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09:41 tokkeeHi :-)
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13:18 lazyb0ytokkee: huhu and bye bye
13:20 tokkeelazyb0y: Have a nice trip!
13:26 kuggbyebye lazyb0y
13:29 lazyb0yI have already- meanwhile the wifi starts even working...
13:29 lazyb0ybut i hate henfests
13:30 kugghaha ok
13:30 kuggwell Ill see you next year
13:33 lazyb0yI guest that will happen... :)
14:05 stockholmlazyb0y, Mrfai: my problem is not solveable with the current live-initrd system
14:08 stockholmi talked to the network guy of the live-initrd system (mako, italian) and he wants ot add that feature
14:08 lazyb0ystockholm: the two network card thing?
14:08 stockholmyes
14:08 stockholmdhcp from the second
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14:10 stockholmlazyb0y: did you get my NFSROOT changes detangeled by now?
14:11 stockholmlazyb0y, Mrfai_: it would be nice if i knew the name/email of the maco guy
14:11 stockholmso that i could contact him directly.
14:11 stockholmdaniel should know
14:11 stockholmcould you ask him?
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14:18 lazyb0ystockholm: no, I lost track a little, and wrked on doc  bugs instead....
14:18 lazyb0ystockholm: i don't knowthe maco guy...
14:19 stockholmi did not know him either, but could you ask daniel?
14:22 lazyb0ystockholm: stockholm_ I don't know about the whole stuff - apart fromt he 5 words I wrote above - this is Thomas' work.... I'm workin on other things
14:23 lazyb0yso, you have to nag him, not me :)
14:24 Mrfai_stockholm: I didn;t get the NFSROOT changes.
14:24 Mrfai_stockholm: maco guy? Which maco guy? I have not idea of whom you are talking.
14:30 stockholmMrfai_: mako is the network guy in the live-intird gang
14:30 lazyb0ydid i tell that i reserved "" a while ago?
14:30 lazyb0yI just don't knowyet what to put there....
14:30 stockholmsure, i can send the stuff to mrfai, too
14:31 lazyb0yor better: it's more about the overall appearance and presentation that I'm wondering abozut - there's enough content :)
14:31 stockholmMrfai_: i want to contact that maco guy directly to work with him to get this feature into live-initrdbla :-)
14:31 lazyb0ynot to offend you, stockholm, Mrfai., but it's just too funny to read that
14:31 stockholmbut i dont even know how he is spelled or his real name
14:31 stockholmlazyb0y: what part?
14:32 lazyb0ythe part with the maco gu
14:33 Mrfai_stockholm: look into penta. I think there was a talk about live-blabla things from a maco guy
14:33 stockholmoh
14:33 stockholmdid not know
14:39 lazyb0yMrfai_: I had a great talk with Wborgert before leaving about doc stuff!
14:39 lazyb0ysounds like docbook is defintely the way to go
14:41 Mrfai_ok
14:41 lazyb0yit's the most flexible, can produce the best quality of multiple output formats, and much more...
14:43 lazyb0yso, i have no idea for a timeframe, but before getting into major doc rewriting and adding and stuff, we could change to that.
14:44 lazyb0y(but the major docs bugs we have noww should be fixed in the old sgml stuff, i think)
14:44 lazyb0yor what do you think?
14:44 Mrfai_lazyb0y: I think you can delete people/lazyboy/r-2_8_4-fai-cd_sarge_fixes and also remove it from the wiki page.
Action: Mrfai_ just cleaning up his old branches
14:45 Mrfai_I will look into your doc fixes after debconf. Maybe the days when I'm still here in EDI
14:45 lazyb0yMrfai_: can you write a mail plese, ? I'll do it at home then
14:46 Mrfai_yep.
14:46 lazyb0yyou don't know what to do with that time in EDI anyway :)
14:47 stockholmi want to do the command remapping still
14:47 stockholmlazyb0y: can we also start a doc-resturcture wiki page?
