01:17 juri_no, whats currently in svn tells me its beta3... ???
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08:39 psiboxhi, i have a patch now for #416633 against 3.1.8 (setup_hardisks, mount2dir)
08:39 psiboxfor uuid/label in /etc/fstab
Mrfai (~lange@wireless-7-120.internal.dc7.debconf.org) joined #fai.
08:47 psiboxah.
08:47 psiboxhi Mrfai
08:47 Mrfaihi, good morning
08:47 psiboxi have a patch for the UUID/Label support against 3.1.8 now
08:48 psiboxin setup_harddisks
08:48 psiboxand mount2dir
08:48 psiboxthere is code in mount2dir that explicitly calls fsck
08:48 psiboxthis ist not used in default config, since fai-mount-disk calls it with fsckopt=0
08:48 Mrfaiplease send the patch to me or to the BTS
08:49 psiboxi have to discuss this fsck problem first
08:49 psiboxwe don't use fsck
08:49 psiboxIF you use it, it will only work for ext2/3
08:49 psiboxbut this is not tested.
08:49 psiboxin the code
08:50 psiboxanyway, I can put in UUID/LABEL support even for fsck
08:50 psiboxbut it will not work for anything except ext2/3
08:50 Mrfai fsck is not always called
08:50 psiboxwell.
08:50 psiboxit looks like it's never called
08:52 psibox[ "$fscheck" = 1 ] && fsck -nt $fstype $device
08:52 psiboxfscheck is always 0 or ""
08:52 psiboxfsck does only work for ext2/3.
08:53 psiboxthis should at least check for the filesystem type and call the right fsck-program
08:53 psiboxbut then i have the "problem" that not all fsck-programs unterstand UUID/LABEL
08:55 psiboxMrfai: do you know any case, where mount2dir is called with fsck=1 ? i can't see any.
08:55 Mrfaiwhy is fscheck always 0 or ""?
08:55 stockholmMrfai: solved the initrd problem yet?
08:55 Mrfaimaybe mount2dit is currently not calles with fsck enabled, but you can do it
08:56 stockholmi have a screenshot
08:56 Mrfaistockholm: do you have a screenshot of the error message?
08:56 psiboxmy point is: this breaks for anything except ext2/3
08:56 psiboxin stock 3.1.8
08:56 psiboxi can fix it for xfs/reiserfs
08:56 stockholmMrfai: lange@debian.org?
08:56 psiboxbut i can not support fsck for xfs/reisfers with UUID/LABEL
08:57 Mrfaistockholm: yep
08:57 psiboxreiserfsck does not unterstand UUIDs
08:59 stockholmyou got mail
08:59 Mrfaipsibox: ok. SO UUID support is only usefull when the user is only using ext2/3 filesystems
09:01 psiboxnono
09:01 psiboxUUID/LABEL work perfectly for reiserfs/xfs/ext2/3
09:01 psiboxonly problem is fsck
09:02 psiboxi have tested this with all three systems (we are actually using all three)
09:02 psiboxyou can call fsck with UUID=1e95f00b-6408-4217-b69d-af6ab626eab0 instead of /dev/hdaX
09:03 psiboxthis is not supported by xfs_check and reiserfsck
09:03 psiboxi could probably make it work using udev and /dev/disk/by-uuid/... but since it's probably not used by anyone, well...
09:04 psiboxproposal: i'll put in a check for ext2/3 befor calling fsck.
09:04 Mrfaigood idea,
09:04 psiboxfsck never worked for xfs/reisfers and won't with UUID/LABEL
09:04 psiboxso it's not really a change :)
09:04 MrfaiI think there's also a wishlist bug for adding UUID support.
09:04 psiboxsure
09:04 psiboxthat's the bug i'm looking at
09:05 psiboxwe have been using this for years. our servers can't be installed without it.
09:05 psiboxno that you can't controll which sata-controllers are detected first...
09:06 psiboxanother question is why anyone would want to call fsck on a filesystem, that was formatted 1 second ago...
