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09:34 ozMoin Thomas
09:44 Mrfaihi oz
09:45 ozMrfai: did you look at ?
09:46 ozit's automatically generated with pywikipediabot
09:46 ozfrom the sgml
09:46 ozs/sgml/html
09:49 h01gerMrfai, setting FAI_ACTION in FOO.var doesnt work:
09:49 h01germrwhite:~# fai -N
09:49 h01gerPlease give more parameters if not run from the nfsroot.
09:49 h01gerwant a bug? :)
09:49 ozmoin h01ger
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10:11 Mrfaihorst: setting FAI_ACTION in *.var should work, except when using from command line. So when doing a network installation it will work.
10:19 h01gerMrfai, who cares about network installation? :) i always use fai from the commandline - this softupdate thing, you know? ;-)
10:19 h01gerthats why i thought it should be in fai.conf...
10:19 h01gerwant a bug?
10:21 lazyb0yoz: hmm, andcan you also convert the wiki back to sgml?
10:22 lazyb0ywould help me a lot doing fixes to the guid if that woud be possible - sgml editing is ugly
10:23 lazyb0ybut, if you cannot convert it back, then this is effectively a fork of the fai guide
10:25 ozlazyb0y: to xml, yes.
10:25 ozlazyb0y: and not necessarily
10:25 lazyb0ybut the current fai guis is sgml
10:25 lazyb0ywhat not necessarily?
10:26 ozlazyb0y: havent found a way yet
10:26 ozcould be :)
10:26 lazyb0ythere is now an editable version of the fai guide online in a public accessible wiki, and no way to convert back to the official fai guide
10:26 ozI'd be happy if this could work with docbook
10:27 lazyb0ysomething like that should better discussed before put into the public, don't you think?
10:27 ozit's not public, just here
10:27 ozvery alpha, I don't do any support
10:27 lazyb0yeverybody can access it
10:27 ozIt's just that I need such a system @ work
10:27 ozlazyb0y: feel free to edit, I don't care to much
10:28 ozbut it won't last long :)
10:28 ozlazyb0y: at least, a searchable version of the guide would exists
10:28 lazyb0yoz: I don't say it
10:28 lazyb0y's technically bad, but it should be discussed and organized
10:28 oztechnically bad?
10:29 lazyb0ythe second lkine is the continuation of the first one...
10:29 lazyb0yoz: I don't say it's technically bad, but it should be discussed and organized
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10:31 lazyb0yI'd also love to have xml instead of sgml
10:31 lazyb0ywould be easier to edit
10:32 lazyb0ya wiki is even easier to edit... but one had to define single point of editing - otherwise you'll have "fun" merging wiki and xml edits
10:33 ozlazyb0y: you know...
10:33 ozI started w/t last year already
10:33 lazyb0yand then, it's to be discussed if it's desireable to have the fai guide be edited by everybody
10:33 ozand I think we already talked about this on the last WS
10:34 ozI'll be consent if I could get somethng wiki<->docbook
10:37 lazyb0yI don't understand the last line...
10:39 MrfaiI think a google search which is limited to the fai-guide should also work
10:41 Mrfaioz: I think fai-guide in a wiki is not good for different reasons.
10:41 MrfaiI will try that goole will include the guid into its index. Currently it's not included
10:45 lazyb0yand then we can add a google search box on the fai website and in the wiki...
11:08 Mrfaih01ger: workaround: touch /.THIS_IS_THE_FAI_NFSROOT, the error message will dissapear and you can define FAI_ACTION later in *.var
11:08 Mrfaiyou have to do the touch on your install client
11:15 baldyMrfai: do u have allready played with "ip helper" on routers?
11:17 Mrfaibaldy: please set your real name
11:17 Mrfaino. Do you install routers with FAI?
11:39 baldyMrfai: no... i try to configure dhcp relay for different vlans
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12:43 h01gerMrfai, uuuuuh. i wont do that. but this gives me an idea howto patch fai :)
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13:23 Mrfaih01ger: Maybe we can move this file to /etc/fai. But I'm not sure
13:31 h01geri rather dont want a FILE WITH ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. it looks ugly
13:34 MrfaiBut it has a dot, so you don't see it. But this can be changed easily.
14:04 h01gerpoint taken
14:23 h01ger13          12  48      1213            4                         8    12      
14:23 h01ger4 891112 13489 11   13  8911121348  11 12134 89 111213489 111213 489
14:23 h01ger8 91112 134 89 111213 48 9 11  134 89 11 1213 48 9   1213 48 9 11 12 134 8 911
14:23 h01ger 9111213489 11 12134 8  11 12  489  11  1348 911   134 891112134 89 1112
14:23 h01ger111213                                                                        
14:23 h01ger 1213 4                                                                        
14:23 h01ger 13  8                                                                        
14:23 h01ger 4  9                                                                        
14:25 lazyb0yh01ger: nice, but should i be able to read something here?
14:26 lazyb0ydid you stole Mrfai's escape characters from the nfsroot logo???
14:26 lazyb0ys/stole/steel/
14:26 h01gerITYM steal
Action: h01ger hopes Mrfai didnt see that and puts that into the new fai logo
14:27 h01gerapt-cache show toilet
14:27 lazyb0ystole the steel while stealing...
14:28 Bluemoonre
14:28 h01gerMrfai, whats the easyest way to force fai to install unauthenticated packages?
14:29 Bluemoonwenn ich /tmp/fai/ veraender, aendert sich dann auch $target/var/log/fai/
14:32 lazyb0yh01ger: ths solution to this is somewhere in the simple examples...
14:32 lazyb0y(I'd tell you if I'd had it at hand)
14:37 Bluemoonich habe hier einen partition hook geschrieben( aber files/boot/grub/menu.lst/postinst findet anscheinend nicht mehr seine variablen
14:37 ozh01ger: what was that???
14:39 Mrfaih01ger: currently (3.1.8) it installs those packags, only fai-mirror is complaining and you have to enter yes
14:40 h01gerMrfai, it doesnt install untrusted packages here
Action: h01ger decides to go with apt.conf.d
14:40 Bluemoondas postinst liest $target/var/log/fai/ aus. was muss ich denn von sed aendern lassen, so das $target/var/log/fai/ meine daten enthaelt?
14:59 h01gerMrfai, i can see in install_packages that "PACKAGES install" takes install => "apt-get $aptopt --fix-missing install",
15:00 h01gerhow do i set up $aptopt
15:00 h01ger?
15:00 MrfaiAFAIR it's only an internal variable of thos perl script.
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15:06 Bluemoonach ich sehe gerade das beim softupdate nur $target/var/log/fai/ ausgelesen wird
15:07 Bluemoonhm, warum hat denn grub-install nichts in seiner $BOOT_DEVICE variable?
15:09 MrfaiBluemoon: h01ger ist softupdate Profi. Ich leider nicht.
15:09 BluemoonMrfai, ne, ich will ja richtig installieren
15:09 Bluemoonaber mit einer verschluesselten root-partition
15:09 Mrfaidann schau in ob dort BOOT_DEVICE definiert ist
15:12 Bluemoonkannst du mir noch sagen wo ich finde, ich habe hier nur ein
15:14 Mrfaialle logs in /tmp/fai
15:16 Bluemoonah, du meinst wahrscheinlich variables.log
15:19 Mrfaiyep.
15:19 Mrfaifrueher mit .sh, jetzt mit .log
15:21 Bluemoonok :)
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