00:00 MTfeel free to ask again in like 7 hours or so, then most likely more people will be active in here
00:00 MTyou might also want to ask on the mailinglist (see www.informatik.uni-koeln.de/fai/)
00:00 MTgood luck!
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01:02 BarryAllenhi all, ... after few tests... i can boot pxelinux.0, but cant but another pxelinux.cfg/fai_genereated file....
01:02 BarryAllenthe file generetade by fai, is a text file... pxelinux.0 is a binary...
01:03 BarryAllensomebody there?
01:04 BarryAllen:(
01:30 BarryAllenok, i found.. tks
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11:37 BarryAllenhi all
11:37 BarryAllengood morning.
11:37 BarryAllensomebody there, today?
11:38 MT__hi again :-)
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11:39 BarryAllenmy fai server is working now :),
11:39 BarryAllenMT: tks for tips :)
11:39 MThow did you fix it?
11:42 BarryAllenMT i was doing wrong things, in the dhcpd.conf i was using filename= /fai/pxelinux.cfg/A!#@A@#... but that is a text file......
11:43 BarryAllenthe right is to load the pxelinux.0 (binary), ... on boot, pxe convert the hostname to hex, and get the config from /A!#@A@#
11:45 MTis there anybody around here using software raid?
11:45 BarryAllenin my first tests, i used the simple sample of the doc, works great :)
11:48 BarryAllenMT somebody read talks, here?
11:48 BarryAllens/read/really/g
11:49 MTusually, there is plenty of action going on here, but probably because of the German LinuxTag  people are not even online
11:51 BarryAlleni know if freenode, have an irc channel about fai?
11:51 BarryAllens/i know/you know/g
11:51 sanso|workBarryAllen, how about this one?
11:51 MTthe channel used to be on freenode
11:52 sanso|work...when irc.debian.org was in the freenode network...
11:53 sanso|work...but then debian moved to oftc, and so did fai.
11:56 BarryAllenhmmm now, i know, tks by the information...
11:58 BarryAllensanso|work (or anyone), instead to create on pxelinux.cfg an entry foreach host i have to install.... can i create an default, witha  grub/lilo menu whee after the boot, i can select what kind of installation, i want to do?
11:59 sanso|workdefine 'what kind of installation', please
12:01 ozBarryAllen: there is a way to create pxe boot menus
12:01 BarryAllensanso, for example, "server", "workstation"... so, i create that classes on the fai config directory
12:01 ozbut I did not do it yet
12:01 ozask Thomas, I think he knows it
12:01 BarryAllenoz, is Thomas online?
12:01 sanso|workah, You can add classes in the kernel parameters
12:02 sanso|workBarryAllen, he's MrFai
12:02 ozBarryAllen: I think he's quite busy with LT#
12:02 BarryAllenok, i can wait :)
12:02 ozBarryAllen: google may help you. :-/
12:02 sanso|workso, Yes, You can add a line to grub that will reinstall with certain classes defined
12:02 sanso|workBarryAllen, have You looked in the FAIwiki?
12:02 BarryAllensanso|work, tks,
12:02 ozsanso|work: year, but he needs a pxe boot menu for that...
12:03 ozdo you know a good howto for this?
12:03 BarryAllensanso|work, really not, just read all the doc... but not the wiki,
12:03 ozI'd be intersted, too
12:03 BarryAllensanso|work,ill do that,
12:03 sanso|workactually, I work without dhcp/pxe and this works
12:03 ozsanso|work: how do you do it?
12:03 sanso|work ip=:::::
12:04 sanso|workboot-cd or local kernel
12:04 sanso|workfor new installs, I boot from a boot-cd made with make-fai-bootfloppy
12:05 sanso|workand just edit the grub entry to match hostname and ip
12:11 BarryAllenoz, i found some informatino about grub and pxe, ... you have to patch an grub source tee and rebuild it...
12:12 ozBarryAllen: uh. so I think no improvement yet...I never did find time to set it up
12:12 ozbut it would be so cute
12:13 ozI'd like to have a menu point like "record this server installation"
12:13 ozso that you can add the relevant files into the FAI config-space automatically
12:16 BarryAlleni ll use the sanso|work setup, too, create an boot disk
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13:03 BarryAllensanso|work, i found on manpage, how crete a image to write with cdrecord.... but the command fails
13:03 BarryAllenwith something about no space left on device.
13:04 sanso|workah, have You used the option for a big image?
13:04 sanso|workIIRC it was -B
13:05 BarryAllensanso|work, works... now. ... the sample in the man page, havent that :)
13:06 sanso|work?