14:49 lazyb0ystockholm: you can, but i doubt tere will be major work oin reworking the fai guide in the ear future
14:50 lazyb0yfirt, we need to get the major bugs in there fixed - see the page etch-doc-todo - I got some of the stuff resolved in the last two days
14:50 lazyb0yand hope I'll continue to get rid of these things in the next weeks
14:50 lazyb0ybut as soon as the guide is more up to date withj current fai functions, I won't do more on it
14:51 stockholmthere is a swedish guy working on the swedish translation of the fai guide
14:51 stockholmi think he should instead rework the english one
14:51 lazyb0ybut yes. there is a page called "development plan" already. if it's shirt what you propose,  put it in there
14:51 stockholmshirt. right
14:52 lazyb0yif it's longer, put an info entry in the development page, and do an extra page for your proposals of restructuring
14:52 lazyb0yI'd rather not start translation and restructring before we migrated to the docbook format
14:52 lazyb0yshirt, yes, the train is shaking me like hell
14:52 Mrfai_I talked to the swedish guy and convinced him not to work on translating the guide yet. The benefit would be minor, and he's now working on faimond-gui helping making it look much more nicer.
14:53 lazyb0yyipeeh
14:53 stockholmcool
14:53 stockholmis he here? on irc?
14:53 lazyb0yI tinhink that's better. or heling with the other major doc bugs...
14:53 stockholmi forgot his nick
14:53 lazyb0ykugg is here, yes
14:54 lazyb0ynit here, i mean, there, you know
14:54 lazyb0yat the same time here and there, ut not here
14:54 lazyb0ynit nat not
14:54 Mrfai_lazyb0y: too much crack?
14:55 lazyb0yMrfai_: YESSIR!
14:55 lazyb0yor, just not enough yet
14:55 stockholmhm
14:55 stockholmthe maco guy is Marco Amadori
14:55 stockholmis there a way to get his email?
14:56 lazyb0yMrfai_: cool subject - realy unusual that you write me a mail about that FAI thing!
14:57 kuggim here
14:58 kuggim the gui guy and im on debconf :)
14:58 Mrfai_stockholm: come on. You do not help from us for find the email of a person you know the full name and know that he's working on the live project.
14:59 lazyb0ystockholm: on some page of the talks are email adresses...  but don#t ask me where exactly - the details page in the public events plan
14:59 Mrfai_s/not/not need/
14:59 lazyb0ykugg: no. you're not here. you are only here!
15:00 stockholmkugg: great :-)
15:00 stockholmkugg: i recalled a nick starting with p. :-)
15:01 stockholmMrfai_: i find a highly likele address on google and mailed daniel about him.
15:01 stockholmfound even
15:02 stockholmon to the wiki...
15:04 stockholmlazyb0y: an extra page for restructuring? as a subpage of the development page?
15:04 lazyb0yhmm, aehm, whatever - just don't put it directly on the ony page when it gets too long
15:05 lazyb0yand look on the Etch-doc-todo page, there are some things oin the area on top which are not connected to bugs, which should also go into that new page then
15:05 lazyb0ya nick starting with p :) pkugg
15:06 kuggehe
15:06 stockholmkugg: what do you do with fai?
Nick change: kugg -> pkugg
15:06 pkugg:)
15:06 stockholmkugg: do you use it somewhere?
Nick change: pkugg -> kugg
15:06 stockholmpkugg: do you use it somewhere?
15:06 stockholm:-)
15:06 kuggI use it at the form i work for
15:06 kuggstickybit
15:07 kuggwe are using it for reinstalling broken latptops
15:07 kuggI started using fai for about a year ago
15:07 stockholmand you live to tell about it!
15:07 kuggthat i do
15:08 kuggim listen ing to a talk and it would seem rude to focus more in irc .)
15:08 stockholmyou said you lived in helinki...
15:08 kuggno
15:09 kuggI have never said that but I have said to you that I am from sweden and you and i have been speaking swedish to eachother :P
15:09 stockholmhelsingborg..
15:09 kuggyes
15:09 kuggthis is true :)
15:09 stockholmok, i thought helsingborg was the swedish name of helsinki
15:09 stockholmwhat was that then?
15:09 kuggah helsingfors
15:10 kuggis the name of helsinki
15:10 stockholmduh
15:10 stockholmok
15:10 stockholmi mixed those up.
15:10 kuggnp
15:10 stockholmyou did not sound "skånskt"
15:10 kuggno im not from "skåne"
15:10 stockholmgood on you :-)
15:11 kuggi come from karlstad, as alfs, opal and stone are (other dd's)
15:11 stockholmah, ok
15:11 kugghehe
15:12 kuggare you at hacklab1?
15:13 stockholmjag? jag är i södertälje. :-)
15:13 stockholmåkte hem igår natt.
