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16:06 theBrohello, I've seen some references on ways to do fai-cd on debian etch but haven't found the actual instructions
16:07 theBroso where is that info? or what is the status of new fai-cd script (that has also been mentioned)
16:10 MrfaiCurrently the official fai-cd script is only working on sarge. But I managed to use it in a sarge chroot on an etch system. This works very well for me.
16:11 MrfaiThere's another new script that creates a fai-cd, which has some different technique. Ask h01ger or oz for more details
16:12 MrfaiI will give some instructions on how to create a sarge chroot using fai (ACTION=dirinstall) in the future.
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16:49 theBroif it is only mkinitrd-cd that is missing from etch then compiling that might be a working solution also (chrooting sarge doesn't sound very tempting atm.)
16:57 Mrfaimkinitrd-cd depends on uclibc, which is not available in etch. I'm not sure it this can be compiled in etch?
16:57 theBrojust noticed that :(
16:58 theBroI think I've seen initramfs-cd or something mentioned.. would that work instead of mkinitrd-cd
17:00 Mrfaiwhere did you see that?
17:00 theBrobootcd-mkinitramfs
17:00 theBrodebian package on etch
17:01 MrfaiAh. This one. I looked at it, but AFAIR it's not what we need.
17:02 MrfaiBut there are plans to extend mkinitramfs for booting from CD and USB stick.
17:02 theBrothere are a couple of packages with bootcd on their name
17:03 theBroI am not familiar with those mkinitrd-cd or anything related so cannot really tell the difference
Action: Mrfai is testing a simple solution for fai-cd ... stand by
Action: theBro keeping fingers crossed
17:11 Mrfaicreating the cd works. Now burn it and see if it boots
17:21 theBroany luck?
17:22 Mrfaiyep. It works. And it;s so simple.
17:23 theBrogreat
17:23 MrfaiI wonder why nobody had this idea. Even I didn't had this idea
17:23 theBroso how does it go?
17:23 Mrfai:-)
17:24 MrfaiJust a minute. I'll do some more tests
17:24 theBroack
17:35 Mrfaisorry have to leave quickly. Will be back later.
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19:57 theBroMrfai: do you have any instructions for me?
20:20 MrfaiI will send an email to the linux-fai mailing list soon. Are you subscribed?
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--- Wed May 23 2007

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