09:09 Mrfaipsibox: send me the patch and will have a look at it
09:09 psiboxok
09:09 psiboxit's quite small.
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09:28 psiboxMrfai: another thing that would be most useful for us would be if setup_harddisks would select the disk by serial-number
09:28 psiboxi tested this and it didn't work. i assume it's not (yet) supported ?
09:28 Mrfaipsibox: this is maybe a feature for the new partition tool
09:30 psiboxwell, i looked at the new tool.
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09:30 psiboxthat really has nothing to do with the tool, just udev
09:31 psiboxyou just have to make sure '/dev/disk/by-id/scsi-SATA_ST380817AS_4MR4PM9S' is in place before calling setup_harddisks
09:32 psiboxanyway, if it's not supported yet, i'll just try to make it work and let you know...
09:33 psiboxone _could_ put the serial-number code inside setup_harddisks, but it's probably better to let udev do that...
09:35 Mrfaiudev is already running when setup_harddisk is called
09:36 psiboxi know. didn't work in a test for me.
09:36 psiboxhave to look into that
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10:09 stockholmMrfai_: do you have an idea about the initrd problem?
10:09 stockholmMrfai_: it is unrelated to the tftp one afaik
10:12 Mrfai_stockholm: please email me your file 59916A4B or paste it to paste.debian.net
10:12 stockholmcertainly
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10:26 stockholmhttp://paste.debian.net/31090
10:26 stockholmMrfai_: see above
10:30 Mrfai_mmmm. weired.
10:31 Mrfai_can't see any problems there
10:31 stockholmme either
10:31 stockholmlink works
10:31 Mrfai_ls -l /srv/tftp/fai
10:31 Mrfai_are you using symlinks there?
10:31 stockholmMrfai_: a symlink to from linux to the kernel
10:32 stockholm/srv/tftp/fai$ l
10:32 stockholmtotal 7176
10:32 stockholm-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 5792342 2007-06-21 22:19 initrd.img-2.6.18-4-amd64
10:32 stockholmlrwxrwxrwx 1 root root      22 2007-06-21 21:25 linux -> vmlinuz-2.6.18-4-amd64
10:32 stockholm-rw-r--r-- 1 root root   13480 2007-06-21 22:19 pxelinux.0
10:32 stockholmdrwxr-xr-x 2 root root    4096 2007-06-22 12:31 pxelinux.cfg
10:32 stockholm-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 1514181 2007-05-04 05:35 vmlinuz-2.6.18-4-amd64
10:33 stockholmwhat about a debugging option in tftp?
10:34 stockholmthe log in paste.debian.net is with -v -v -v i think
10:34 stockholmi could increase that i guess
10:34 Mrfai_are you using the hpa version of tftpd?
10:34 stockholmyes
10:34 stockholmsee in the log
10:36 Mrfai_the log files only says in.tftpd, not that thius ixs the hpa version
10:36 stockholmtftp           dgram   udp     wait    root  /usr/sbin/in.tftpd /usr/sbin/in.tftpd -v -v -v -v -v -s /srv/tftp/fai
10:36 stockholmlets see
10:37 stockholm^dpkg --get-selections | grep tftp
10:37 stockholmtftpd-hpa                                       install
10:38 stockholmso yes
10:38 Mrfai_which version
10:39 stockholmapt-cache policy tftpd-hpa
10:39 stockholmtftpd-hpa: Installed: 0.43-1.1 Candidate: 0.43-1.1
10:39 stockholmfrom etch
10:39 Mrfai_same as mine
10:40 psiboxMrfai_: i've sent the patch to #416633. that mail contains a disk_config example and the corresponding results
10:40 Mrfai_psibox: fine
10:42 Mrfai_stockholm: install a tftp client on a machine (may on the install server), then try to get te vmlinuz-... file using the tftp client
10:43 stockholmMrfai_: now i added a couple of -v more and get http://paste.debian.net/31091
10:43 stockholmit does not find the file
10:44 stockholmbut that is the other file
10:44 stockholmnot the kernle one
10:44 stockholmso scratch that
10:45 Mrfai_try the tftp client to see if the file gets received corretly
10:45 Mrfai_remove the command line
10:48 psiboxMrfai_: i'd suggest that you print the sfdisk input if verbose=1 or debug=1 in setup_harddisks
10:50 psibox#364763 can easily be solved by this
10:51 psiboxshould i send a patch ? :)
10:51 Mrfai_psibox: sure
10:51 psiboxare there any more bug related to setup_harddisks ?