13:09 BarryAllenforget about... lets see if i can boot with that image
13:31 BarryAllensanso|work, the boot works, but it is trying to mount an /tftpboot/my-hostname-from-dhcp... (that isnt exist)...
13:31 BarryAllen(via nfs)
13:32 sanso|workBarryAllen, Have You read the fai-guide?
13:39 BarryAllensanso|work, now i found... how put nfsroot...
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16:13 BarryAllenMT_ hi
16:13 MT_hi!
16:16 BarryAllenMT_ are u using pxe, or boot(cd/floppy) ?
16:17 MT_usually PXE, but sometimes the FAI-CD as well, why are you asking?
16:20 BarryAllenMT_ im trying to change the class/50-host-classes script... actuall it get the hostname of the client to define what to do... but i dont want have to add my hostnames every time om my dhcpd server....
16:20 BarryAllenim looking an way to do it not based in the hostname.... but ifclass....
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16:21 BarryAllenisnt found my custom class, (i passed into kernel boot)
16:22 BarryAlleni try: ifclass SAMBA && echo SAMBA
16:22 BarryAllenbut it isnt working.
16:24 MT_1 minute...
16:27 MT_ifclass SAMBA && echo SAMBA seems to be useless
16:27 MT_when used for defining classes
16:28 BarryAllen... i agree... but ... i dont put anything...
16:28 BarryAllenthe next stepe, (disk_format), fails, why dont have an script... to follow.
16:28 MT_if you don't want your configuration to be based on hostnames, what is it that your configuration should be based on?
16:29 BarryAllenjust in the class ?
16:29 BarryAllenclasses
16:29 MT_well, but how do you want to have your classes defined?
16:30 MT_i.e., depending on what?
16:30 MT_hardware? IP addresses? MAC addresses?
16:30 BarryAllen... FLAGS? or something like that passed trough the kernel append?
16:31 MT_well, then do the following
16:31 BarryAllenin my FAI_FLAGS, i put the name of the class, SAMBA
16:33 MT_I think it should also be possible to use any other (custom) variable for kernel append
16:35 MT_and then take a script, say 49-my_classes
16:35 MT_with the following code
16:35 MT_#!/bin/bash
16:35 MT_my_classes="`echo $MY_CLASSES | sed 's/,/ /g'`"
16:35 MT_for c in $my_classes ; do
16:35 MT_echo $c
16:35 MT_done
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16:41 BarryAllenMT_ works :)
16:41 MT_cool :-)
16:55 BarryAllennice, now, i havenot to edit my dhcpd.conf all the time :)
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17:41 LinMT_: Fai-CD has support for wireless cards?
17:42 MT_support at which point?
17:42 Linit start up madwifi cards?
17:42 Linand ask or something else for wpa keys?
17:42 MT_for, e.g., getting the packages from Debian mirrors?
17:42 Linmaybe pass key /essid throught boot parameters
17:43 Linfor e.g to do a fully fai install using wifi cards instead normal ethernet pxe
17:43 MT_no, this is not there in the default setup
17:43 MT_but it should not be too hard to add this
17:43 MT_just a script in class/ that does all the magic
17:43 LinI really want to do this.. did you have any guide to startup?
17:44 MT_like loading the modules and setting up keys, etc.
17:44 MT_for the madwifi setup?
17:44 Linyes
17:44 MT_no, sorry
17:44 LinI know how to configure card using managed mode
17:44 Linand roaming too. I want to know how to customize fai-cd
17:44 MT_well, if you know it anyway...
17:45 MT_ah, ok
17:45 MT_it's just about customizing your config space
17:45 MT_however, I guess madwifi also requires additional kernel modules, right?
17:45 Linexactly
17:45 MT_meaning modules that are not part of the Debian kernel package
17:46 Linnot default.. but they are found on non-free packages
17:46 MT_so just install that package into your nfsroot
17:46 MT_chroot into it
17:46 MT_and install it
17:46 Linand about key auto configuration? just configure it on my nfs root?
17:47 MT_either there or using some scripts in the class/ directory of your config space
17:47 Linhmm..
17:48 Linany aditional packages from packages dir will be installed after nfs root boots up, right?
17:49 Linsorry package_config dir
17:49 MT_ah, yes, they will be installed later on
17:49 MT_to your _target system_
17:49 MT_but you will probably need those packages for madwifi within your nfsroot
17:50 Lindamn good.. FAI is really a tool build for superior minds.
17:50 LinOk.. I just figured that :-)
17:50 LinMT_: Thank you for the help
17:51 Linlet me make a last question about interfaces file
17:51 MT_?
17:51 Linright now my /etc/network/interfaces has only this line (inside nfsroot) iface lo inet loopback
17:52 Linmaybe some package will change it
17:52 Linhow can I avoid any changes to file?
