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06:59 ozmoinsens
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08:58 dukezmorning everybody
09:03 nyalmorning
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09:39 \shMrfai: hey, could you send me some infos about your talk for froscon so I can add it to the events page, adding also my infos
09:39 h01gerwhen is froscon?
09:39 zobelMrfai: could you please ask for one more IP? only http and ssh need to be supported.
09:41 \sh25.-26.08.2007
09:41 h01gerhmm. i somehow dont think i can make that... maybe.
09:52 Mrfaizobel: which port should be open for outgoing connections? Will this IP need a host name?
09:54 zobelMrfai: ssh outgoing (openldap optional too).
09:55 zobeland http outgoing too, as we need somehow to use apt-get :)
09:59 Mrfaizobel: please just give me the list of ports you like for incomming and outgoing traffic.
10:35 zobelMrfai: will send by mail after lunch.
10:35 h01gerzobel, Mrfai: what are you working on, anyway? </curious>
10:36 zobelh01ger: Mrfai is hosting a d.n machine
10:37 h01gerthat much i figured :) what for? fai related?
10:38 zobelbts2ldap and w-b
10:39 zobelxen running on that machine.
10:39 h01gerah, nice.
10:40 zobelh01ger: we are going to move w-b (currently hosted at aba@home [DSL]) to this machine.
10:41 h01geryup. bts2ldap is also hosted at aba@home, isnt it?
10:41 zobelno. .au IIRC
10:41 zobelon a quite SLOW machine
10:44 h01gerah
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12:51 dukezhey nyal
12:51 dukezgrrr isn't there
12:52 dukezdoes somebody know how to build a bootable FAI CDROM with a menu with bootcd ?
12:52 ozdukez: h01ger and me work on a cd based on live package which can do that
12:53 nyalyes dukez
12:53 dukezhi nyal
12:53 dukeznyal, with your bootcd technique, can i make a custom menu for the bootcd ?
12:54 nyalwhen fai-cd install .
12:54 nyal?
12:54 nyali have done the menu with dialog
12:54 dukezyes
12:54 nyalin a class file
12:54 dukezbut with syslinux or isolinux is it possible ?
12:55 dukezto choose between a list of configuration target ? ( passing different params to the kerel )
12:55 ozdukez: year, but I think there's litte difference in usage
12:55 dukeznyal> to replace DHCP autoconfiguration by kernel parameters ...
12:56 dukeznyal> my fai classes are based on hostname given by the DHCP ...
12:56 nyalok dukez
12:56 nyaldo you have the network ?
12:56 dukeznyal> yes buti want to build a autonomous CDROM install system
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12:57 dukeznyal> i want to use the package of the mirror copied on the CD, and the fai_config on the CD,
12:57 nyalso why can't you use an script with dialog menu selection ?
12:57 dukeznyal> not to use the NFSROOT
12:58 dukeznyal> a script with dialog menu selection ? you mean build a special startup script inside /class ?
12:58 nyalif you use cdrom installation -> menu script
13:01 dukeznyal> do you know if a can use the fai-kernels for the bootable cdrom ?
13:02 nyalyes of course
13:02 nyalyou can use it
13:02 Mrfaizobel: was meinst du mit openldap? Dafuer gibt es keinen port. Meist du ldap oder ldaps oder beides?
13:02 dukeznyal> but i am suck on the Root VFS .....
13:03 nyalin bootcdwrite.conf, you set kernel
13:03 dukezdone
13:03 Mrfaizobel: https nicht?
13:03 dukezI use
13:03 dukezSRCDIR=$NFSROOT
13:03 dukezKERNEL=boot/vmlinuz-2.6.18-fai-kernels
13:04 zobelMrfai: ldap, ja. und 80 und 443, ja.
13:04 dukezbut when booting is complains about not finding nfsroot, floppy or hdb ( i try hda etc ... )
13:04 dukezI am testing the CD with QEmu though
13:06 dukezi think the kernel doesn't find it because the driver is not compiled
13:10 nyaloki
13:10 nyalyou have to add kernel module
13:10 nyalin initramfs
13:10 nyalif you have to activate in the initrd
13:11 dukeznyal> i was trying to use discover
13:12 dukeznyal> because i need the CDROM to be able to boot on "All" type of Hardware
13:12 dukeznyal>do i still need initrd with discove ?