10:52 stockholmremove the command line? which one?
10:53 Mrfai_stockholm: 31090 on paste, line 18
10:58 stockholmcomment ahh
11:02 stockholmMrfai_: same error
11:03 stockholmMrfai_: loading the vmlinuz file directly worked from out of atftp client
11:03 stockholmmy theory is that the problem is on the client side
11:03 stockholmas the server never sees anything from it
11:03 stockholmas in an attempt to download a file
11:04 stockholmhow feasable is it to debug pxelinux.0 and its operation?
11:05 stockholmMrfai_: but that is unrelated to my real problem (initrd and live and generating the right ramdisk image)
11:06 Mrfai_yep
11:07 Mrfai_using the symlink is a workaround
11:08 Mrfai_I found the problem
11:08 Mrfai_AND the solution
11:09 Mrfai_Let's check, if you already has signed the Enterprise Support Contract
11:11 stockholmdid you find the signed support contract?
11:11 stockholmi have a copy of it here, i filed it under "social contract"
11:11 stockholmsince i am so social
11:14 Mrfai_http://paste.debian.net/31094
11:14 Mrfai_The default and label lines are missing
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11:24 jerkebyhey guys
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11:26 kugglazyb0y: wuzah?
12:21 lazyb0ykugg: what?
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12:23 Mrfailive-initramfs is not in the repository :-(
12:24 Mrfaistockholm: try again. should work now.
12:30 kugglazyb0y: wats up, in a slangier term :)
12:30 lazyb0ykugg: ey yo, digga
12:30 kugg:D
12:31 kuggwhich guide did you guys want me to translate to swedish?
12:42 kuggI see you lazyb0y
12:44 lazyb0ykugg: hrm, ah!
12:44 lazyb0yand now?
12:47 kugg:)
Action: lazyb0y waves
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12:53 Mrfaistockholm: klappt es nun?
12:57 psiboxMrfai: ich bin gerade dabei das problem in name2id in fcopy zu fixen
12:57 psiboxwaere es ok, wenn files-modes auch kommentarzeilen vertragen wuerde ?
12:57 psiboxgeht naemlich derzeit nicht...
13:00 Mrfaipsibox: ja, das sollte eigentlich nur eine Zeile mehr sein. KAnnst du machen
13:01 Mrfaih01ger: Zeit fuer ein kleines FAI Treffen. Jetzt? Im Cafe.
Action: kugg went to a bof
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13:08 lazyb0ykugg: I was a bit shocked  to see your laptop being stolen cause I didn't take care...
13:08 lazyb0ybut obviously that hasn't happened, ot at leas the thief is a nice guy who keeps talking to us...
13:11 Mrfailazyb0y: habe auch kein highlighting im emacs.
13:11 kugghaha
13:11 lazyb0yhmm, daja eklig ...
13:29 Mrfaistockholm: wie heissen nochmals diue paketnamen fuer linux-image und unionfs fuer amd64?
13:29 Mrfaipaste die namen einfach hier hin
13:30 stockholmja
13:31 stockholmkernel-image-2.6-amd64-k8-smp unionfs-modules-2.6-amd64
13:31 Mrfaiglaub ich nicht. Der kernbel sollte linux-image... heissen
13:32 stockholmhm
13:36 stockholmlinux-image-2.6-amd64 ist wohl besser. den anderen gibt es zwar auch aber ich bin nicht sicher warum
13:37 stockholmes sollte reichen dann mit dem neuen packages.gz file make-fai-nfsroot auszuführen, gell?
