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09:34 MT_Naffysahir, was war denn der letzte Stand bei den Automaten-Modi
09:34 MT_sorry, wrong window...
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11:42 juri_ok, if i did that right, this version of my cdrom script should search for removable devices, and try to mount them..
11:43 juri_which will bring me smack into "fai dosent start on a read-only media!"
12:03 juri_well, thats close, but it looks like the device node isn't populated.
12:07 Mrfaihi juri
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12:19 juri_hio. ;)
12:20 juri_looks like i need to copy the mount-wait loop also...
12:20 juri_and i still am missing some of the root ramdisk magic. mounting a cdrom, and starting fai dosent result in what you'd expect. :)
12:21 Mrfaijuri_: any new code that I can have a look at?
12:22 juri_nothing that works yet. :P
12:22 Mrfaieven if it does not work. I like to see everything! :-)
12:22 juri_well, i'll post you some tidbits when i get to my second job today..
12:22 Mrfaiok
12:23 juri_i'm about 5 minutes from leaving this one.
12:23 juri_i suppose i'm going to have to disassemble part of the boot of the old fai-cd system, to figgure out this unionfs or rootfs or whatever-it-is magic. :)
12:25 juri_theres a whole ton of tmpfs mounts, and rootfs on / type rootfs in the old system, that i'm not setting up before calling FAI. i imagine part of that is handled by fai, but it seems pretty obvious that fai isnt handling all of it.
12:25 juri_i get an earth-shattering-kaboom, with no job control, and no terminals. ;)
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12:39 MTMrfai?
12:39 MTcould we move device2grub to lib?
12:39 MTotherwise we should probably provide a man page
12:41 Mrfaiyes we can. But we need not. BTW, isn't there a replacement for this script? Is FAI the only programm that needs this conversion?
12:45 MTprobably the convert() function in /usr/sbin/grub-install?
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12:53 Mrfaiyep, looks good. But maybe we do not need device2grub any more. Someone should have a look at the postinst of menu.lst.
13:03 MTto be honest - what is this code good for anyway?
13:03 MTall I do is
13:03 MTgrub-install --no-floppy --root-directory=$FAI_ROOT $BOOT_DEVICE
13:04 MTno update-grub here...
13:04 MTah, sorry, it creates the menu.lst
13:05 MTwhich I just fcopy...
13:43 juri_and.. back at it..
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15:09 BarryAllenhi
15:09 BarryAllenis there an way, to do fai-nfsroot without to check md5sums ?
15:10 BarryAllenafter build an local mirror, im gettin problems to run make-fai-nfsroot, it stop with an error about md5sum of cfengine2, but im sure i dont have errors on my debmirror process...
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15:24 BarryAllenMT_, is there a way to do the make-fai-nfsroot, without do md5sum check ?
15:24 MT_which md5sum check
15:24 MT_?
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15:29 BarryAllenwhem i do the make-fai-nfsroot, it is hanging checking the md5sum of a package (cfenfine2)... ... im using an local repository that i did with debmirror, i checked if i had someproblem with debmirror, ... re-run it... its ok.
15:29 BarryAllenso to move-on, im trying to do the nfsroot, without that check.
15:30 MT_this check is not done by make-fai-nfsroot, it is either part of debootstrap or (rather) apt here
15:30 MT_so there _must_ be a problem with your mirror
15:30 BarryAllen... ill try do debmirror, with anotherserver and try again
15:31 MT_just check the entry in your Packages file
15:31 MT_and compare it to md5sum cfengine2*
15:36 BarryAllenthey are identical
15:36 BarryAllenfb6109d806435a91119b9016647825c0
15:36 MT_is there any proxy in between?
15:39 BarryAllennopz... but... i re-run now, the make-fai-nfsroot... and seems, not got the error... lol... i fear that things.
15:45 juri_ok.. nasty.. debian's initrd dosent include unionfs by default.