13:12 dukezdiscover ?
13:13 nyalyou set the variable BOOTCDMODPROBE
13:13 dukezto discvoer
13:14 dukezno to auto
13:14 dukezsry
13:14 nyaldo you have discover in your system ?
13:14 dukezi 've set BOOTCDMODPROBE=auto
13:14 dukezyes
13:14 dukezinstallserv:/tmp# apt-get install discover
13:14 dukezReading package lists... Done
13:14 dukezBuilding dependency tree... Done
13:14 dukezdiscover is already the newest version.
13:14 dukez0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.
13:14 dukezMmmmmmm
13:15 dukezperhaps not on the NFSROOT
13:15 dukez^^
13:15 nyalmmm maybe
13:15 dukezmmm i got in on the chroot
13:16 nyalif you know the module
13:16 dukezi don't know it ^^
13:16 nyalyou can use BOOTCDMODPROBE=standard
13:16 dukezi am burning the CD to try it on a real server
13:16 nyali have written this script for the menu selection
13:16 nyal
13:17 dukezwhoa ^^
13:17 dukezthis is a WORN script :)
Action: dukez worn= write once read never
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13:21 nyal:)
13:21 dukez^^
13:21 dukezmmmmm, grrr
13:21 nyal"Be aware that people have reported, that sometimes BOOTCDMODPROBE=bootcd
13:21 nyal# may not work but sometimes it is needed"
13:21 dukezi am doing cross architecture cd rom building
13:21 dukezso to make cross architecture initramfs
13:22 dukezi'll have to rebuild the NFSROOT and install it there
13:22 dukezto be able to build an initramfs image with the module compiled for the good arch
13:22 dukezlet's try it :)
13:22 dukeznyal> do you think i am right ?
13:23 dukezmy Etch is an amd64 one,
13:23 dukezi build a i386 bootcd ^^
13:23 nyalwhen you say cross architecture: amd64 and i386 ?
13:23 dukezy
13:23 dukezperhaps one day sparc32 or sparc64 too
13:23 nyalhave you specify ARCH ?
13:24 dukezauto mode
13:24 dukezis it wrong ?
13:24 dukezi 'll force it
13:24 nyali don't know
13:24 nyali have only amd64 so...
13:25 dukezbut if the serv end on fire, perhaps the replacement one will be i386 ^^
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13:25 nyallol
13:44 dukezwhouou ^^
13:44 dukezworking
13:45 dukeznyal> just a prblm
13:45 dukeznyal> FAI hangs, complainig about /var/log/fai not writable ^^
13:45 nyalmmmm
13:46 dukezany hints ?
13:46 dukezabout what is wrong ?
13:46 nyalthe cd it's /
13:46 nyalso.....
13:46 dukezso ?
13:47 dukezbut int the NFSROOT /var is also ro no ?
13:48 nyalmmmm normally not
13:49 dukezi think the NFSROOT is ro, i think /var/log/fai/current is a link to /tmp/fai which is rw
13:50 nyalwhat are you fai version ?
13:50 dukez3.1.8
13:50 dukezetch one
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13:51 nyalso do i
13:51 dukezjust don't know why it is happening :(
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14:06 dukeznyal> so .... any idea ?
14:06 nyalmmmmm....
14:07 dukeznyal,
14:07 dukezthe cd is /
14:07 dukezyou mean /var must be a in tmpfs ?
14:08 nyalfilesystem i think no ?
14:08 nyalotherwise tmpfs
14:09 dukezi don't understand what you mean
14:09 nyaldukez: in your nfsroot
14:10 nyalafter make-fai-nfsroot
14:10 dukezy
14:10 nyalcomment in the subroutines-linux the line "#mkrw -s 100m $FAI"
14:11 nyalthe file in the nfsroot
14:12 dukezwhat for ?
14:12 dukezThis is the problem ?