15:13 lazyb0ygo away with those questionmarks....
Action: lazyb0y has to set up UTF8 correctly...
15:14 stockholmmotorvägen var aldig lika tommt än på middsommernatten kl. 3
15:14 kugghaha
15:14 stockholmlazyb0y: häää?
15:14 kuggfin fint
15:14 kuggåäö
15:14 kuggförstår du mer nu lazyb0y?
Action: Mrfai_ .oO (too much off topic)
15:15 stockholmswedish is rather intuitve for germans :-)
15:15 stockholmright
15:15 kugghaha
15:15 kuggyeah lets talk about the future of fai
15:16 kuggwhat do you guys think about having framebuffermode on the terminal during isntallation with the swirl and stuff in the background
15:17 stockholmkugg: will that help to install fully automated? :-)
15:17 stockholm(in my case no one will ever see it :-)
15:17 lazyb0ykugg: good, butrnot by default!
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15:18 kuggim installing clients so in my case that would make the installation process look more official and nice
15:18 stockholmlazyb0y: i dont see anything on the etch-doc-todo that relates to the remapping of the commands
Nick change: MT -> Guest146
15:18 stockholmright
15:19 lazyb0yI alslo like the idea of games and advertising(like: "g love henniing - right"), but I am often enough annoyed by not seeing enou of the log stuff  just because I forgoit  to touch .nocolorlogo in the nfsroot
15:19 stockholmkugg: even switching off the screen would help i guess
15:19 kugghehe
15:19 lazyb0ystockholm: I don't know what you mean with remapping of commands
Nick change: Guest146 -> MT
15:20 stockholmlazyb0y: make-fai-nfsroot -> fai-make-nfsroot
15:20 lazyb0yso, it should be done, and made easy to get(the framebuffer stuff9), yes, but optional!
15:20 stockholmlazyb0y: fai-chboot -> fai-pxe-config
15:20 stockholmlazyb0y: all fai commands should start with fai-
15:21 stockholmlazyb0y: and they should give an idea to _new_ people what they do
15:21 stockholmchboot does not help much
15:21 stockholmand is misleading even
15:21 kuggill be a little bit afk listening to a lunatic talk, about god and debian
15:21 lazyb0ystockholm: and do you think to change that by changing the doicumentation? :)
15:21 psiboxstarting all fai commands with fai- would be great...
15:22 lazyb0yapart of that: good idea! please file a wishlist bug about that
15:22 stockholmlazyb0y: no, i want to change the commands themself
15:22 lazyb0ystockholm: exact, but we where taling about docs the last minutes...
15:22 stockholmlazyb0y: as a compatibility layer we can have symlinks for a time
15:22 lazyb0ybut it belongs to the development page, right
15:22 stockholmlazyb0y: AND i mentioned the remapping 2^10 times :-)
15:24 lazyb0ystockholm: I read remapping some more minutes ago, but had no idea what it was about....
15:24 lazyb0ywahtever, file a wishlist bug, and send a patch - sound like easily to accoomplish
15:24 stockholmhow can i rename "development plan" to "development roadmap"?
15:26 lazyb0y(at least the comat layer with symlinks, as long as this is apolicy-conform behaviour
15:26 lazyb0ystockholm: dunno - by reading the mediawiki docs and acting upoas it describes :)
15:27 stockholmyay
15:28 lazyb0yMrfai_: the ddp doc policy (the "new" one which is being developed since 2002) suggest docbook sgml or xml. I
15:28 lazyb0y
15:31 Mrfai_lazyb0y: remind me later reading this
15:33 lazyb0yMrfai_:  I mail you
15:34 lazyb0yhmm, but, it's actually not that important - I only wanted to check myself that this docbook suggestion is written somewhere.  in the end, the ddp project is a bit asleep, and the rest of the doc is 5 years old and only a "draft"
16:06 lazyb0yh
16:06 lazyb0yoops
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20:29 MTMrfai, what's the rationale behind r4359?
20:30 MTwhy don't you use mkdir -p in all the cases?
20:31 juri_mm. here i was popping in to ask the same question.
20:31 MrfaiMT: I think you are right. It's good that someone is looking at the commit mails.
20:31 MT:-)
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22:35 juri_along those lines, it might be better policy to use <cr> to break seperate entries in the changelog, instead of commas. it'd result in better patches, anyways.
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