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12:39 lazyb0ystockholm: did you solve that problem? if not, please dsecribe what you are doing exactly (before the log and te error), and mayxbe in a mail, that is easier to track...
12:40 Mrfaior pste to
12:40 lazyb0yor come down to the canteen to get personal, commercial, enterprise support
12:40 lazyb0yspecial offer: first 10 minutes are free!!!
12:41 lazyb0yand here we are 5% cheaper than Mrfai's expensive contracts :)
12:41 Mrfaicommercial support is currently also available in hacklab 1. 10% discount just todday;-)
12:42 stockholmwhat error is that now?
12:42 lazyb0yhere, you get better support from younger, fresher people! and even mutli-distribution consulting!
12:42 stockholmlazyb0y: i want debian support.
12:42 lazyb0yand a muffin for free(tea excluded)
12:43 lazyb0ystockholm: ok, i let Mrfai do the broing stuff
12:43 lazyb0ystockholm: the last error you posted here I asked about
12:43 Mrfaido not trust support that are not officially FAI certified :-)
12:43 stockholmthat was like two days ago, right?
12:43 lazyb0yhmm, yes...maybe...
12:44 stockholmi solved that and currently try to get to the management console of my test-install machine to find out its mac address
12:44 lazyb0ywhatever, we also provide support for newer problems ...
12:44 Mrfaitcpdump -qte port bootpc
12:44 Mrfaithis will shou you the MAC addresses
12:46 stockholmyes, i could do that, too
12:46 stockholmcan i first limit what interface tries to pxe boot?
12:47 Mrfaithis must be done by your BIOS
12:47 stockholmi know
12:48 Mrfaiso, If you know, what's the real questions?
12:48 stockholmit was not a question at all. i tell you guys what i am doing
12:49 Mrfaiok
12:50 lazyb0ybut we want questions, and problems! :)
12:53 stockholmok, so how do i create the nfsroot?
12:53 stockholmi forgot that command again
12:53 lazyb0yMrfai: how do you want the XENU sample class? patch against original configspace? single files? svn branch?
12:53 stockholmit does not start with fai-
12:53 oz_stockholm: make-fai-nfsroot :)
12:53 lazyb0ymake-fai-nfsroot
12:54 stockholmlazyb0y: i want it in beta5!
12:54 lazyb0ystockholm: XENU?
12:54 lazyb0ygive me you mail address...
12:55 lazyb0y(i don't know how long Mrfai needs to review it and put it into the trunk)
12:55 stockholmoh, i stll need to send you the corrected NFSROOT config file i guess
12:56 stockholmlazyb0y: send it to  :-)
Nick change: stockholm -> EarlOfFai
12:58 EarlOfFaicome to me for real high level fai support
12:58 lazyb0yfor sure, this service is not conatined in the standard support contract
Nick change: EarlOfFai -> stockholm
13:04 juri_mrfai: how do i get in on this support racket^Wcontracting gig? :P
13:04 lazyb0yso high on crack that theres not much else to do :)
13:05 lazyb0yjuri_: it involves carying big boxes of cach to Mrfai
13:05 lazyb0yargh... too much crack, also...
13:05 lazyb0ybetter carry big boxes of cash...
13:05 juri_fine with me. as long as people carry bigger boxes of cash to me. :P
13:06 lazyb0yjuri_: that's not part of the contracts in Mrfai fai's business partner programme
13:06 juri_oh. well then. :)
13:07 lazyb0yin my "fai advanced business partner program" you get the promise of getting very big boxes back!
13:07 juri_hmm.. paying big boxes of cash for promises... did i drop into #microsoft? :P
13:08 lazyb0yah no, it's not just simple promises... it's much more...
13:08 lazyb0ystockholm: let me know if the XENU stuff works for you.
13:08 juri_patent indemification? oooh! oooh! send me a newsletter!
13:09 lazyb0ystockholm: but take care - I did not test it with netinstalls that way, and currently, I did not yet get netinstalls working with the 3.2 beta versions. dirinstall works fine, though, also combined with xen-tools
13:09 lazyb0yjuri_: I know what you do with your emails... gr :(
13:10 stockholmlazyb0y: will do
13:11 lazyb0yerm, what's the current newest version of 3.2 beta?
13:11 stockholmbeta4
13:11 stockholmi think
13:11 stockholmMrfai: does not answer, his support is not up to enterprise standards i notice
13:12 lazyb0ystockholm: and, can I have that fixed NFSROOT file, please?
13:12 lazyb0yI said it the whole time... he doesn't even deliver promises!!!
13:17 stockholmlazyb0y: yes...
13:18 stockholm
13:18 stockholmlazyb0y: note the general requirement of unionfs-modules-2.6-486
13:18 stockholmthat might be better added to the arch dependent section too
Action: lazyb0y is still figuring out the real diffs between the empty lines and comments...
