00:03 dink_is anyone awake?
01:14 juri_that'd be a negative. on both parts. :)
01:26 dink_okay seriously
01:27 dink_is anyone familar from how to go from the great freebsd to the awesome debian :-)
01:28 dink_juri: what, are you one of those people who like to turn a redhat install into a windows vista install?
01:28 dink_:-P
01:44 juri_sorry, i just don't know. never installed freebsd. :)
01:44 juri_and, you know, you can install bsd/debian. :)
01:55 dink_juri: i am aware of this... i have a dedicated host that is in freebsd (between thato redhat.. there is not a choice)
01:56 dink_but I have about 10 years of debian experience
01:56 dink_and i want vmware running
01:56 dink_i only have about 4 years experience in freebsd
01:57 dink_but ive never installed debian in that time from freebsd
01:58 dink_ive done redhat -> debian
01:58 dink_and debian -> freebsd
01:58 dink_but not the reverse
02:00 juri_nonono..
02:00 juri_i mean you can install a bsd kernel, with the debian software. :P
02:00 juri_not that i'd seriously do it, but its a possibility. i study odd things. :)
02:03 dink_yeah, but it has stability issues
02:03 dink_and this is for production
02:04 dink_besides, bsd and debian are two very great things that are less great when combined, sort of like beer and vodka...
02:04 dink_you wouldn't want to mix them both
02:04 dink_beer being the debian and vodka being the freebsd
02:10 juri_that makes linux.. chocolate ice cream? :)
02:10 juri_no, wait..
02:13 dink_not unless your ice cream is code name for some narcotic that im not aware of
02:15 juri_i was thinking ice cream + vodka makes a good drink. kaluah? :)
02:15 juri_i'm a big vodka drinker, or was before diabetes hit.
02:22 dink_ah
02:22 dink_that sucks.. i bet they will find a cure of diabetes in the next 10 years
02:22 dink_the russians seem to like freebsd
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05:05 juri_ok, i've got an ugly interaction bug i must solve...
05:05 juri_my old FAI CDs boot under qemu just fine.
05:06 juri_but the new CDs (3.1.8) either fail at the point that the rootfs is normally mounted, or fail to find the cdrom at the "Searching for CD" line..
05:08 juri_this is my new headache. any ideas what changed between 2.10.5 and 3.1.8 reguarding CD handling (everything? great..) would be appreciated.
05:13 juri_i can confirm this failure occurs with the latest svn version of qemu, along with the 0.9.0 in debian unstable.
05:13 juri_s/unstable/experimental/
05:18 juri_first thing i'm gonna try when i wake up is pulling the kernel/initrd/modules from my hand-rolled CD, and dropping them on 3.1.8.
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13:35 Typ0KingAfternoon every1, has anyone got experience conductiing FAI installations on Xen images?
13:38 MTwhat exactly do you mean by "xen image"?
13:38 MTthis one might be helpful
13:38 MThttp://faiwiki.debian.net/index.php/Using_FAI_to_set_up_XEN_domains
13:45 Typ0Kingsorry I meant XEN domains
13:45 MTwell, then :-)
13:52 Typ0Kingi'll revisit that document then :)
13:53 Typ0Kingthanks
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14:02 juri_well, the problem seems to be the kernel on the 3.1.8 CD itsself.
14:02 juri_h01ger: you arround?
14:07 h01gerhi juri_
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14:18 juri_any opinions on this mess? :)
14:22 ozjuri_: didn't you test your old kernel yet?
14:22 juri_yep. it boots.
14:22 juri_i'm constructing an initrd with the old kernel, and the new linuxrc from 3.1.8 now.
14:22 h01gerjuri_, which mess? xen? qemu? live? universe? friday?
14:23 h01germaybe "life" even :)
14:23 juri_i'll take opinions on any of that. :)
14:23 ozlife is life, na-na-na. :)
14:23 ozjuri_: fai-cds are a mess. ;-/
14:24 juri_oz: they're just the mess to solve my problems tho.. if i can get them un-messy. :)
Action: oz finishes his first mondorestore-run
14:25 ozI hope that's usable
14:25 ozjuri_: do you know mondoarchive/rescue?
14:26 juri_oz: nope. i use dd for all my backup purposes. and a fai cd. :)
14:26 ozjuri_: could be worth a look for you
14:27 juri_i'm doubting it. i've become very qemu-centric.
14:27 ozjuri_: dd is archaic... ;)
14:27 juri_s/archaic/reliable&&tested. :)
14:27 ozand are you capable to used different hdds?
14:28 juri_yea, i've gotten good at masaging images by hand.
14:30 ozwhat do you do, then?
Action: oz gets interested in details
14:31 juri_usually, i dd the first 512 bytes (boot sector), each partition, and run a fdisk -l and a fdisk -ul of the disk in question.
14:31 juri_then i just set up matching size partitions for the first few, and expand the last partition. mostly, my dd level backups are for winboxes, so ntfsresize is very useful.
14:32 ozjuri_: would you mind sharing some in the faiwiki?
14:32 juri_well, its not strictly fai related. i just use a specialized FAI image as a live-cd. :)
14:33 juri_has nice things like hdparm and such on it.
14:33 juri_plus, i really need to concentrate on this bug, or a workaround for it. its driving me batty. :)
14:34 ozjuri_: but I thought you'd plan to replace the kernel...
