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02:37 juri_ok, my fai cd creation script now burns a cd with a customized initrd on it (built with mkinitramfs-kpkg)
02:37 juri_so, write cdrom drive detection routines, then make a mirror FAI will be happy with, then make FAI happy.
02:37 juri_this isn't easy :)
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03:02 juri_hmm. extract the initrd, add a 32 byte file, re-compress it, and its suddenly too large.
04:07 juri_ok, looks like i'm rebuilding the cpio archive using the wrong format...
04:31 juri_and now in the wrong file order..
05:23 juri_aha. but that worked.
05:25 juri_now i can start inserting code into the executable path. :)
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Nick change: MT -> Guest1502
Nick change: Guest1502 -> MT
13:13 MTMrfai?
13:14 Mrfaija
13:15 MTich denke, die partitioning-info kannst Du zu #380629, #330915, #277045, #356862, #416633
13:15 MThinzufügen
13:15 MT#330915 und #356862 sind wohl davon schon erledigt
13:15 MTund wenn Du schon beim Aufräumen bist
13:16 MT#364763 ist IMHO kein Bug
13:16 MTeinfach eine falsche Config
13:16 MTund wenn wir schon dabei sind
13:17 MTich denke darüber nach, die diversen Skript-Teile für shdd2 in ein einziges Skript zusammenzuführen
13:17 MTdann ist das zwar recht lang, aber das war das alte ja auch
13:17 MT(und die Version von Sam ist nicht besser in dieser Hinsicht)
13:17 MTund um das ganze gleich noch weiterzuspinnen
13:18 MTwas hältst Du davon, das neue Tool in FAI aufzunehmen
13:18 MTaber (vorerst) nicht zu verwenden
13:18 MrfaiMT du kannst die partitioning-info auch hinszufuegen. #364763 schau ich mir jetzt an.
13:18 MTok, mache ich
13:18 Mrfaiso, jetzt eins nach dem anderen. Mein Fifo ist sonst ueberfuellt.
13:19 MTsorry :-)
13:19 MTalso um die Infos kümmere ich mich
13:19 MThast Du also auch noch nicht gemacht, oder?
13:19 MTweil die BTS-E-Mails manchmal ja etwas länger dauern...
13:20 Mrfai#364763: ich werde mal mailen das es unreproducible ist oder moreinfo verlangen. Wenn er sich dann nicht meldet schliessen wird den Bug.
13:24 Mrfaiso. next itme.
13:24 MrfaiIch werde mir auf der debconf (bzw. im debcamp) shdd2 ansehen. Ich moechte es auch bald in FAI einbauen ohne es per default zu nutzen.
13:25 MrfaiIch werde aber erst mal sehen ob der Codingstyle so OK ist und ob ein grosses oder mehrere kleine files besser sind. Also aendere noch nichts daran bevor ich mir das genauer angesehen habe.
13:25 MTok!
13:28 MrfaiFRage ist auch ob nicht ein besserer/schoener name fuer das script nett waere. So was wie TDT "THE disk tool" oder movotst wie in "michael's own version of the setup_harddisk tool" :-)
13:29 MTda würde ich aber tdt bevorzugen :-)
13:30 Mrfaioder ddo: disk data organizer, oder pt "The partition tool" wobei es ja mehr als nur partitioning macht.
13:30 MTwenn Du code-reviews machst, schreib einfach in den Code rein, was Du schlecht findest oder nicht verstehst oder so
13:30 Mrfaiwerde ich machen
13:30 MrfaiIch werde in rot reinschreiben ;-)
13:30 MTwenn DU TODO oder FIXME reinschreibst genügt's schon, das markiert mein vim gleich fett gelb
13:31 Mrfaidas versuche ich mir zu merken
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15:56 lazyb0yMrfai: wie heit denn dieses script, das der toni da bearbeitet hat?
15:59 MrfaiIch meine es war dies hier:
15:59 lazyb0yah, habs schon...
16:03 lazyb0yoder das andere... davon sind jetzt auch schon zwei Versionen im Wiki...
16:05 lazyb0yMrfai: hoer ma auf mit dem bugfixen - die ganzen mails nerven :)
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16:40 nausicaa_hi
Nick change: nausicaa_ -> nyal
16:40 nyalbetter :)
16:41 nyali don't understand
16:41 nyalThe programm eject is not needed inside the nfsroot, but inside the
16:41 nyalinstall eject onto your install client and have it in a package_config
16:41 nyalfile.
16:41 nyaleject is used in subroutine script
16:41 nyalnot in the chroot
16:44 nyalso i should have eject package in the nfsroot
16:47 nyalMrfai ?
16:51 lazyb0ynyal: The only use in the nfsroot I can imagine is when doing fai-cd install - to eject the cd after the install...