17:52 MT_probably the simplest way is to keep a copy of the file and restore it afterwards
17:52 MT_:-)
17:53 LinMT_: I really need a fully non-interactive environment
17:54 MT_fully non-interactive for doing what?
17:55 MT_for setting up the nfsroot or the target system?
17:55 Linfor installation.. not usage ;-)
17:55 LinI will deploy a lot of computers running linux (desktop computers)
17:55 Linif any user has a system problem, just insert fai-cd and boot up
17:55 MT_If you are concerned about the wifi setup, that is just about writing a proper script
17:56 Linon the end of instalation (using scripts dir)
17:56 Linok.
17:56 LinI will do it
17:56 MT_well, not only that
17:56 MT_also for setting up wifi for the installation itself
17:57 Linthe wifi configs are just set in interfaces and wpa_supplicant.conf files
17:57 Linif both files are ok. wifi works like a charm.
17:57 Linmy problem is. if a package reintall the file after installation, system will reboot without network support.
17:58 LinI have to send someone to fix it. ANd its not good for 200 hosts
17:58 MT_no package is allowed to overwrite /etc/network/interfaces, unless you configured apt to overwrite conf files
17:59 LinI havent done this.
17:59 MT_so, if you ever provide a proper interfaces-file, it will stay there
17:59 LinOk.. nothing as TEST to see what happens.
17:59 Lintesting*
17:59 Lin:-) thank you MT_!
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19:50 eartoast_moin
19:50 MT__hi :-)
19:50 eartoast_any linuxtag-fai-meeting-plans?
Action: h01ger hopes to meet eartoast_ there :)
19:52 eartoast_I won't be for long at the linuxtag, as i have quite a lot of time-consuming issues going on...
19:52 eartoast_although, of course, i am in berlin.
19:53 eartoast_ATM in kreuzberg36...
19:53 eartoast_;)
19:53 eartoast_lazyb0y: kuhles foto, BTW.
19:55 eartoast_so serioes ;)
19:56 eartoast_h01ger: und du hast dich gar nicht veraendert...
19:56 eartoast_;)
19:58 h01ger:)
19:58 h01gereartoast_, which day will you be there฿
19:58 h01ger?
Action: h01ger only thursday+friday
20:03 eartoast_didn't make any plans yet. thursday afternoona and friday perhaps...
20:08 h01ger \o/
20:10 eartoast_MT__: you're also in B_
20:10 eartoast_?
20:10 eartoast_scheissdeutschetastatur
20:10 MT__no, unfortunately I can't
20:10 MT__being too busy here in MUC at the university
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20:52 BarryAllenMT... i read a little bit about scripts and hooks, ... i want to run an script with dialog.... where is the best place?
20:52 MTwhat do you want to ask the user for
20:54 BarryAllenMT, im creating some server profiles... im doing now... to samba... so i want, the domain.... the netbios name... ... and the admin password
20:54 MTsomewhat perverting the principles of FAI :-)
20:55 MTfull automatic installer ...
20:55 BarryAllen;)
20:55 MTwhere are these things set?
20:55 MTin some custom script?
20:56 BarryAllenyes, im codding an script dialog based.... to change... a lot of files (smb.conf, slapd.conf, etc) with sed
20:56 MTprobably you should do something like this
20:56 MTcreate a directory scripts/SAMBA/
20:57 MTthere, put some script 01-menu
20:57 MTwhere you do the dialog things
20:57 BarryAllenok
20:57 MTand some other script 02-write-config-files
20:59 BarryAllenlet me try
21:04 BarryAllenbless be, vmware, ;)
21:05 juri_qemu for the win. :P
21:08 eartoast_hm. wouldn't it be the best to ask these data as early as possible in the install process?
21:08 eartoast_so you could put the questions in $FAI/class/
21:08 eartoast_and do whatever you like with the answers in $FAI/scripts
21:09 eartoast_(roughly following the debconf approach)
21:19 eartoast_just bought ticket for the social event...
21:28 BarryAllenhmmm could by, but, by the way, the script isnt run.... just show to me "executing 01-menu", but not happens... i have to follow some standard? (i have observed the use of trap on almost all scripts)
21:29 MTwithin scripts?
21:29 MThmm, in fact you might need to follow eartoast's approach
21:30 MTbecause AFAIK stdout and stderr are redirected while running the scripts in scripts/
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21:33 eartoast_BarryAllen: the traps are IMHO only there for error-handling...
21:37 eartoast_n8
21:48 BarryAllenok, ill try put it in the $FAI/class
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--- Wed May 30 2007

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