13:31 stockholmhu?
13:31 stockholmi did not comment anything
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13:44 stockholmok, my college "reworked" my working dhcpd and tftp config
Action: stockholm barfs out the window
13:57 stockholmis there a tool for setting up /srv/tftp/fai?
13:57 stockholmthat is gone as well
13:58 lazyb0ystockholm:hmm, IIRC it's generated by make-fai-nfsroot
13:59 stockholm locate make-fai-nfsroot | grep bin
13:59 stockholmmaria:~#
13:59 stockholmis that normal?
14:01 stockholmisnt that the command to run? what package should it be in? it is not installed:
14:01 stockholmdpkg -S  make-fai-nfsroot
14:01 stockholmfai-server: /var/run/fai/make-fai-nfsroot
14:01 stockholmfai-doc: /usr/share/doc/fai-doc/examples/simple/files/etc/fai/make-fai-nfsroot.conf/FAISERVER
14:01 stockholmfai-doc: /usr/share/doc/fai-doc/examples/simple/files/etc/fai/make-fai-nfsroot.conf
14:01 stockholmfai-server: /etc/fai/make-fai-nfsroot.conf
14:03 lazyb0ystockholm: hmm,
14:03 lazyb0yfilet:/etc/fai# which make-fai-nfsroot
14:03 lazyb0y/usr/sbin/make-fai-nfsroot
14:04 lazyb0yand:
14:04 lazyb0yfilet:/etc/fai# dpkg -S  make-fai-nfsroot
14:04 lazyb0yfai-server: /usr/share/man/man8/make-fai-nfsroot.8.gz
14:04 lazyb0yfai-server: /var/run/fai/make-fai-nfsroot
14:04 lazyb0yfai-doc: /usr/share/doc/fai-doc/examples/simple/files/etc/fai/make-fai-nfsroot.conf/FAISERVER
14:04 lazyb0yfai-doc: /usr/share/doc/fai-doc/examples/simple/files/etc/fai/make-fai-nfsroot.conf
14:04 lazyb0yfai-server: /usr/sbin/make-fai-nfsroot
14:04 lazyb0yfai-server: /etc/fai/make-fai-nfsroot.conf
14:04 lazyb0ydonno where yours is gone to
14:10 stockholmdpkg looks in the package level
14:10 stockholmnot the filesystem level
14:11 lazyb0yI also find it with which and locate...
14:11 lazyb0yyour locate db might not be up to date
14:11 stockholmlazyb0y: what i pasted means that it is not in the fai-server package at all
14:13 lazyb0yhmm, wait, I am still at beta3, let me see...
14:13 lazyb0yaprt from that; yes, I realized that. but it was different for me...
14:13 stockholmnow i reinstalled the fai-server package and it is threre
14:14 stockholmfai-server: Installed: 3.2~beta4 Candidate: 3.2~beta4
14:17 lazyb0ystrange...
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14:39 Mrfaibeta4 is the newest version, available since two days IIRC
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16:02 stockholmso how should i invoke fai-chboot with beta4 to work around that error that mrfai mentiond?
16:02 stockholmfai-chboot should be renamed to fai-pxe-config
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16:12 stockholmMrfai: ah, there he is!
16:12 stockholm18:02 <stockholm> so how should i invoke fai-chboot with beta4 to work around that error that mrfai mentiond?
16:12 stockholm18:02 <stockholm> fai-chboot should be renamed to fai-pxe-config
16:14 MrfaiDid I mentioned any error?
16:14 stockholmyes, with pxe booting
16:14 Mrfaimaybe this
16:14 Mrfaicd /srv/fai/nfsroot
16:14 Mrfaimkdir live/filesystem.dir
16:14 Mrfaimv * live/filesystem.dir
16:16 stockholm mkdir live/filesystem.dir
16:16 stockholmmkdir: cannot create directory `live/filesystem.dir': No such file or directory
16:16 Mrfai-p
16:16 stockholm-p?
16:16 stockholmyes
16:17 stockholmmv * live/filesystem.dir
16:17 stockholmmv: cannot move `live' to a subdirectory of itself, `live/filesystem.dir/live'
16:19 Mrfailast error can  be ignored
16:19 Mrfainow add initrd=... into the pxelinux.cfg
16:19 stockholmback when we talked about pxeboot and beta4 you said templates were a workaround. does that ring a bell?
16:19 stockholmah
16:20 Mrfaiyep
16:20 Mrfaiadd this to the pxelinux.cfg template: initrd=initrd.img-2.6.18-4-486  
16:20 stockholmcan you give an example line for pxelinux.cfg .... yes, exacty except amd64
16:20 Mrfaiyep
16:21 Mrfaihold on......
