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08:42 paljasHi, I have now installed the 3.1.3ubuntu1 fai debs (the ones feisty uses) on my 6.06 LTS amd64 ubuntu server, like lazyb0y said.
08:43 paljasAfter doing a fai-setup and configuring dhcp / pxe etc., the boot on a client now ends with:
08:43 paljasrequest_module: runaway loop modprobe binfmt-464c
08:43 paljasStill a 64/32 prob?
08:45 Mrfaiyou client is 32 or 64 bit?
08:45 paljas32
08:46 paljasthat is, it can do both, but I want to install 32bit
08:46 MrfaiI think file /srv/fai/nfsroot/sbin/ifconfig will tell you that this is a 64bit executable
08:46 Mrfaiyou nfsroot must be 32bit
08:47 paljasoke, but how do i instruct fai-setup to make it 32bit?
08:48 paljasup:/root-# file /srv/fai/nfsroot/sbin/ifconfig
08:50 Mrfaiyou have to add --arch i386 to the debootstrap call and to all aptitude/apt-get call in make-fai-nfsroot. I'm not sure if this can be done.
08:50 MrfaiThe easiest way is to create a nfsroot on the 32bit architecture, make a tarball of it and copy it to your 64bit server.
08:51 paljasOke, I will try your last option, thanks.
09:54 ozhm. there is no easy howto for mirroring debian
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10:28 Mrfaioz: use mkdebmirror to create a local debian mirror
10:30 ozMrfai: on the debian pages they recomment to do this via anonftpsync...
10:30 ozone really can't recomment to use fai when one has only access to DSL or so
10:32 Mrfaimkdebmirror is using the command debmirror. This is an official package. Have a look at it
10:33 ozMrfai: I used it before, but you recomment to ignore the official mirror recommendation from debian?
10:34 Mrfai? I don't understand
Action: Mrfai off for lunch
10:36 ozMrfai:
10:39 oz
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11:38 lazyb0yoz: this is for full mirrors
11:38 lazyb0yfor partial mirrors you need something else. mkdebmirror and apt-mirror work quite fine
11:40 lazyb0yapart from that, with DSL installations are not that slow (assuming small businesses with a smal dsl line don#t have to install 20 machines at the same time) - still, it's bad for the debian mirrors to not have a local mirror
11:45 ozlazyb0y: I somewhat dislike a partial mirror
11:46 ozI you want to test some new packages in your fai setup, you are very likey to get stuck
11:46 ozlazyb0y: and, read's also used for partial mirror, split by arch
11:49 lazyb0yyes, but maybe one doesn't want to store the sources locally...
11:49 lazyb0yanyway, maybe I just didn't understand your question/problem...
11:49 ozlazyb0y: you can exclude sources also
11:50 ozit's just a mirror having all binary pkgs for one arch
11:51 ozthere are so many recommendation around, and the only way I got happy with fai was when I had all pkgs (binary only, just the two archs I supported)
11:52 lazyb0yok, then it's similar to what debmirror does... this should solve your problem then
11:52 lazyb0yI also think having a complete binary mirror is the best way to go
11:53 ozlazyb0y: I wonder why they say "use anonftpsync"
11:54 ozand why there is no simple example like "set up a debian mirror for i386 with command XYZ"
11:54 oz*sigh*
11:55 ozwhat's your "daily" command to update it?
13:18 paljasI've copied a 32bit nfsroot to my server, and to be sure also the /srv/fai/config dir. I've setup things to do a 'demohost' install. All seems to be fine, install is running. However, after 'press to reboot' the installed client hangs on Grub error 15. Also after I added the in the wikifaq mentioned /boot partition entry. Ideas?
13:30 Mrfaioz: I use mkdebmirror since over a year for a i386 mirror. It's also very easy to do a daily update of this mirror. Very, very easy and only 16GB of disk space.
13:31 MrfaiThis work perfect for me at work and at home on my laptop with an DSL connection.
13:31 paljasok, an error.log has: postinst: line 13: grub-install: command not found
13:31 Mrfaipaljas: chekc the path of grub-install. It changed between /sbin and /usr/sbin.
13:31 Mrfaior vice versa
13:36 paljasHm, there is no grub-install in the nfsroot. Not in /sbin, not in /usr/sbin
13:39 Mrfaithat's bad
13:39 MrfaiI have /srv/fai/nfsroot/sbin/grub-install
13:39 paljasIs it save to do just a "chroot nfsroot apt-get install grub" ?
