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08:19 h01gerstockholm, lists are linked in the wiki
Action: h01ger moins
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08:33 meinerseinshi folk
08:33 h01gertach deinereiner
08:36 meinerseinsmoin holger
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09:13 stockholmh01ger: i read the archive and it is "dürftig" regarding fai
09:14 h01geri know, agree & pity
09:15 h01gerrewriting setup_harddisc is long overdue. and in fact, a rewrite has been started and afaik at least (almost) finished. MT will know more
09:34 stockholm11:06 -!- MT [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:34 stockholm(c:
10:04 meinerseinsthe prefered language in the faiwiki is english, it's true?
10:21 h01germeinerseins, yes
11:09 h01geroz, faicd boots again! and installs a working system! \o/
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15:18 ozh01ger: neat!
15:21 h01geryup
15:22 h01geroz, now i need to investigate your changes at some time. but for this weekend i'm happy to have the cd at least working agian
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16:07 lazyb0yhiho!
16:12 h01gerhey lazyb0y!
16:12 h01gerback home?
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16:17 lazyb0yyep
16:19 h01gerand, like it?
16:19 lazyb0ybut not yet recovered, and too much "construction sites" still open...
16:19 h01gerMT, stockholm is interested in the status of setup_harddisc2...
16:19 lazyb0ywhat? thailand, saarland, or new york? :)
16:19 h01geryou've been to NYC too? wow :)
16:19 lazyb0yI like them all!!!
16:20 h01geri'm not surprised. traveling is usally good :)
16:20 lazyb0y4 days xen summit - interesting, but way too short...
16:20 h01gers/i'm not surprised./i can imagine/
16:20 h01gerah
16:20 lazyb0ynot sure about that - it's also good to be at home more than 2 days in a row :)
16:21 MTahh .... setup_harddisks_2 ....
16:21 MTnot done, it might work
16:21 lazyb0yprobably even without having to work, but that's begging for too much, I guess - still, I'll make it somehow...
16:22 h01gerMT, any docs/infos available on the web?
16:22 MTthere's the wiki page
16:22 MTand the source
16:22 h01gerhmm. then stockholm must have overseen it :)
16:22 MTwhich is IMHO really well documented
16:22 h01geri'm happy with setup_harddisc or partman
16:22 MTi.e. nearly as much doc as code
16:22 h01gerhehe :)
16:23 lazyb0yit's time for another fai workshop, probably - making a plan for things to do after the release, looking at the next release
16:23 h01gergood!
16:23 MTFAI WS would be really cool
16:23 MTmeaning: it would force me to work on setup_hdd
16:23 h01gerplan?: switch to setup_harddisc_2
16:23 lazyb0yapart from updating the docs, which I guess haven't been updated, or have they (didn't check what happended to the doc correction efforts, but didn't hear anything)
16:23 h01gerplan!: get rid of fai-kernels
16:23 h01gerplan!: yes, the docs..!
16:24 h01gerlazyb0y, not much
16:24 lazyb0yok, then we don't need a workshop to plan, but to do!
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16:28 h01gerlazyb0y, totally
16:29 lazyb0yh01ger: I'm still not content with removing fai-kernels because I still could not get the same information through to the clients via dhcp when using an initrd for mounting the root versus the compiled-in nfsroot and ip_autoconfig functionality
16:30 lazyb0yI might have to try again, but the last time I did, I invested quite some hours and it just "didn't work" - too long ago for remembering, what exactly happened, I lacked the time to ask further questions...
16:31 h01gerso you "just" couldnt make it work?
16:31 h01geror did it work less good in some cases?
16:33 lazyb0yit did never work fully, only partly.
16:34 lazyb0yreally have to look again at details, but what I currently do with the fai-kernels is that I give ip configuration, the location of the install server, as well as the location of the nfsroot to the client via dhcp
16:34 lazyb0ysome of these (don't know now which) get to server when using the initrd and a standard kernel but some don't
16:35 lazyb0yit could also be just a problem with "somehow broken" initrd scripts, don't know
16:36 lazyb0yNot sure if I am the only one whoi needs this, but i guess quite some people do this, as it was always in the dhcp config example that came with FAI
16:49 lazyb0yhmm, after looking in some old notes, it seems like I couldn't get the installserver and the nfsroot path from dhcp
16:50 lazyb0yseemed like having to do with this bug:
16:50 lazyb0ywhich seems maybe fixed since some days now...