13:38 stockholmMrfai: ?
13:40 lazyb0yMrfai sip'ed
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13:41 Mrfaistockholm: ja
13:44 stockholmfunktioniert nicht
13:46 Mrfaidu weist ja jetzt wie man es debuggt. Wie du das eben gemacht hast
13:46 Mrfaigenauso
13:47 stockholmgenau
13:48 stockholmlive gibts immer noch nicht in der initrd
13:48 Mrfaifehlermeldung?
13:50 stockholmdie gleiche wie gestern: cant open /scripts/live
13:50 stockholmich schau mal ob das in packages.gz im changeroot ist
13:51 Mrfaischau dir die logs von make-fai-nfsroot an. Da sollte drin stehen warum live-ini... nicht installiert wird.
13:51 stockholmwo sind die?
13:51 Mrfaistockholm: bitte keine Anfaengerfragen. Das hast du doch schonmal gemacht.
13:53 stockholmdu meinst das ding mit tee?
13:54 Mrfaija
Action: stockholm macht das
13:57 stockholmWARNING: These unknown packages are removed from the installation list: live-initramfs
Action: stockholm untersucht das näher.
13:59 Mrfaistockholm: brav :-)
13:59 stockholmMrfai: wenn du sagst "logfile" dann denkt man an etwas unter /var/log
14:00 stockholmGet:2 http://www.informatik.uni-koeln.de developers/koeln Packages [1654B]
14:02 h01gerMrfai, seit ihr immer noch im cafe?
14:03 stockholmMrfai: ok, jetzt bin ich ratlos.
14:04 stockholmMrfai: das packages file in /var/lib/apt/list hat live-initibla aber apt-cache findet es nicht (beides im chroot)
14:05 lazyb0yh01ger: ja
14:06 Mrfaija sind im cafe
14:07 lazyb0ystockholm: diese frage macht mich allerdings auch ratlos. was machst du denn da?
14:08 stockholmlazyb0y: nix besonders. komm und guck.
14:09 stockholmhacklab1, fensterplatz
14:09 stockholmfolge dem geruch von earl gray
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14:17 lazyb0ystockholm: du kennst den spruch mit dem berg und dem propheten ;)
14:17 stockholmlive-initramfs is im packages file aber nicht im cache file
14:18 stockholmund ich habe keine ahnung wie das sein kann
14:19 Mrfailive-initramfs_1.91.1~2143_i386.deb
14:19 Mrfaii386 und nicht amd64
14:20 psiboxMrfai: spricht irgendwas dagegen, dass man folgendes:
14:20 psibox$uid = ($user  =~ /^\d+$/) ? $user  : `$ENV{ROOTCMD} perl -e '\$uid = getpwnam $user; print \$uid'`;
14:20 psiboxersetzt durch:
14:20 psibox$uid = ($user  =~ /^\d+$/) ? $user  : `$ENV{ROOTCMD} id -u "$user"`;
14:21 psibox?
14:21 Mrfaipsibox: HAbe jetzt keine Zeit fuer Details. Muss ich mir in ruhe ansehen. Bitte via mail oder ans BTS
14:22 stockholmMrfai: so are you building one for amd64?
14:22 stockholmMrfai: i could build one, too. i have a amd64 machine here
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14:37 stockholmMrfai: du kannst das von paket von http://developer.skolelinux.no/~andreas/ ziehen
14:37 stockholmMrfai: passt die grösse?
14:37 stockholm(habe ich nicht gescheckt)
14:38 stockholmja, sieht gut aus
14:38 Mrfaiist nun da
14:38 stockholmMrfai: auch schon ein neues packages.zg?
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14:49 psiboxMrfai: i've submitted a patch for the name2num problem with a patch attached.