16:21 stockholmand... since /etc/tftp/fai is generated by fai-server... i think it should not be removed when removing /upgrading the package
16:21 stockholmi think that happend to me.
16:21 stockholmthat or my college removed it
16:22 Mrfaiplease file a bug report. I will not scan the irclog later
16:23 Mrfaikernel vmlinuz-2.6.18-4-486
16:23 Mrfaiappend initrd=initrd.img-2.6.18-4-486  ip=dhcp root=/dev/nfs nfsroot= FAI_
16:23 MrfaiFLAGS=verbose,sshd,createvt FAI_ACTION=install boot=live
16:23 Mrfairemove the newlines
16:23 Mrfaikernel is a seperate line
16:23 Mrfaiappend is the second line
16:24 Mrfaithat's all
16:24 stockholmhm, i dont have a pxelinux.cnf file at all... where should that go? into /srv/tftpd/fai/pxelinux.cfg/?
16:25 stockholma debian bug report or does have fai a seperate bug tracker?
16:25 Mrfaiyep, name it inst.tmpl for example
16:25 Mrfaithen
16:26 Mrfaifai-chboot -vc inst your_hostname
16:27 Mrfaiif your_hostname can be reswolved with DNS (or /etc/hosts) then fai-chboot will do the rest
16:31 stockholmis tmpl the file ending it needs to have to be picked up?
16:32 stockholmor could i also call it burp.template?
16:35 Mrfai.template is not supportet (yet), check man fai-chboot for more info
16:36 stockholmyes, got it
Action: stockholm reboots
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16:57 stockholmtftp not working.
16:57 stockholmtftp timeout.
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17:12 Bluemoon_nabend
Nick change: Bluemoon_ -> bluemoon
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17:13 bluemoonkann man dem fai-client beim booten einen vendor class identifier mitgeben?
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17:17 bluemoonhallo Mrfai
17:17 bluemoonkann man dem fai-client beim booten einen vendor class identifier mitgeben?
17:17 bluemoonoder was aehnliches
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17:19 Mrfaija. aber ich weiss nicht genau was ein vendor class sein soll. Ich vermute mal
17:19 Mrfaidu willst dmidecode nutzen um einen Vendor zu erkennen und dann eine Klasse definieren.
17:19 MrfaiDa sollte bald ein schoenes Beispile im wiki stehen. Habe heute mit jemandem geredet, der dies implementiert hat.
17:20 bluemoonne, ich brauche das, um eine ip vom dhcp zu bekommen
17:20 bluemoonum nicht jede mac einzutragen
17:21 Mrfaiaha, vendor string im dhcp meinst du.
17:21 bluemoonjepp
17:21 bluemoonkann auch eine andere option sein
17:21 bluemoonirgendwas was mein dhcp verwerten kann
17:22 Mrfaiich denke das sollte gehen. schau dir mal die dhclient.conf in der nfsroot an
17:22 Mrfaiund dann noch dhclient-fai-script an
17:22 bluemoonaber zu der zeit hat er ja noch kein root
17:22 Mrfaidoch
17:22 bluemoonah
17:23 Mrfaiund in zukunft haben wir auch eine initrd, da koennen wir noch mehr drin machen
17:23 bluemoonok, dann guck ich mal da weiter
17:23 Mrfaies gibt 3 dhcp anfragen waehrend FAI bootet;
17:23 Mrfai1. PXE von der Netzwerkkarte
17:23 Mrfai2. dhcp vom kernel
17:23 Mrfai3. dhcp von dhclient-fai-script
17:24 bluemoongenau, und ich brauch es bei der 2.
17:24 Mrfaiwir koennen natuerlich nur in die 3 eingreifen
17:24 Mrfaibei der 2. geht es vielleicht in zukunft, wenn wir die initrd haben.
17:24 MrfaiIst schon im fai 3.2beta4 enthalten
17:25 bluemoonalso eine kernel-boot-option dafuer gibts dann wohl nicht
17:25 bluemoonich hatte was von dhcpClass gefunden
17:25 bluemoondas scheint aber was fedoralastiges zu sein
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19:32 stockholmMrfai: there?
19:32 stockholmcould you come by in the main hacklab and look at my tftp boot (it does not pick up my kernel parameter)
19:33 stockholmand then (since i linked linux to the real kernel vmlinz file) i get an error from init that scripts/live is not there
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21:03 juri_Grah.
21:03 juri_somehow, re-installing the fai package clobbered half my configs. NOT NICE.
21:04 stockholmjuri_: which ones?
21:04 stockholmthe ones in /srv/tftp and friends?
21:04 stockholmi files a but on that
21:04 juri_config files. /etc/fai/NFSROOT, just ones under /etc/.
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21:40 juri_gah. my fai server is hosed. :/
21:54 stockholmdo you try the beta4?
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--- Fri Jun 22 2007

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