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06:49 krieblyguten morgen
06:50 krieblymy /boot/grub/menu.lst file looks strange to me :)
07:10 krieblyaaahhh....feisty is using UUID for device lables
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07:11 krieblylabels
07:22 ozmoin moin
07:26 krieblyhi
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09:59 cdfsI have to implement an initramfs-tools hook to get a firmwarefile loaded at boot-time on the ready installed client
09:59 cdfsi have the proper initramfs-tools-hook but I don't know, how to implement it in fai that fai uses it..
10:00 cdfsI tried to copy it jkust to nfsroot into usr/share/initramfs-tools/hooks but fai doesn#t seem to use it...
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10:12 stockholmwhere do i find information on how the fai user on the fai server is accessed? after the install the log files are supposed to be copied over and it tries to use ssh but that fails. most likely because the ssh login fails
10:12 stockholmwhere do i configure that?
10:19 h01germoin
10:19 h01gerstockholm, fai.conf
10:19 h01gerLOG*
10:19 cdfsholger, any idea on my problem?
10:20 h01gernope. only changed initramfs-hooks so far, never added one
10:25 stockholmh01ger: log in from all clients with ssh without a password?
10:25 stockholmh01ger: how is that supposed to work?
10:26 stockholmwith keys?
10:26 stockholmand how is that more secure then rhost? :-)
10:26 stockholmperhaps i dont get it
10:26 stockholmwell, the ssh connection cant be hijacked
10:29 h01gerthomas uses rsh anyway for that :)
10:29 h01gerwhen the client is setup, a ssh-identity is copied to the client
10:29 h01gerthats how its supposed to work
10:30 stockholmh01ger: and what ssh identity is that?
10:31 stockholmthe one it says about in the other config file:
10:31 h01gerstockholm, i'd really appreciate if you could file short bugs about the documentation. i.e. "please documnent configuring a logserver better". double^wtriple-bonus points for short paragraphs to include :)
10:31 stockholm# location of a identity.pub file; this user can log to the install
10:31 stockholm# clients in as root without a password; only useful with FAI_FLAGS="sshd"
10:31 stockholmSSH_IDENTITY=/home/schuldei/.ssh/id_rsa.pub
10:31 stockholmh01ger: ok
10:32 h01gerstockholm, rather /root/.ssh/id_rsa on the client and /home/fai/.ssh/authorized_keys on the server
10:32 h01geroptionally only allow scp to the server, no ssh in
10:33 stockholmh01ger: uh? how do i do that latter thing?
10:33 stockholmonly scp?
10:33 h01gerapt-get install scponly :)
10:33 stockholmah!
10:33 stockholmon the server?
10:33 h01geryes
10:33 stockholmbut i work on the server with ssh
10:33 stockholmfrom home
Action: h01ger reinstalled his laptop today. kept /home and now i'm working on it again like yesterday :)
10:34 h01gerrun scponly on another port
10:34 stockholmcool.
10:34 stockholmright.
Action: h01ger finishes his paperwork he started while the laptop was reinstalling...
10:36 stockholmh01ger: and in the SSH_identity file i point to the fai users private key? and put its pub key in the authorized_keys file on the server of course.
10:36 stockholmthat would work
Action: stockholm must sleep now in order to be able to work tonight!
10:38 h01gersleep well :)
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10:53 mikapis there a specific reason, why fai uses tftpd-hpa and not atftpd?
10:54 h01geriirc tftpd-hpa works better with pxeboot
10:54 h01gerin other words, not really
10:55 mikapoh, atftpd works excellent with pxeboot and is *much* faster
10:56 h01gerfile a wishlist bug ;)
10:56 mikapthe reason why i ask: I'm evaluating the chances to include fai in grml live-cd, a sever problem is, that grml-terminalserver uses atftpd nowadays (we moved from tftpd-hpa because of speed reasons)
10:57 mikapok
10:57 h01gercant you just do it? use atftpd instead of tftpd...
10:58 mikapthe change within grml-terminalserver was pretty minimal, yes
10:58 mikapnot sure, whether there a real code changes necessary at all
11:03 h01geri dont think so
11:51 stockholmh01ger: if it is supposed to work like we said above, why is it that the description says: # location of a identity.pub ???
11:52 stockholmwhere is mrfai?
11:52 stockholmhmm
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12:03 stockholmh01ger: i installed two machines now with your fai kernel for etch. it works on amd64, too
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12:38 siretarthi there
12:38 siretarthas anyone managed to use/install fai without fai-kernels? I'd like to try out if one can install with just the nfsroot support of initramfs-tools
13:14 \shsiretart, fai-kernels are the install kernels for fai nfsroot...so why without?
13:17 \shsiretart, oh you mean a kernel without mounting root via nfs via kernel...
13:19 \shsiretart, what about removing the root line from the kernel loading line in host pxe configfile?
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13:39 h01gerstockholm, if Mrfai (hi!) is not here, sending a email to the list is also always a good idea
14:12 Mrfaihi, now I'm here
14:15 maswanh01ger: any suggestions on an afternoon walk in hamburg?
14:16 maswanhi btw. :)
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14:19 Linhi all!
14:19 h01germaswan, hi - are you in hamburg right now?
14:19 maswanh01ger: yeah, sitting in an auditorium at desy, with nothing scheduled before dinner at 20:00
14:19 h01germaswan, elbe up and down is always nice.
14:20 maswanh01ger: Ok.
14:20 h01gereither from landungsbruecken westwards, or go south from desy to the elbe, though that might be a bit far
14:20 h01germaswan, how long are you staying in hamburg?
14:20 maswanh01ger: leaving on friday afternoon
14:21 h01germaswan, hmmmm. today is not good for meeting, at least not before 20-21 :(
14:21 maswanh01ger: well, I could skip the dinner at 20 for another dinner, but I'd rather eat at some point. tomorrow is the "real" conference dinner
14:22 h01germaswan, how about thursday?
14:23 maswanh01ger: sure
14:23 maswanthat works for me
14:51 \shmaswan, aussenalster
14:51 \shmaswan, st. pauli, kiez ;)
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17:27 stockholmso from the console of the client i can do an ssh fai@faiserver and get through (after confirming that it is ok to connect)
Action: h01ger used to copy ssh-known-host files from the server to the client, no need to confirm
17:49 stockholmbut the point is that it fails even when i confirm
17:49 stockholmit never gets to transfere anything
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19:04 stockholmhm, there ARE logfiles there. how come???
19:07 h01gerthis is left as an excercize for the user ;)
19:07 h01gerSCNR
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19:43 LinSCNR?
19:43 Lin!SCNR
19:46 stockholmarnt the modules in MODULESLIST supposed to end up in /etc/modules after the install?
19:58 stockholmmy /etc/modules is empty.
20:20 stockholmno, i dont think i need it really
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21:49 stockholmanyone awake?
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21:49 stockholmcan i do stuff before the classes get executed?
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