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07:28 asydHello
07:29 asydthe page talks about some scripts to create an ISO images, but I can't them, only some ISO, i'm not sure to understand. I must download ISO and tweak them ?
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08:08 schurighmm, why depends fai-client on cfengine2 | cfengine?  For me, it works perfectly without using cfengine\d? ...  so I suggest that the debian file merely recommends or suggests it
08:08 schurigshould I file a bug at ?
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08:46 juri_the example fai configurations depend on cfengine. i've run it for a while cfengine-free myself.
08:58 h01gerbut the examples are unfortunatly just examples...
08:58 h01gerso IMHO a (minor) bug is correct
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12:48 arrrkdoes anyone know if the updated documentation for FAI 3 will be available anytime soon?
12:48 arrrkI'm trying to plan my upgrade from FAI in sarge...
12:49 arrrkso just wondering if there are any plans for documentation or if I should just bite the dust and just upgrade without it
13:03 MrfaiYou should bite the dust.
13:04 MrfaiWe had plans since a long time for upgrading the docu, but noone did it so far.
13:06 h01gerread the NEWS.Debian file
13:06 h01gerand provide patches for the guies :)
13:10 h01gers/guies/guide/
13:13 schurigjuri_: then the debian package that contains the example should depend on cfengineX, but not fai-client
13:14 schurigjuri_: I think this is "fai-quickstart"
13:14 schurigjuri_: if fai-client installs something that needs cfengineX in /usr/share/doc, then this doesn't count as a dependency, because its just a documentation
13:15 schurigjuri_: otherwise debian packages that install HTML files there should depend on "www-browser" :-)
13:19 h01gerschurig, you can say cfengine2, cfengine is gone (in sid+etch) :)
13:20 asydso, anyone know how to create an installable CD from FAI ? the website page doesn't have a link to scripts, only to .iso
13:21 Mrfaiwhen using sarge, read the man page of fai-mirror and fai-cd
13:21 asydthanks !
13:35 asydah, the mkinitrd-cd package is not in etch.. need to get the sid one
13:48 MrfaiIMO sid also has no mkinird-cd package
14:06 h01ger"rmadison $packagename" is really useful...
14:06 asydMrfai: hmm I have it
14:06 asyd% apt-cache policy mkinitrd-cd      
14:07 asyd        500 sid/main Packages
14:11 Mrfaicheck if uclibc-toolchain is available in sid. AFAIR this was missing in etch, therefore mkinitrd-cd was removed from etch.
14:17 asydwell, I added sid in sources.list and install only mkinitrd-cd and dependencies, I hope it won't break my etch :)
14:19 MrfaiLet's see. I'm waiting for your report.
14:23 asyd:))
14:24 asydanyway could be nice to create backports and send them to
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14:27 h01gerasyd, only accepts packages which are in testing, not sid
14:28 asydok
14:28 asydwell, we can host them anywhere
14:37 arrrkMrfai: thanks
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15:08 schurigh01ger: then fai-client 3.1.8 has another bug, apt-cache show fai-client | grep Depends displays:
15:08 schurigh01ger: Depends: perl, libapt-pkg-perl, file, cfengine2 | cfengine
15:11 h01gerschurig, thats a feature, for people who want to use it on sarge with cfenigine
Action: h01ger uses cfengine2 also on sarge
15:11 h01gerotherwise you need different cfenhine scripts
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