15:52 Mrfaijuri_: we just talked to the live-initramfs author/maintainer.
15:52 Mrfaiwe = h0lger, lazyb0y and me
15:52 juri_how'd it go? :)
15:52 juri_( talk is cheap. show me the patches! :P )
15:52 MrfaiI seems to be very easy to use live-initramfs for FAI. Everything we need is already included in these hooks.
15:53 juri_oh great. does that mean i have to start from scratch again? :)
15:53 MrfaiI will now start playing aroung with it, and if there are any problems, I can ask daniel (the maintainer) directly, because he's sitting 5m away from me.
15:54 Mrfaijuri_: no it means you can stop working on it, go to the beach and wait till I fixed everything
15:54 juri_as soon as i get unionfs, i'm pretty much done here. :P
15:54 Mrfaiunionfs support is also included in live-initramfs
15:55 juri_hmm. you know, the beach is pretty far from here. :)
15:55 juri_ok then... i'll start fighting the other 20 or so projects that need my attention then. please keep me posted! :)
15:57 Mrfaijuri_: you may also work on other FAI thing. Liek writing manual, docs, testing, fixing bugs,....
15:57 Mrfai:-)
15:57 Mrfaijuri_: I will let you know if as soon as there are some things to test.
15:58 juri_sorry, i've got kernel patches, VM patches, userspace patches, and a web frontend to fix. :)
15:58 juri_did i mention i was doing all this work *inside qemu*? :)
15:58 juri_(real hardware is for end users)
15:58 Mrfaiyou mean qemu slow? I will use vmware fast for testing it
15:59 juri_qemu without kqemu. ;)
16:23 h01geruse
16:23 h01gerfast & gpl
16:23 h01geror kqemu, also gpl by now
16:27 juri_kqemu dosent work properly on dual-core machines.
16:29 juri_wow. i've been so panicked trying to get this working... i'm in a daze. :P
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17:04 h01gerlazyb0y,
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20:15 h01gerMrfai, i think you want to change build-deps to tetex-bin|texlive-base-bin, tetex-extra|texlive-latex-extra
20:16 h01gerwant a bug? :)
20:16 Mrfai333no
20:17 h01gerwhy not? tetex-bin is obsolete
20:17 h01gerits not in sid, thats even an rc bug :)
20:17 h01ger(tetex-bin is not in sid)
20:18 h01gertexlive-base-bin is
20:18 h01geri just tested it, it works
20:18 MrfaiI mean no  bug report, I will include it without a bug report
20:18 h01gerah
20:19 h01ger:)
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21:23 Mrfainew fai-cd using live-initramfs works!
21:24 juri_yay! :)
21:25 juri_gimme directions please. ;)
21:25 juri_oh, and you suck. i spent three days doing that, and failed, using standard initramfs. :)
21:26 MTMrfai, is there a little space for a suggestion on #313397?
21:26 MTthe ucf-thing that you tagged moreinfo
21:27 MrfaiMT: tell me or write your suggestion to the bts
21:27 MTyeah, I just thought of the later, will do
21:27 MTsorry for the noise
21:29 Mrfaijuri_: I will commit the changes to subversion. Do you get the svn commit mails? You can alos read them in the mail archive
21:30 MrfaiI think I will have a working version tomorrow. Currently there are one or two manual steps
21:31 juri_yea, i get the svn mails.
21:32 juri_was my experience this weekend any help, or more of a "don't do that"? :)
21:33 Mrfaisorry, but didn't help that much. The best thing that I spoke to Daniel, he help me getting live-initramfs run.
21:33 juri_meh. :)
21:33 MrfaiBut I hope I saved you some time.
21:34 juri_well, i rescheduled some appointments to today, and took care of those.. so yea. :)
21:35 Mrfaijuri_: I like  to clean the script I modified. So I will commit more tomorrow. But I put the things to
21:36 juri_i'll tear into it tomorow. thanks. :)
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--- Tue Jun 12 2007

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