14:13 nyalmaybe try
14:14 dukezi am looking for what fai is doind before the fatal mkdir -p /var/log/fai/current
14:14 dukezto understand the problm
14:14 dukezit ll try in a few moment
14:15 dukezHey, fai dev team, i am loiking for create_ramdisk function, where is it ?
14:17 dukeznyal> i found your line,
14:17 dukeznyal> it won't change anything as fai is not already started
14:17 dukeznyal> it hangs at the real start of fai, before any "tasks"
14:18 nyalsure ?
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14:19 dukezyes, it hangs before fai_init
14:19 dukez:(
14:19 ozerror msg?
14:20 dukezoz> it stop making error here
14:20 dukez[ -d /var/run/fai ] || mkdir /var/run/fai
14:20 dukezexport LOGDIR=/var/log/fai/current
14:20 dukez[ -d $LOGDIR ] && rm -rf $LOGDIR
14:20 dukezmkdir -p $LOGDIR
14:20 dukezmkdir /var/run/fai
14:20 dukezafter fai detect if it is executed on runlvl 0
Action: zobel hugs Mrfai.... thanks
14:21 dukezi mean as an init substitute
14:21 dukezoz> what create_ramdisk ?
14:21 dukezoz> i think my problem is there
14:23 dukezoz> where can i find create_ramdisk ? i can't find the code in /usr/sbin/fai or in subroutines or in subroutines-linux ?
14:24 Mrfai/srv/fai/nfsroot/usr/lib/fai/create_ramdisk
14:25 Mrfaionly inside the nfsroot
14:25 dukezMrFai> i don't have it in the NFSROOT ^^
14:25 dukezThat's the prblm :)
14:25 dukezperhpas i ll rebuild it
14:27 dukezok
14:27 dukezMrFai> i found my prblm :(
14:27 dukezMrFai> i have mount --bind /usr/lib/fai to /srv/fai/nfsroot/usr/lib/fai
14:27 dukezwhen preparing the NFSROOT to become a bootable CDROM image
14:29 dukeznyal> i think this is my problem
14:30 dukeznyal>  in your script doesnt u make something like that ? perhaps just a copy .... do you know why ?
14:31 nyali don't understand what do you mean
14:31 dukezin your script doesn't you copy the content of the server /usr/lib/fai
14:31 dukezinside the CDROM image ?
14:31 nyalwhy have you mouny --bind ?
14:33 nyali have copy /srv/fai/config
14:33 nyali copy*
14:34 dukezonly this one ?
14:35 dukeznot /usr/lib/fai
14:36 nyalno
14:41 Linhi all
14:41 Linbonjour dukez
14:44 dukezHello Lin
14:44 dukezDo you have the photo of cupakabana for me ?
14:44 dukez^^
14:44 dukezi assume not
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14:52 Linnot yet.. its raining here :-(
14:52 Linnot really raining.. just clouds in the sky..
14:52 Linisn't SO beauty.. im waiting for the sun ;-0
14:52 dukeztis a rainning day .... oh allelouhia ^^
14:52 dukezit's*
14:52 Linlol
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14:53 Linwaiting for the sun is a song too ;-)
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21:29 stockholmMrfai: here, at this hour??
21:29 stockholmso there can be several classes defined at the same time, right?
21:30 stockholmi am wondering how that works with the partitioning
21:30 stockholmbecause there the faibase class exists always, right?
21:31 h01gerthe disc_config from the class with the highest prio is taken
21:31 h01gerstockholm, did you have a change to build+try the fai-kernels for stable-proposed-updates?
21:32 stockholmh01ger: no, not yet.
21:32 h01gerthe one for unstable and with 2.6.20 build sucessfully here, now trying the other one
21:32 stockholmi can try that in parallel
21:32 stockholmwhere do i set priorieties for classes?
21:32 stockholmi missed that so far
21:33 h01gerthe class which gets defined first, has lowest prio, thats (usually) DEFAULT, the one that gets defined last, has the highest. thats (usually) LAST. last but one is $hostname :)
21:35 stockholmok
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--- Fri Apr 20 2007

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