14:34 ozI'd assume that could solve the issue
14:34 juri_that plan isnt going so well. :)
14:35 ozwhat is the problem?
14:38 juri_right now, when i run the kernel from 2.10.1, with the cd from 3.1.8, its "searching for installed scsi adapters...", then gets four errors and locks.
14:38 h01gerjuri_, fai-cd from the fai package works fine in sarge
14:39 h01germy faicd in svn needs to be adapted to live-helper (uses live-package currently)
14:39 h01gerxen i would install with fai dirinstall, or xens debootstrap & fai softupdate
14:39 ozh01ger: what's the difference between live-package and live-helper?
14:40 h01gerlife's a piece of shit, when you look at it. lifes a joke and that is true, keep them laughing when you go :)
14:40 h01geroz, live-package became live-helper
14:40 h01gerrewritten from scratch i think
14:40 h01gerso live-package is dead
14:41 h01gerlong life live-helper :)
14:43 oz*mumble-mumble* :)
14:47 h01gerjuri_, http://isitfriday.net
14:51 juri_well, that was.. interesting.
14:52 juri_now i need to build a new iso image...
Action: juri_ tries to install 3.1.8 with the kernel from 2.10.1. ICKY.
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15:14 oz_freaky, for me mondorestore worked quite well
Action: oz_ did a backup of one box and moves the image to a new box
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16:13 Linhey all!!!
16:14 Linthere is any special tip to use fcopy? im having some problems.
16:15 Linshell.log:fcopy: copy /var/lib/fai/config/files/root/.ssh/authorized_keys/FAIBASE to /tmp/target/root/.ssh/authorized_keys failed. Permission denied
16:15 Linin fact. there is such file.
16:16 Linthat root is based on server or client?
16:16 oz_Lin: but it's having the worng permission, it seems
16:20 Linoz_: In fact this file do not exist in server
16:20 Linlls: /var/lib/fai/config/files/root/.ssh/authorized_keys/FAIBASE: No such file or directory
16:20 Lin(on server)
16:21 Linthere is at: ls -l /srv/fai/config/files/root/.ssh/authorized_keys/FAIBASE
16:21 Lin-rw------- 1 igor igor 391 2006-12-29 10:02 /srv/fai/config/files/root/.ssh/authorized_keys/FAIBASE
16:22 oz_what is the exact fcopy command?
16:22 Linlemme check
16:24 LinVERY WEIRD.. there is no such command fcopy command.
16:24 Linthis should exist inside of /srv/fai/config/scripts, right:?
16:24 oz_so, no need to wonder, I think
16:25 Linin fact I want to use fcopy anyway. And want to learn how it works. Cause seems very confuse for me.
16:25 oz_did you do "fcopy /root/.ssh/authorized_keys" in the script?
16:26 Linfcopy -s /files -t /tmp/target /etc/gnome/defaults.list
16:26 Linmy only fcopy line
16:28 Linoz_: can you explain me 2 things about fcopy?
16:28 oz_-s /files and -t /tmp/target is not necessary
16:29 Linhmm
16:29 oz_I think it causes the error
16:29 oz_think simple
16:29 oz_if you need /etc/hosts on the client
16:30 oz_just do "fcopy /etc/hosts" on the client
16:30 Linwhere I must store this /etc/hosts?
16:30 Linon server? on client? on networked rootfs?
16:30 oz_fai will pull the file with the highest class from /srv/fai/files/etc/hosts dir
16:31 oz_Lin: on the client, please read carefully
16:31 oz_there is also a manpage. ;)
16:31 LinI have read the man page.. seems ambiguos for me. Believe me Im not stupid.
16:32 Linoz_: I can call fcopy from clien comand line for test purposes right?
16:34 Linarda:/srv/fai/config on /var/lib/fai/config type nfs (rw,vers=3,rsize=262144,wsize=262144,hard,intr,proto=tcp,timeo=600,retrans=2,sec=sys,addr=arda)
16:34 Linthis explain a LOT!
16:39 oz_Lin: I agree that the man page lacks a real simple example
16:39 oz_but do as I said, put "fcopy /root/.ssh/authorized_keys" in your script.
16:39 oz_you should not need options by default...
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19:00 Linhmm
19:00 Linfai call preseed debconf files with all configured classes? or only the highest:
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19:11 oz_only the highest
19:16 Linthen I should copy the previous and add it to the highest class if I want use them.
19:16 Linoz_: thankz
19:17 Linthis is a little annoying.
19:18 LinExample: I have a class to install graphical interface and configure it and I have a class to customize my local environment. I cannot just add the diff to the higest class. I have to copy all previous.
19:19 Linthis happens with everything? or just debconf and scripts?
19:20 oz_Lin: look at the doc how the classes are generated
19:20 Linok.
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20:16 Linwhat is the better way to copy a couple of files to a client during instalation?
20:16 Linat least 100 files medium sized (10k to 100k)
20:34 oz_depends on the files...?
20:39 Linoz_: .jpg files
20:39 LinI was thinking in put them on tarball fcopy it and extract
20:40 oz_Lin: no need to fcopy it...
20:40 oz_just extract it
20:40 Linsure
20:40 Linfrom files dir
20:40 Linfar better.
20:40 MT_there is ftar, too ...
20:41 LinMT_: what ftar does?
20:41 MT_man ftar
20:41 Linfound it
20:41 Lin;-)
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