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15:03 stockholmMrfai: http://backports.org/debian/pool/main/l/live-initramfs/live-initramfs_1.91.1-1~bpo.1_amd64.deb
15:06 Mrfaiis now available in developers/..  But this version is slightly older that that before
15:53 stockholmnow i boot again and it hangs after booting the root fs
15:54 stockholmno error message this time
15:59 psiboxMrfai: setup_harddisks can currently not use disks by serial-number
16:00 stockholmich würde gerne nochmal etwas hilfe beim debuggen in anspruch nehmen... Mrfai ?
16:00 stockholmMrfai: ich bin wieder an meinem fensterplatz
Action: Mrfai langweilt sich im Grid Talk
16:01 stockholmich habe jetzt das live-intibla paket nochmal im pbuilder gebaut und lade ihn nach developer hoch... in5min
16:01 psiboxwhat about: 'disk_config serial=4MR0ADP5' in disk_config file ?
16:02 Mrfaipsibox: write a short proposal and post it to linux-fai-devel. We should diskcuss that there.
16:07 stockholmMrfai: jetzt habe ich ein neu paket frisch gebaut hochgeladen
16:07 stockholmneues
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16:51 psiboxwhat is the usual diretory people use for tftpd in fai ?
16:51 psibox/boot/fai ?
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17:03 Mrfaistockholm: danke, neues amd paket liegt jetzt bei mir im repository
17:03 Mrfaipsibox: /srv/tftp/fai for FAI 3
17:03 psiboxah, ok.
17:06 psiboxMrfai: ich kann aus dem rsync-support fuer savelog auch noch'n patch machen
17:06 psiboxaber ich muss halt immer wissen, wie man das aktivieren soll
17:06 psiboxhabe es derzeit bei uns als hook drin
17:06 psiboxbin jetzt auf linux-fai-devel
17:07 psiboxwarum werden die subjects eigentlich nicht mit [fai] oder sowas getaggt ?
17:07 psiboxfaend ich besser ;)
17:08 Mrfaiweil dann jede Mail mit [fai[ getaggt wuerde. IMO eine ueberfluessige Info.
17:09 psiboxnaja, das haengt so'n bisschen davon ab, ob man seine mails wegsortiert oder alle in die inbox kriegt.
17:09 Mrfairsync fuer savelog? Wozu? WArum nicht direkt rcp/scp?
17:09 psiboxaber ich weiss natuerlich, dass ich das auch selbst mit procmail/formail taggen kann...
17:09 psiboxscp kann keine links.
17:10 Mrfaiwelche links?
17:10 psiboxrcp ist nicht gerade sicher, das haben wir nirgends.
17:10 psiboxwir haben im logdir links
17:10 Mrfaiich nicht IIRC
17:10 psiboxz.B. zeigt last-install immer auf die letzte installation
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17:10 psiboxjedenfalls funktioniert das mit rsync sehr schoen.
17:11 psiboxdamit kann man z.B. das logdir auf dem server write only fuer die clients machen
17:11 Mrfaifai macht das doch schon. auch ohne rsync
17:11 psiboxachso, scp braucht einen user, richtig ?
17:11 psiboxgenau, ich wollte den LOGUSER weg haben
17:11 Mrfaiauch du meinst rsync nicht via ssh sondern auf ein NFS gemountetes dir.
17:11 psiboxmit rsyncd
17:12 psiboxhabe ich mal ins fai wiki geschrieben vor einer weile
17:12 psiboxaber wenn das keiner nutzen will, soll mir das auch recht sein
17:12 psiboxich finde, das funktioniert besser als alles andere ;)
17:12 Mrfaiund? Gabe es feedback das andere es auch wollten?
17:13 psiboxja, irgendwer hat das mal genutzt.
17:13 psiboxaber egal.
17:13 psiboxich kann damit leben, wenn's nicht in fai ist.
17:13 psiboxgeht ja mit einen hook.
17:13 psiboxeinem.
17:13 Mrfaiund es ist da sehr gut im Wiki dokumentiert. Danke nochmals dafuer. So sollte es sein
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