00:55 krieblyI'm trying to install ubuntu-feisty off of a sarge-fai-2.10.5 server :)
00:55 krieblyit mostly is working, but I get no serial console
00:56 krieblyhe /dev/ttyS0 file isn't being created
00:56 krieblythe
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11:45 stockholmi am looking at setup_harddisks from Sam
11:45 stockholm Copyright (c) 2003, Sam Vilain
11:45 stockholmis it maintained at all?
11:45 stockholm2003 is old
11:45 stockholmi need to set up lvm volumes?
11:46 stockholms/?//
11:46 stockholmis anyone using it?
11:47 stockholmis it perhaps even packaged? :-)
11:49 stockholmoh: (not updated with recent changes in FAI)
11:49 h01gerthe wiki has updated info afaik
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13:46 Mrfai3C/me is testing the new FAI CD using FAI 3.1.8
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14:28 stockholmh01ger: more up to date then what?
14:28 stockholmwhat is the recommended way to do LVM nowerdays?
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14:34 stockholmi mean people must have done lvm a lot in the past 4 years
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15:51 h01gerstockholm, afaik the recommended way to do lvm with fai is described in the wiki
15:52 h01gerbut when _i_ used lvm in the past year, i set it up with d-i :) (or real manually once)
15:52 h01gerso i'm not that much of help here
15:54 Mrfaistockholm: AFAIK sam vilain is doing LVM installation using his modified setup_harddisk script.
15:54 MrfaiSee also: http://faiwiki.informatik.uni-koeln.de/index.php/Source:SW_RAID_LVM
15:56 stockholmthanks
15:58 h01gerMrfai, the new fai cd, were you be able to build it completly in etch, or did you use sarge packages as well=
15:58 h01gers/=/?/
16:00 MrfaiI've create the mirror, nfsroot and config space on etch, create some tarballs, copied thos tarball to a sarge machine and build the iso image there.
16:00 h01gerso you cant build a fai cd in etch? (i'm asking not to tell other people something wrong)
16:01 h01gerand i (slowly) resumed working on the new fai cd today ;)
16:01 Mrfaino you can't. Except if you have a sarge chroot on an etch system.
16:01 h01gerwell :)
16:02 MrfaiIMO the best way to replace mkinitrd-cd is to extend mkinitramfs. I talked to the grml guys. They are also interested in extending mkinitramfs for booting from CD/USB Stick.
16:02 MrfaiMAybe we can do some work on it during debcamp
16:02 h01gerwhy not use casper?
16:03 h01gerwhy reinvent the wheel?
16:03 Mrfaicasper is too complicated, that means it's too big.
16:07 h01gerwhy do you think its complicated? use live-helper and be happy :)
16:09 MrfaiI didn't look at live-helper, but live-package was too huge. Did they change a lot? Also I like to boot from a removable media, without having a loop file which contains the file system. fai-cd uses a plain file system, and does not need a loop mounted file.
16:10 MrfaiLoop mounted files are read-only AFAIK, so you can write to then when put onto a USB stick.
16:10 h01gerthey are not read-only
16:10 h01gerunionfs takes care of it (or something else, but thats easily possible (and done with live-helper)
16:11 h01gerwhat did you consider huge with l-p? the package? the resulting image?
16:11 h01gerlive-helper also supports booting from usb now
16:12 Mrfaithe dependencies on other package. l-p needs packages which I do not like to have on a fai-cd.
16:12 h01gerl-p doesnt end up on the cd
16:14 MrfaiI have to leave. Sorry. I hope we can go in more details at debcamp.
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16:36 dukezhi all
16:37 dukezsomeone have experience of running dialog script as .source inside the class scripts ?
16:37 dukezit behave not so cleanly and i want to know if someone knows how to "fix" it in the script ?
16:56 h01gerdukez, look in fai 2.5.4 in svn
16:56 h01gerthere is an example
16:56 h01geriirc in the advanced examples
Action: stockholm does not yet understand when he would use lvm...
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18:24 stockholmi guess you need it if partiions fill up?
18:31 h01geror to spawn a partition over multiple harddisc
18:31 h01gerluks-crypto fs also uses lvm
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