18:20 sysop:)
18:20 sysopdeveloper...
18:21 juri_i never did an install of the last stable version of debian. i performed FAI installs the entire time sarge was stable.
18:21 sysopnow etch?
18:21 juri_i barely know. i'm still installing FAI machines.
18:21 sysopwhat do you develop?
18:22 juri_automation and banking software.
18:22 sysopif there is no policies to restrict you to tell me.
18:22 juri_actually, i develop most my big stuff based on open source code. you can go download what i do.
18:22 sysopwhat language, plataform, ide, do you use?
18:23 juri_the banking stuff is usually "one-off", so i don't bother opensourcing it. it'd be useless outside the company i work for.
18:25 sysopdid you need a system junior admin who help you?
18:28 sysopI think you make FAI install machine for your developers, maybe install system with eclipse or other ide configured yet
18:28 sysopwith all stuff like style rules for your project.
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18:52 sysopwell, see you later.
18:52 sysopbye bye
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