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09:32 DonDiegohi
09:33 DonDiegosay, what is the official way to include local packages with current fai versions?
09:33 DonDiegonow that files/packages is not read by default
09:34 DonDiegoin /etc/fai/fai.conf i see FAI_DEBMIRROR
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09:36 MrfaiHi DonDiego
09:36 DonDiegobut i have trouble reading local packages from there
09:36 DonDiegohi Mrfai
09:36 Mrfaiyou should create a local repositor
09:36 DonDiegoi think i have
09:36 DonDiegolet me rerun make-fai-nfsroot and paste the error..
09:36 Mrfaithe add a line for it to etc/fai/apt/sources.list
09:36 Mrfais/the/then/
09:37 DonDiegodeb file:///var/lib/fai/config/files packages/
09:37 DonDiegothis one did not work
09:39 MrfaiI'm only using http for my local repository
09:41 DonDiegoi don't have a http server on the install server..
09:41 DonDiegobtw
09:41 DonDiegoi have a few small patches here
09:41 DonDiegoshall i send them to you directly by mail or dcc or ..
09:41 Mrfaibest thing would be to put them into the BTS
09:42 Mrfaior mail them to me
09:42 DonDiegoi don't see an url on the home page ..
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09:49 Mrfaibugs.debian.org
09:49 DonDiegoah, ok
09:57 DonDiegook, i figured out how to do this after reading through subroutines-linux ..
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09:59 Mrfaihow? Please tell me.
10:01 DonDiegoi did the following:
10:01 DonDiegoin /etc/fai.conf:
10:02 DonDiegoFAI_DEBMIRROR=pride:/srv/fai/packages
10:02 DonDiegoMNTPOINT=media/mirror
10:02 DonDiegonotice that i left out the leading /
10:02 DonDiegoand in /etc/fai/apt/sources.list i appended
10:02 DonDiegodeb file:///media/mirror /
10:03 DonDiegoand the nfs server (the install server) exports /srv/fai/packages
10:05 DonDiegoi'm running a test install now to see if it worked as expected
10:06 DonDiegobut make-fai-nfsroot worked
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12:30 juri_wish me luck. toddling off to have my teeth removed. :/
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14:16 gannonbquick question: is there a place somewhere on the net where I can look up NFS error codes..Getting a "-93" when it tries to mount the root fs....
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14:47 Mrfaigannonb: normally you get error -13, which means permission denied.
14:48 MrfaiTry to look into the nfs sources
14:48 gannonbi think i might have figured some of it out...
14:48 gannonbthis box has 6 ethernet cards.
14:48 gannonbPXE uses the onboard one..
14:48 gannonband then the kernel somehow renames that to eth5.
14:48 gannonbdoing a tcpdump on the FAI server shows that it's not even trying to mount it.
14:49 gannonbso i'm thinking about recompiling the fai-kernel to have the onboard in the kernel, and the additional ones as a module..... so that the onboard always show up at eth0/eth1
14:50 gannonbthat should about right?
14:50 gannonbshould/sound
14:52 Mrfaigood idea
14:52 gannonbor is there anyway in the append line to say eth5?... been googling for that as well
14:52 Mrfaiyes you can tell the kernel which nic to use. Let me see...
14:52 gannonbip=dhcp card=eth5 ;) if only it was that easy.
14:53 Mrfaiip=<client-ip>:<server-ip>:<gw-ip>:<netmask>:<hostname>:<device>:<autoconf>
14:53 Mrfaifrom nfsroot.txt from the kernel sources documentation
14:53 gannonbperfect.
14:53 gannonbthanks ;)
14:54 Mrfaino problem. But don't forget the FAI questionnaire ;-)
14:54 gannonb:) thanks.
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15:04 gannonbperfect.. that worked.
15:06 gannonbupgrading an old FAI 2.8 install to 3.1.8... and from deb 3.0r2 -> 4.0 ... so it's fun .. real fun..
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15:36 Mrfaireal    0m7.154s
15:37 MrfaiWow. Creating an ISO image in 7 seconds!
15:37 Mrfaion a machine with 2GB RAM, running etch, inside a sarge chroot, created by FAI an a couple of manual changes
15:40 Mrfaieven burning from inside the sarge chroot works.
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16:32 gannonbwow.
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