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17:21 stockholmlazyb0y: hi
17:22 stockholmlazyb0y: can you tell me shortly why it is great to install xen instances with fai?
17:22 stockholmdang, mt is gone again!
17:23 stockholmh01ger: i read the wiki!
17:23 stockholmi did read the wiki, even
Action: stockholm does not recall that setup_harddisk2 should work
17:24 stockholmi thought i was still just in the planning/diskussion phase
Action: stockholm goes and looks again
17:35 stockholm
17:35 lazyb0ystockholm: it has the same advatages as installing any real hardware with xen
17:35 lazyb0yor do you mean as opposed to using xen-tools, for example?
17:36 stockholmh01ger: here it says it is a proposal
17:36 stockholmlazyb0y: i would like to do testinstallations and run tests agains a system fequently
17:37 stockholmlazyb0y: how do the xen machines do pxe?
17:37 lazyb0ytestinstallation of custom systems, I guess?
17:37 stockholmlazyb0y: or should i just bye you book?
17:37 lazyb0ystockholm: xen machines don#t do pxe
17:38 stockholmlazyb0y: testinstallations of a production cluster
17:38 stockholmlazyb0y: to test packages
17:38 lazyb0yoh, so many questions so fast and I am about to leave...
17:38 stockholmdo system tests etc
17:39 lazyb0yso, you don't test standard debian d-i cd's or something, that's what I mean.
17:39 stockholmlazyb0y: yes
17:39 lazyb0yyeah, you want to use FAI because it gives you a defined installation against which you run your test
17:39 stockholmlazyb0y: i do fai installations of the sytems anyway
17:39 stockholmlazyb0y: exactly
17:39 lazyb0yfor the test itself, I am considering to try crucible, the test framwework used for nfs_v4 for example
17:40 stockholmi see
17:40 lazyb0ythat's not xen specific until now...
17:40 stockholmthanks for the tip.
17:40 lazyb0yas for pxe with xen: you don#t need it in paravirtual mode, because then the peramaters can be handed over in the xen domU config file
17:41 lazyb0yin hvm, sadly, until last time I treid, which is some months ago, pxe wasn't working, i had to use the fai boot cd iso (whoch is not the fai-cd!)
17:41 lazyb0ybut then it works fine
17:41 stockholmhm
Action: stockholm would like to do without a cd.
17:41 lazyb0yso, gotta go - mail me for further things - I'll not have much time to read here
17:41 stockholmlazyb0y: thanks
17:42 lazyb0ycheck if pxe works now in hvm
17:42 lazyb0ydo you need hvm anyway?
17:42 stockholmi dont know
17:42 stockholmi dont do xen yet
17:42 lazyb0yah
17:42 stockholmlazyb0y: i could even call you, that might be faster
17:42 lazyb0ynormaly, you need hvm mainly for running windows
17:42 stockholmand more convenient
17:42 stockholmi will test linux stuff
17:44 lazyb0ystockholm: you can do - I will tell you the next point in time when I can talk then - I'm busy over my head now but will try to find a slot for you :)
17:45 lazyb0yapart from all that, you are still very much welcome to buy the book - it will be there next week, AFAIK :)
18:04 stockholmok!
18:37 h01gerstockholm, its a wiki! please fix it :)
18:40 stockholmh01ger: i cant fix what i dont know! :-)
18:45 h01ger<stockholm> h01ger: here it says it is a proposal   - right, i thought that was wrong, but its right :) so nothing to fix ;)
18:55 stockholmh01ger: so i understood correctly that the stuff is not implemented yet?
18:55 h01geryes. but the source is there and you can use it.
18:55 stockholmh01ger: i re-read MT and your exchange in scrollback two times and i am still confused. :-)
18:55 h01ger:)
18:56 stockholmh01ger: to me it looked like he started to write perl code and mostly pot (aka documentation) so far
18:56 stockholmand not the code that does stuff
18:56 stockholmif the code is what is in the wiki
18:56 stockholmor, where IS the code?
18:56 stockholmhe sounded like it would not work yet in scrollback
18:57 stockholm... i also contacted grin about his SW_RAID extension and i could "easily" rewrite that to do LVM without SW_RAID, i think
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19:22 stockholmMT: ah, hi!
19:23 stockholmMT: how far is your new hardisks partitioning tool?
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