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13:24 horsthm. is it not possible to deploy a fai.conf from the config space?
13:41 sanso|workI'd say it is. fcopy would be your friend then.
13:41 sanso|workbut the existing fai.conf would still need to be valid
13:42 sanso|workotherwise You'd have a hard time accessing the config space
14:01 horsthm. i've got a files/etc/fai.conf/DEFAULT in the config space, because installed clients should access the FAI server differently than those being installed (they're going to be deployed in a different network)
14:02 horstbut on the installed clients, there always seem to be another completely different fai.conf
14:02 horstnot even the one i used to install the clients
14:12 sanso|workwhoops.
14:12 sanso|workah, wait
14:12 sanso|workIIRC, somewhere in the simple examples, the server's fai.conf is copied (fcopied?) to the client
14:13 sanso|worka 'grep -r fai.conf $FAI_CONFIG/' will clear things up
14:13 sanso|workI guess
14:13 sanso|workfaibot, channelstats
14:13 sanso|work:(
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14:48 horstah. so files in $CONFIGSPACE/files/ won't be copied automagically, but must be copied manually via hooks or scripts?
14:48 horsti assumed otherwise. my mistake
14:57 Mrfaijuri_: look at the commit mails. It's working, but I think more tests are needed
14:58 sanso|workhorst, yep, You need to actually run fcopy at some time
14:59 sanso|workfcopy [-r] <my-file>
14:59 sanso|workfcopy [-r] <my-destination-file>
14:59 sanso|workin Your case, 'fcopy /etc/fai/fai.conf'
15:05 horstyeah, figured that
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15:24 horstwrote me a little script now as hook to deploy all configuration files automagically :)
15:33 sanso|work:)
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15:34 Linhi all
15:34 Linthere is any script that builds config dir?
15:35 Linor I have to copy it from examples?
15:35 MT_yep
15:35 Linor somewhere else?
15:35 MT_copy the example
15:35 MT_and adapt it to your needs
15:36 LinMT_: thankz.. I have already my changes.. im just wondering where that samples came from.. ;-)
15:36 LinI forgot ;-) LOL
15:36 LinMT_: have you seen Dukez here?
15:37 MT_not today
15:37 LinMT_: do you have his mail address?
15:37 MT_no, sorry, no idea about that
15:37 LinI have to send him some photos of copacabana beach ;-) The place where I live ;-)
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16:08 juri_mrfai: written a howto yet? :)
16:09 juri_ooo. nice patches.
16:11 juri_i'll see about giving it a workout today. :)
16:17 Mrfaijuri_: just checkout the new fai version. I will now test more thing with the new kernel and initrd.
16:18 Mrfaijuri_: BTW, which FAi version are you using? I;m wondering why you did not use the old fai-cd script but your own shell script.
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16:27 juri_mrfai: i'm using the current one in stable/unstable.
16:27 juri_i forgot about the script. ;)
16:27 juri_its been a while since i did this, and i couldnt find my old script.. so i just started writing a new one.
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16:30 MrfaiBut didn't the old fai-cd script worked for you?
16:41 juri_it used to. but i wrapped it with stuff to regenerate my mirror, my nfsroot, etc.
16:43 juri_s/mirror/package_repository/
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16:57 igormorgadoheya
17:00 Mrfaiigormorgado: hi
17:00 Mrfaiigormorgado: do you have a real name?
17:06 igormorgadothis is my real name
17:06 igormorgadoIgor Morgado
17:06 MrfaiHi Igor
17:06 igormorgadobut here im lin too.. but in another host..
17:06 Mrfaijuri_: fai-cd now works. Just fix some minor things
17:27 igormorgadosomeone know why my fai is trying to access port 37 on my time server. Nothing is running there at this port. My ntp server is running at 123.
17:30 igormorgadoand my fai is telling me: No action in FAI_ACTION defined.. how can I define? AFAIK my classes are ok.
17:31 igormorgadoim enabling installation with fai-chboot -iFv hostname
17:34 horstyou need -I, not -i
17:37 igormorgadohorst: ok!! /-)
17:37 igormorgadotrying again
17:38 igormorgadoyada yada It worked !! :-)
17:38 igormorgadohorst: thankz
17:38 igormorgadoreading man page again
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17:52 Mrfaiif you have defined time-servers in dhcp FAI uses rdate to set the time and date, if you define ntp-servers it connects to the ntp sever
17:52 Lin_Mrfai: thankz.. I think that this is my problem.
17:53 Lin_Mrfai: fixed .
17:53 Lin_that this.. LOL!
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18:06 Linback to my own computer
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18:21 horstis there are more "elegant" way to add packages to the nfs root than to add --include=foo,bar at DEBOOTSTRAP_OPTS?
18:22 Mrfai_Yes. Add them to /etc/fai/NFSROOT (when using FAI 3)
18:23 horstah. very cool. thanks
18:27 Lin_there is any variable that store CLASSES name
18:27 Lin_?
18:27 horst$classes do
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18:28 Lin_horst: the classes variable in tty2 shell are wrong..
18:28 Mrfai_yep. Only tty1 and the remove shell via ssh have all variables defined
18:29 Lin_Mrfai_: hmm ok.
18:29 Lin_remove shell LOL!
18:29 Mrfai_but you can source /tmp/fai/variables.log
18:29 Lin_:-) I understood
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18:49 juri_wow. more fai cd changes. :)
19:00 Mrfai_juri_: I will a package of it now.
19:00 Mrfai_They are now available at:
19:09 juri_thanks. i'll start testing it as soon as i've settled down from lunch. :)
Action: juri_ starts.
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21:07 MT_nickserv identify getme MT
Nick change: MT_ -> MT
21:10 MTMrfai, how does one now specifiy the kernel that is to be installed into the nfsroot?
21:11 MT(as KERNELPACKAGE has been removed)
21:13 juri_it looks to me like you edit /etc/fai/NFSROOT. i'm just trying that now.
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21:19 Mrfai_yep
21:20 Mrfai_you don't have to edit NFSROOT, since it's already included there (in the new version)
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--- Wed Jun 13 2007

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