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07:03 Bluemoonguten morgen
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07:08 CaldrinGood morning.
07:10 CaldrinIn a talk held at the Linuxtag in Berlin the speaker said RPM based distributions (SuSE and RedHat, both community and commercial in my case) are fully supported a installation base. Yet in the documentation I only found "under development... in the future.... someday ...".
07:11 CaldrinWhich one is currently true? Is the docu outdated or was the speaker to enthusiastic?
07:11 MT_most probably the docu is (very) outdated
07:14 CaldrinOk, so I'll try. Thank you.
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08:49 CaldrinHmm, seems FAI does not work well with Suse. No rpm packages and the svn checkout doesn't compile.
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09:43 lazyb0yCaldrin: which talk do you mean?
09:43 lazyb0yCaldrin: the docs are out of date
09:44 lazyb0y"fully supported" is not true depending on how you define that term
09:44 CaldrinLinuxtag in Berlin, Germany. I don't remember the name of the speaker.
09:45 lazyb0yI'd not put it that way exactly "fully supported" is a bit something else, it would also include good docs about how to do it and some examples - both don't exist
09:45 lazyb0ybut for sure nobody ever said, running fai on a suse server is supported
09:45 Caldrin
09:45 CaldrinWell maybe I got him wrong.
09:46 lazyb0ymust be thomas langes / Mrfai s talk if it was only about fai, or mine if it was about xen, too
09:46 lazyb0yCaldrin: the page I see after this link os broken
09:47 CaldrinHmm, works for me. Well, it was Thomas Lange.
09:48 lazyb0yah, now i see it again, maybe they were just updateing the server or whatever...
09:48 lazyb0yCaldrin: what is right is:
09:48 lazyb0y1) there is support for rpm/yast/yrpmi in the package lists of FAI
09:49 lazyb0y2) there ois support for different base images of different distributions (we use images fir the absolute minimum, so we don't have to run debootstrap/yast into dir/yum into dir for this each install)
09:49 lazyb0ythis is in first place all you need
09:49 lazyb0yand there is a guy doing these things in a very big setup
09:49 lazyb0ynow the cons:
09:50 lazyb0y1) this guy _never_ did document anything or give any example code to us yet
09:50 lazyb0y2) there is nothing that helps you to create the minimal image in fai - you must do it on your own
09:50 lazyb0y3) there is nearly no doc
09:50 lazyb0yah, but I forgot an import upside:
09:51 lazyb0ywe will help you with everything as fast as we can, and we are quite fast here at IRC
09:51 CaldrinYes, I see this.
09:51 lazyb0ywe basically need some testers to help try it and improve it - we don't have many suse gusy yet...
09:51 lazyb0y:)
09:52 CaldrinHmm, my task is the following: We (meaning my colleagues) do kernel development. These patches need to be tested on different distributions, since experience shows, they behave differently even though they shouldn't.
09:53 CaldrinThus is want to install the main distros (redhat, suse, debian, ...) and run tests on them.
09:53 CaldrinFor various reasons my test machine is an OpenSuse 10.2 (well main reason: no 32 bit support on Debian64 and vice versa).
09:54 CaldrinSo I need to run some tool to automatically install these distros on a Suse server.
09:54 lazyb0yCaldrin: ok, we did not yet port FAI to suse, but it should not be too hard
09:55 lazyb0yI'd be interested to help with this(we need that too to get world domination)
09:55 Caldrinlazyb0y: If I knew, I would definetly get what I want, installing a Debian server wouldn't be an issue that big. Hardware is no issue, time is.
09:56 CaldrinAlright, that settles it. I'll put it on my agenda.
09:56 lazyb0yCaldrin: if time is more an issue than HW, then get a debian server :)
09:56 lazyb0yyou cna use a fai-cd.iso to get the basic fai server set up fast :)
09:57 CaldrinBTW you are a german, aren't you? In that case, it might be better to talk german anyway, so there's no need for double translation ;-)
09:59 lazyb0yCaldrin: fain, tun wir das!
10:00 lazyb0ydu bist also gar kein alter Schwede...
10:00 CaldrinEher nicht.
10:01 lazyb0yachja, das war nur der server...
10:01 MrfaiCaldrin: Wie sieht den deine Timeline aus? Klar am besten sollte alles gestern fertig sein.
10:03 CaldrinEin voll funktionierendes Testsystem bis Ende des Jahres. Hab bisher mit Images gearbeitet. Das ist aber keine endgültige Lösung.
10:04 Mrfaiende des Jahres? Da koennen wir ja erstmal in Urlaub gehen. Das sollte locker zu schaffen sein.
10:04 CaldrinÄhm Moment. Voll funktionierend heißt ein bischen mehr als nur voll installierend.
10:05 CaldrinWie schnell ist das denn zu schaffen?
10:05 CaldrinIch passe dann meine Timeline daran an.
10:07 MrfaiIch werd mich natuerlich nicht festelgen wie lang das dauert :-) Wer weiss das schon genau? Auf FAI Seite erwarte ich keine grossen Probleme, aber wer weiss schon wie Suse rumzickt?
10:08 MrfaiIch weurde trotzdem umgehen anfangen, (z.B die FAI Doku lesen) dann wird es nach hinten heraus nicht stressig.
10:08 MrfaiEs ist jaauch nicht schlimm wenn du schon im September fetig bist.
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17:58 lazyb0yMrfai: FAI is broken!
17:58 lazyb0y:)
17:58 lazyb0ydirinstall needs 712 secsond to finish, even if it already at the start found that it has "Problems accessing the config space."
17:59 lazyb0yI'm sending a mail with the full report...
18:19 lazyb0yhmm, he'll probably not respond as long his notebook lies 15cm from here, lid closed...
18:52 juri_damned congoers. :)
18:58 lazyb0yjuri_: you could have come yourself...
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20:12 juri_lazy: i'm in the middle of the US, working two jobs, with a broke down car. ;)
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Action: juri_ toddles homeward.
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--- Tue Jun 19 2007

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