13:40 MrfaiJust try. But maybe other things went wrong when you set up the nfsroot. So I would call make-fai-nfsroot -v to get more messages about the building process
13:49 paljasRight, after fai-setup -v, the install of additional packages (among which is grub) to /srv/fai/nfsroot bails out with:
13:49 paljasThe following packages have unmet dependencies:
13:49 paljas  fai-nfsroot: Depends: fai-client but it is not going to be installed
13:49 paljas  libnet-perl: Depends: perl (>= 5.6.0-16) but it is not going to be installed
13:49 paljas  sysutils: Depends: procinfo but it is not going to be installed
13:49 paljasE: Broken packages
13:49 paljasERROR: 25600 25600
13:52 Mrfaiadd this line to /etc/fai/apt/sources.list
13:52 Mrfaideb etch koeln
13:52 MrfaiMmm, but this repro contains the debian packages. So add a line for the Ubuntu packlage to this file
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14:10 paljasMrfai: that files has: deb feisty main restricted universe multiverse. Seems alright to me? After removing the pkgs sysutils, libnet-perl and  fai-nfsroot from /etc/fai/NFSROOT, fai-setup runs fine. I'm going to try the new nfsroot first.
14:23 Mrfainfsroot without fai-client and fai-nfsroot will not work
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14:28 paljasOke, however it seems those are already installed at another point in the setup, it seems.
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14:37 paljasMrfai: I've installed a demohost fine now! On to the next step :-)
14:37 Mrfainext step: read all the log files :-)
Action: oz plays around with virtualbox
14:52 juri_qemu for the win. :D
15:07 ozjuri_: it seems to work
15:29 juri_i'm getting the procedure for making my faiserver-in-qemu work down pat now.
15:29 ozpat now?
15:32 juri_i'm doccumenting the procedure, making sure it works.
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16:30 juri_so, anyone got a doc on making fai-cd work in modern times?
16:30 juri_i'm at "that point". :)
16:31 ozjuri_: hoho...
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16:34 Mrfaifai-cd works when using the old mkinitrd-cd packages from sarge.
16:35 MrfaiI think I will work at debcamp and debconf on fai-cd. I have some ideas how to use initramfs-tools for CD booting
16:39 juri_well, i have some 40 hours of paid time between here and monday to fight it. want to tell me what you know, and i'll fight the rest? :)
Action: juri_ peruses the old docs.
16:41 MrfaiBasic idea: write a hook for initramfs-tools, that detect the CDROM and mount the root filesyste, then chroot/pivot_root into it.
16:43 Mrfaito detect the CDROM, use a file like id.txt as in mkinitrd-cd. But the should be generic, so also a compressed root filesystem (like squashfs) is supported.
16:43 MrfaiI will talk to the live-initramfs guys. The did something similar, but much more complicated, and with a lot things in it we do not need.
16:44 Mrfaijuri_: I will post news on this channel, when I talked to them
16:45 juri_works for me. i'll be battling it out here. :)
16:46 ozMrfai: did you think about casper?
16:46 ozthere was much change whith boot-cds
16:50 Mrfaicasper was replaced with live-initramfs. And IMO casper (and live-initramfs) is too much for us. I dows more than we need.
16:50 MrfaiIMO a hook for initramfs would be a solution for most architectures, but boot-cds is only available for 2 or 3 archs
16:51 ozMrfai: hm. again a replacement?r
16:51 ozcasper replaced live-package or so...
16:58 juri_what other arches support boot CDs?
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17:03 juri_so, i guess my first step is to get a mkinitramfs image on a CD, make it boot with grub, and have a partition to mount.. then try finding it from mkinitramfs's shell.
17:07 juri_like i said, i've got some 43 hours of paid time to crack this. :P
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17:23 Mrfaijuri_: have a look at /usr/share//mkinitrd-cd/linuxrc. Search for id.txt. This is the part that's missing in initramfs-tools. Also the linuxrc of grml and gparted CD is worth a look.
17:24 MrfaiI've put some linuxrc script to
17:31 Mrfaijuri_: IMO I may be very easy. Hardware detection is already done my initramfs (maybe not for all type of CDROM devives, and USB debicves may be missing).
