04:41 juri_hmm. by using live-initramfs instead of initramfs-tools, we've made fai servers depend on unstable.
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05:59 ozmoin
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07:07 Bluemoonguten morgen
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07:21 horsthm. what's the equivalent to "echo "#!" > $diskvar" in partitioning hooks in FAI 3 (the examples don't work anymore, $diskvar is not defined)
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07:47 horsthm ok. not really necessary i guess. still i'm having a hard time getting a xen domU installed. i format the block devices and write fstab using the partition hook, but FAI cannot mount the devices: unknown filesystem type 'ext3' ^^
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08:01 horstah. xen-kernel modules need to be in nfsroot, too
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11:08 lazyb0yBTW: the fai-cd version thomas downloaded is broken!
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11:08 lazyb0ybut we just fixed the problems and there will be an upload of a new version soon...
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12:23 h01ger http://xkcd.com/c276.html
12:32 lazyb0yyep, new fai-cd runnin' - now waiting for the bugfix release :)
13:28 Linhorst: having good time with you xen domUs?
13:28 Linlazyb0y: which bug on fai-cd?
13:31 lazyb0yLin: the fixed version thomas uploaded yesterday evening "just didn't work"
13:32 Linlazyb0y: it happens ;-) what was the "previous" bug?
13:33 lazyb0yLin: the previous bug was "fai-cd completely broken on etch" because of missing mkinitrd-cd
13:33 Linlazyb0y: wow.. seem that we have a working fai-cd for a long time ;-)
13:34 lazyb0yhorst: by which documentation are you working? if you find a bug in the docs(it's documented int he wiki), or something missing, please let us know
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13:35 lazyb0yoops, sorry for double-posting...
13:36 lazyb0yLin: ??? we have a broken fai-cd in etch for a long time... but a working version in the fai apt-repository soon...
13:36 Linsoon I will need fai-cd
13:36 LinI need create to boot some wireless cards
13:36 lazyb0ybut maybe there's chance to get the fix into the next point release...
13:38 Linlazyb0y: I hope so.
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Action: juri_ checks out svn again. ;P
16:01 MrfaiI just commited a tiny little patch
16:01 lazyb0yjuri_: you should be able to test it now!
16:01 Mrfaieven installing from USB stick is now possible
16:01 lazyb0yone thing i just found still: setting the hostname from the kern ip parameters does not work currently
16:02 lazyb0ybut it works when you set HOST=<hostname>  on the kernel command line
16:02 lazyb0y(this will change to HOSTNAME soon, as we also just found that the usage of HOST inside the fai script seems unnecessary)
16:05 juri_lazyboy: i'll be testing it later this afternoon. ;)
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16:52 Mrfaifai-3.2~beta2 is available
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20:15 MT_Mrfai?
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20:28 Mrfaiyep
20:30 Mrfaifai 3.2~beta3 released
20:31 Mrfaijuri_: use this version
20:31 MT_Mrfai, I really dislike r4341
20:31 MT_just sent a private mail...
20:32 MT_ooops
20:32 MrfaiMT_: keep cool
20:32 MT_I guess r4344 fixes it...
20:32 Mrfaiit now work's in another way. You can set the hostname using hostname= on the kernel command line
20:33 MT_hostname= or HOSTNAME=
20:33 MT_?
20:33 Mrfaiyep. live-initramfs setzt den hostname immer auf debian, unterstuetzt aber hostname= (klein geschrieben)
20:34 Mrfaijestat muessen wir nunr noch testen wenn der hostname von dhcp kommt
20:34 MT_und ohne fai-cd ...?
20:34 MT_also beim Xen bzw. Netzwerkboot?
20:35 Mrfaistimmt
20:36 MT_der Vorteil von HOST war, dass es definitiv nicht von DHCP "überschrieben" wurde
20:37 Mrfaimuessenwir testen und zur not wieder einfuehren
20:45 juri_just updated.
20:46 juri_i'm just going to use svn-head until this stabilizes. i used a beta1, and mkisofs failed, for $UNKNOWN reason.
20:47 Mrfaijuri_: use beta3. This will be the last version....
20:47 Mrfai... for today :-)
20:48 MrfaiKeep in mind that you also install the newest fai-client package into the nfsroot
20:53 juri_*grindy* *grindy* *grindy*
21:01 lazyb0yjuri_: i told you beta1 doesn't work...
21:03 juri_well, i'm on bta3 now. ;)
21:15 lazyb0ythe cd stuff worked quite well here... and Mrfai is hacking on an USB version, too, which already installed a test machine successfully here...
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21:19 juri_i just ran out of disk space last time. shouldnt happen again.
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21:46 juri_ok, failure #1: it dosent probe ide-generic, which is required for booting under qemu.
21:47 juri_i'm going to have to head to work and deal with them canning my employees... but the CD needs to try and probe the ide-generic driver, if it dosent find something on piix.
--- Thu Jun 14 2007

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