16:52 lazyb0ynyal: but maybe I don#t get the whole picture you are talking about...
16:52 nyalyes exactly lazy
16:53 nyali use fai-cd
16:53 nyalso i need eject because i use bootcd
16:53 Mrfainyal: Hi
16:54 Mrfainyal: eject is used in subroutines, but there a small shell script is created which will be executed using chroot
16:55 nyali don't really want eject in my system
16:57 Mrfainyal: you could not use eject from inside the nfsroot, because then you will execute a command that will remove itself from the directory tree. That does not work. You have to copy eject, add needed libs and the /dev and maybe the /proc into a small chroot environment and then execute eject from this chroot.
16:57 MrfaiIt's easier to use the eject that we install onto your new system.
17:02 nyali don't have it
17:02 nyalok i understand
17:03 nyali can't cut my legs :)
17:06 nyalthanks Mrfai
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17:36 juri_ok, i have a makeinitramfs-kpkg generated initrd on my CD.. now to get it to scan for a cdrom.
17:53 Mrfaijuri_: makeinitramfs-kpkg? Why not just using mkinitramfs? Oh I see. There are pretty much the same
17:59 Mrfaijuri_: I've put another "scan-for-cdrom-devices" example to It's called live, and it has some nice code to create the list of all removable devices.
17:59 Mrfaihave a look at find_livefs() {
17:59 juri_excelent.
18:00 MrfaiI hope to talk to the maintainer tomorrow. He's also here at debconf
18:00 juri_i just wrote a stub to drop me to a prompt when it goes to mount the root FS. hopefully, i can mount it manually this time, and it should try to start FAI.
18:01 juri_it was easy enough to stub. just stop passing a root=, and pass a "boot=cdrom", and it looks like it will execute a script in scripts/cdrom.
18:01 juri_i expect to be installing from CD in about 7 hours. :)
18:03 Mrfai:-)
18:06 juri_i'm testing that last reported behavior as we speak.
18:07 juri_mind you, i'm making a metric ton of assumptions, which happen to be correct for my environment (cdrom is ide, etc etc), so the result of what i'm doing right now will b basically "heres one way to do it, in an ideal world". :P
18:08 juri_which is progress, of a sorts. :)
18:11 Mrfaijuri. IMO initramfs is very good and modular. Loading of kernel modules of all sorts of CDROM is already done my initrafs-tools. So if you just iterate over the list of removable devices (also usb sticks) this would be fine. Do not iterate over '/dev/hd* /dev/sd*' like some linuxrc script are doing this
18:12 juri_sounds reasonable to me. i was thinking of iterating over all removable devices without partition tables.
18:15 juri_this script you passed me does everything, being called as init.. i'm assuming you'd like me to pull the relevent sections out, and add them to my "modify initrd" procedure?
18:15 juri_right now, my script is really 40 or 50 lines of no error checking banging through. :P
18:16 Mrfaijuri_: yes pull the relevant sections out.
18:17 MrfaiMy (long term) goal is to push this lines of code into the official initramfs-tools. Then fai-cd only needs to call mkinitramfs
18:18 juri_actually, the approach i'm using is just dropping a single file (scripts/cdrom) into the initrd. seems easy enough to get merged upstream.
18:19 juri_despooling and rebuilding the ramdisk properly was a headache. :)
18:20 MrfaiI think mkinitramfs will do everything for you if you just drop your script into the correct directory. Something like .../initramfs-tools/scripts/local-premount or a different directory
18:21 juri_sounds likely to me.
18:22 juri_no-one ever said i was doing it right. :)
18:29 juri_well, good news is that kinda worked. it sourced my cdrom script. which has an error in it.. ;P
18:34 juri_ah. } out of place.
18:34 MrfaiI'm extending faimond. I can now call fai-chboot to change the pxelinux.cfg file if an install client has finished. Question, should be that default behaviour, or only enabled by an option? I can implement both.
18:35 juri_sorr, i'm a cd user. i have no input here. :)
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19:25 juri_yay. that approach i outlined earlier works. :)
19:39 juri_hmm. i see no pivot_root magic here.
19:46 Mrfaihere? Where?
19:55 horstMrfai: i guess an option would be the best. since at staging time (where you test all kinds of stuff, including faimond) it would be a horrible PITA to do fai-chboot -I ... again :)
19:55 Mrfaiwe will only call fai-chboot -d
19:56 Mrfaithis can be reversed with fai-chboot -e
19:57 horstbut it would have to be done manually. i'm happy enough to only change configuration space and just reboot the client
19:59 Mrfaijuri_: I really like to look into your code ASAP. Please email it to me even if it's not finished or perfect. I just like to see how it works.