17:32 ozMrfai: 'very easy' :)
17:32 MrfaiSo just a for loop over all CDORM devices is needed, which mount the file system and then checks if a certain file is availabe (id.txt or a file containing a compressed root file system).
17:33 MrfaiIf this file is found, prepare the root filesystem to be mounted and the chroot into it. But AFAIK initramfs already includes for doing some parts of this
17:34 MrfaiSo the main work is to know to to write this hook for initramfs-tools. But the documentation is very good and describes how the /usr/share/initramfs-tools/scripts
17:34 Mrfaiworks
17:35 Mrfai/works/are working/
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17:42 juri_i'll attack it after lunch. :D
17:43 Mrfaijuri_: I may be offline the next two days, till I fligh to edinburgh tomorrow. Please send me an email if you have any progress or if you have any questions.
17:44 MrfaiI hope that this solution will also give us a bootable fai-cd on USB stick
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18:42 BarryAllenhi all
18:42 BarryAllensanso|work_: i really dont receive the email of my wiki account
18:42 BarryAllensanso|work_ :(
18:49 MrfaiBarryAllen: send your full name to fai@informatik.... and I will create the account now.
19:07 BarryAllenMrfai sended :)
19:08 BarryAllennow, let me ask something here, how can i install some custom packages on my install ? i read about files/packages... ... is that deprecated, no?
19:11 juri_nope. not depreciated. just changed a bit, from what i can tell.
19:18 Mrfaiyep. It's deprecated.
19:19 MrfaiIt's better to create a local repository of your packages and add a line to sources.list
19:22 juri_oh. nevermind. :P
Action: juri_ is behind.
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Action: juri_ dives into cdrom boot nightmares
Action: juri_ swings excaliborg at GNU GRUB.
19:45 juri_or rather, the maintainers. :P
19:46 Mrfai_why? grub is just loading the kernel and initrd like other boot loaders.
19:49 juri_i was looking at using grub and grub2 (i always experiment), but debian wont let them coexist.
19:50 juri_sorry, i rant a bit while coding. :P
19:52 Mrfai_BarryAllen: your account is created. You will get an email
19:52 Mrfai_juri_: :-)
20:02 BarryAllenMrfai_, tks, ill post what i did, to use bootsplash on install, today probally, :)
20:14 Mrfai_BarryAllen: here, the day ends in less than two hours. I think you have some more time :-)
20:25 BarryAllenMrfai_: yeap :) 5 pm here :)
20:27 BarryAllenMrfai_: where are u from?
20:27 Mrfai_germany
20:27 Mrfai_10pm here
20:27 Mrfai_10:30pm
20:33 BarryAllenim fro Brazil
20:33 BarryAllenfrom*
20:33 BarryAllen(gmt -3)
20:52 BarryAllenMrfai_, i think the mailserver where is the wiki page, isnt posting message to my isp.... i dont received your email of account confirmation, maybe should be better use my gmail instead...
20:55 lazyb0yhehe which gives us the funny job to think about how email confirmations could be sent again...
20:56 Mrfai_BarryAllen: let's wait. I don't know how to change your account data. Please mail me tomorrow if you still got no mail from faiwiki
20:57 Mrfai_lazyb0y: yep. That's up to you or oz
21:02 lazyb0y"could not complete sender verify callout" ...
21:02 lazyb0yBarryAllen: which is the gmail address?
21:07 lazyb0yhmm, you already have 3 accounts :)
21:07 lazyb0ybut you never used any, so I can delet a random one?
21:11 BarryAllenlazyb0y... yeap, u can remove anyone :)
21:11 BarryAllenlazyb0y i never receveid an mail from wiki, confirming my account
21:12 lazyb0yok
21:12 lazyb0yyou should check mail now...
21:13 lazyb0yyou could have ordered a new password mail yourself (I say it just for Mrfai_ so he knows that) after I changed the email address...
21:14 lazyb0ya workaround would have been to craete a new account with another name... as long as we have no wiki with some better user administration...
21:15 lazyb0ywhich is up to me again as we wanted to do it together with a reinstall of the machine.
21:15 lazyb0yhmm, good taslk for debconf - testing the faiwiki install for etch and checking out if we take the mediawiki etch package or the upstream package...
21:16 lazyb0y(not that I'd  be running out of tasks without this)
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21:18 BarryAllenlazyb0y, i got the mail...
21:19 lazyb0yyippeeh...
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