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10:46 robin google earth in live! :-)
10:53 siretartMrfai: I'm currently thinking about writing a spec for fai in ubuntu for the Developer Summit next week.
10:53 siretartMrfai: could you summarize your plans with fai the next 2-3 months?
10:54 siretartand most interestingly, what's left to do in order to drop fai-kernels?
10:57 h01gerswitch to initramfs-tools
11:02 siretarth01ger: that would be the most convinient. I know you intend to go this way for fai in debian as well, do you have a timeframe for that?
11:04 h01gerto file the request for removal at the end of the year is my personal goal
11:04 h01gerbut i'm happy to do that earlier :)
11:06 siretartwhat's left to do?
11:06 h01gerget working code in svn
11:06 siretarthm. not a very helpful answer...
11:06 h01gerjust a special branch, following trunk
11:07 h01gersiretart, what would be helpful?
11:07 h01gersiretart, what would be more helpful?
11:07 siretarth01ger: I need to know how much work is left to do, and decide if it doable in about 1-3 months. if it is, I can write a spec for gutsy to be discussed next week. if it isn't I can spare my time
11:08 siretartI promised to prepare a fai-kernels package for feisty, but I failed. I didn't find the time to get a working fai-kernels package on amd64 and i386
11:08 h01gerso you want me to write the spec? ;)
11:09 siretartfor gutsy I'd rather switch to initramfs-tools completely, but I have no idea how much work that actually is
11:09 siretartif you need a testbed for your initramfs branch, I can offer you ubuntu
11:10 h01gerno thanks. ubuntu differs to much from debian to be able to work on it
11:11 h01gerits better to develop that on etch, which is a stable base, so i only have to deal with my changes for that feature
11:12 h01gerit only needs changes to fai, the rest is there (in etch) - no need to deal with lots of other changes
11:12 siretarthm. I get the impression that it isn't worth to work on fixing fai for 7.10
11:16 h01gerwhy? i got the impression you want me to work on ubuntu and i see no reason why i should.
11:17 h01gerand/or within ubuntus time constraints
11:18 siretartmom, phone
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11:48 Mrfaisiretart: Currently I have to details plans for the next 2-3 month. First thing I will do, is make such a plan.
11:49 MrfaiI think a review of faiwiki and the BTS is needed.
11:49 MrfaiThen, makeing fai-cd work again. This includes dropping fai-kernels.
11:51 MrfaiFirst fai-chboot needs an additional option tp specify the initrd. The guy's from Limux in munich have code for that, but the diffs of their fai-chbbot version to mine was larger than the script itself.
11:51 siretarth01ger: no, I don't want you to work on ubuntu. I wanted to know how much time I need to calculate to implement this for ubuntu. On that basis, I could decide if it make sense to discuss proper integration of fai in ubuntu with interested ppl.
11:51 MrfaiIt will take some time to extract the code for this feature, or I will rewrite it
11:52 Mrfaiif fai-chboot supports initrd , then make-fai-nfsroot must be enhanced. After that, fai-cd can be fixed.
11:52 MrfaiI think I will start working on it during debconf.
11:52 siretartokay, then my impression was right, and both fai-chboot and make-fai-nfsroot need to be tweaked for that
11:53 Mrfaiyep.
11:54 MrfaiBut it's not complicated. Currently I use the stock Debian kernel with an initrd (built by mkinitramfs) to boot and install by thinkpad T60.
11:54 MrfaiBut testing all the new stuff will take some time
11:54 siretartI have a (small) pool of computers with a dapper server, where I could help you with testing this
11:54 siretartat work (university), that is
11:56 Mrfaisiretart: I'm wondering if ubuntu will look at FAI because they told that for the next release they want some automatic deploment system. I fear they will use python for this and maybe extend their graphical installer. Maybe you can suggest them FAI for mass deployment.
Action: h01ger grins at Mrfai not using fai-kernels to install his own computer :)
11:58 Mrfaithe hardware sucks. The e1000 in the thinkpad d5Coes not work with fai-kernels.
12:00 ozMrfai: would be a neat thing...
12:00 Mrfaioz: what?
12:02 siretartMrfai: who is 'they'?
12:03 siretartMrfai: I haven't heared of plans for mass deployment systems, but for exactly that reason I was considering submitting a FaiSpec for next week
12:03 Mrfaithey = the ubuntu guy's
12:03 siretartdo you have a name who told you that?
12:04 MrfaiMark itself. a quote from heise: So steht eine komplette Infrastruktur inklusive grafischem Installer für automatisierte, unbeaufsichtigte Installationen auf dem Programm  kein Admin will 500 identische Arbeitsplatzrechner von Hand aufsetzen.
12:04 ozMrfai: if ubuntu would use FAI
12:05 ozthat'd be neat
12:05 Mrfaioz: ok
12:05 ozbut I suspect they build some other sick install tool
12:06 siretartthis is to be decided next week, I can tell you first hand knowledge next week
12:06 siretartMrfai: currently, I know only about this kickstart config tool
12:07 siretartMrfai: which is essentially the kickstart tool from redhat. the kickseed package converts a kickstart configuration to a d-i preseed file
12:07 ozsiretart: do your very best...
12:08 siretartoz: currently, FAI is horribly broken in ubuntu due to the lack of 'fai-kernels'. the plan is to drop them, so it doesn't seem to make sense to me to work on fai-kernels for gutsy
12:08 Mrfaisiretart: have a look at
12:08 Mrfaisearch for unattended
12:08 siretartok
12:08 siretartbrb
12:08 ozsiretart: I know, I use ubuntu on my desktop ;)
12:08 ozbut honestly I see little sense in the ubuntu-server
12:09 h01gersiretart, whats so difficult in providing fai-kernels for ubuntu?
12:10 MrfaiIMO it's ok to drop fai-kernels for ubuntu, because I hope we manage to fix fai before ubuntu 7.10.
12:11 h01gercool
12:13 Mrfai"we manage" means I need some help ;-)
Action: h01ger nods
Action: h01ger needs help with install_packages ;)
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14:50 siretarth01ger: because I don't really have enough time to 'port' the kernel config from debian 2.6.20 and ubuntu 2.6.20. there seem to be worlds between the 2 kernel builds
14:51 h01gerjust compile nfs(root) and the network modules into the kernel
14:51 h01gerbase it on the ubuntu kernel configs
14:51 h01gernot on debian fai-kernels config
14:53 siretarthm. will try that. maybe it's indeed easier
14:54 h01ger.oO( fai-kernels will never die )
14:54 h01geri didnt say that!
14:54 h01ger:)
14:54 ozh01ger: hm. :-)
14:55 h01gernothing lasts as long as a temporary solution :)
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