20:03 juri_mrfai: as soon as i've got fai itsself running, sounds great. :)
20:04 juri_right, the initrd refuses to run /etc/init.d/rcS, claiming its not executable (its a symlink), but when i send it directly to /usr/sbin/fai, fai reports "Please give more parameters if not run from the nfsroot".
20:09 Mrfaijuri_: the initrd should not run rcS. The initrd hook you write should only find the file system on the removable device, mount it. Then the default initramfs scripts will chroot/pivot_root into it and run the rest. You do not need to do this.
20:09 Mrfaijuri_: Please show me what you've done so far. Otherwise you may waste time with things, you do not need to do.
20:10 MrfaiIf you do not like to send me an email, use
20:10 juri_i'mm blast a mail to the list, so i can humiliate myself publicly. :)
20:11 juri_i'm not doing that part. i passed the default scripts etc/init.d/rcS to run, and it paniced and died, claiming it was un-executable.
20:11 juri_now, i don't know if its chrooting/pivot_rooting, but i do know /usr/sbin/fai, when passed as an init, is claiming not to have enough arguments.
20:12 juri_my next step is to see what arguments its getting passed, and what it expects.
20:13 Mrfaifai does this: if [ ! -f /.THIS_IS_THE_FAI_NFSROOT ....]
20:14 juri_oh. i changed that to ".THIS_IS_THE_FAI_CD. ;P
20:14 Mrfaijuri_: if you show what you've done, I may help.
Action: juri_ fixes. :)
20:15 juri_that should be the "last bug" then. that, and i havent started cutting and pasting your detection routines. right now it invokes an sh, i mount the cd, and it continues. :)
Action: juri_ rebuilds
20:51 Mrfaijuri_: please show it to me!
20:54 juri_yay! that was it. fai is now firing up.
20:54 juri_er.
20:55 juri_it still looks like the initrd isnt pivoting root, and instead is just calling /usr/sbin/fai.
Action: juri_ prepares a big mail
20:56 juri_or not. lets just
20:59 Mrfaijuri_: I just ask the live-helper maintainer. chroot and pivot_root is dead. Now they use mount -move
21:00 juri_well, it looks like thats not getting done at the bottom of init (the sh script in / on the initrd)
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21:02 juri_uhm, so how do you use this damned thing? :P
21:02 Mrfaithis mount -move is not in the default initramfs script, but its in the live script
21:03 juri_i pasted my code, and it just returned me to the page to enter. i would have assumed it would have given me a url.
21:03 MrfaiBut I'm also wondering how this works.
21:03 MrfaiI will ask him tomorrow
21:04 Mrfaijuri_: where did you paste?
21:04 juri_oh, ok.
21:04 Mrfaican;t see anything? Which name?
21:05 juri_
21:05 juri_thats the script i use to build a CD.
21:06 juri_my scripts/cdrom is 30135.
21:08 juri_my menu.lst is 30136. everything else is pretty normal.
21:08 juri_i'm using the last entry in menu.lst for testing.
21:08 juri_i told you this is pretty ugly. :)
21:09 Mrfaiwhere is the code for detecting the cdrom? cdrom-top, cdrom-bottom
21:09 juri_dosent exist.
21:09 juri_i was just copying what the nfs stuff does.
21:09 juri_it calls a top and bottom that don't exist, as well.
21:09 juri_i just type "mount /dev/hdc /root" when that sh prompt comes up, and exit. that mounts the drive.
21:10 juri_arent you glad i don't commit often, with that coding style? :)
21:11 Mrfaino comment :-)
21:12 Mrfaibut I like to save you time, but pointing you to the right direction for a solution.
21:12 juri_i'd prefer if fai-cd was a usable thing again. :P
21:13 juri_i don't know why /usr/sbin/fai is now freaking out, i'll know more in about 15 minutes, once my next CD builds.
21:13 juri_i'm going to try firing up a bash, instead of fai, to see what the bash says the environment looks like.
21:14 Mrfaijuri_: it is. Didn't you read ?
21:14 juri_sure. if you want to install sarge packages. :P
21:15 juri_that pegs out my "unacceptable" meter. :)
21:16 juri_yes, i'd rather spend all weekend rebuilding everything from scratch than use packages that are no longer in stable. i'm strange. :)
21:16 Mrfaiok. No problem for me. I just want to point to a fast solution. I also prefer a clean solution.
21:18 juri_well, this at least shows the "easy" place to hack the normal debian initrd solution.
21:31 juri_now i need to fix the cdrom script to do scanning..
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22:55 juri_hmm. ok, its running fai properly, but the filesystem is completely read-only.
23:11 juri_touch /boot/RUNNING_FROM_FAICD
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23:47 juri_so, right now, my FAI CD dosent run properly, cause its read only.
--- Mon Jun 11 2007

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