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08:22 nyalhi
08:23 dukez_awayhi
Nick change: dukez_away -> dukez
08:26 nyalhow are you dukez ?
08:27 dukezfine toda
08:27 dukeztoday*
08:27 dukezI've submitted yesterday a bug on Debian ETch heartbeat 2 and received the patch this morning ...
08:27 dukezSo i am happy ^^
08:29 nyalheartbeat good :)
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08:53 dukezMT still througt the WAN ? ^^
08:53 MTyeah, but it pretty unreliable...
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10:20 dukezMrFai> just a technical question, i don't want to read FAI some source code today ^^ Does class variables definition is done in the order of the class in FAI_CLASSES file ?
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10:20 dukezMrFai> or just in lexical order ?
10:21 dukezforget this question,
10:21 dukezthe answer was what i assumed, in class definition order ...
10:22 Mrfaiyep
10:23 dukezi build a depency tool that reorder the class list insied FAI_CLASSES provided a DEPENDENCY file is present.
10:23 dukezAnd now, it works ^^
10:24 Mrfaiwill your tool detect loops in the dependency file?
10:25 dukezYes !
10:26 Mrfainice.
10:30 dukezthis is not difficult, you just have to build a string recursivly, making grep on it to check you don't compute dep on a class that is already defined
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11:20 nyalwhen fai-cd will be correct ?
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13:16 dukeznyal> you can write your own scrite
13:16 dukeznyal> with bootcd
13:16 dukezscript*
13:17 dukezhttp://pastebin.ca/446382 as an example
13:18 dukezhttp://pastebin.ca/446383 for the configuration
13:23 nyaldukez: it's me. I have written this script :)
13:23 dukezok **
13:23 nyalbut i know if the modification will be done
13:23 dukezje me disais bien aussi
13:36 nyali don't*
13:43 dukeznyal> oui
14:06 Linoui dukez.
14:06 Linhi all!
14:06 dukezhi Lin
14:07 Linim with a little problem. My fai installation is running smooth. but in the end of installations fai fail to install ssl-cert. I have preseed but anyway its returning:
14:07 Linchgrp: cannot access `/etc/ssl/private/ssl-cert-snakeoil.key': No such file or directory
14:07 Linchmod: cannot access `/etc/ssl/private/ssl-cert-snakeoil.key': No such file or directory
14:08 Lin/tmp/target/etc/ssl/private/ is empty.
14:08 Linit keeps on loop and never ends.
14:08 Linbtw, ubuntu feisty.
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15:50 alleeLin: did you use $ROOTCMD or use $target as prefix of the path specification?
15:50 Linyes.
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15:51 Linallee: I have specified both packages (openssl and ca-ca-certificate) to be installed in my class. both them are installed
15:52 alleeLin: can you put the code snippet that fails in your favorite pastebin site?
15:55 Linis one line only
15:55 Linallee: did you want the logs too?
15:56 alleeLin: no, right now the patch to the script and the oneliner are enough. So paste here.
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15:56 alleeLin: mhm, chgrp and chmod is one line?
15:56 Linchmod/grp?
15:56 allees/patch/path/
15:56 h01gerzobel, would you accept fai-kernels with one more kernel driver enabled (which is enabled in the default kernel) in stable-proposed-updates? #417752
15:57 Lin$ROOTCMD apt-get -o Dpkg::Options::=--force-confnew -o Dpkg::Options::=--force-all -y --force-yes install ibeuartwork
15:57 alleeLin: so the errror msgs above come from a postinst script?
15:58 Linthis is the command, but when it runs this command it try to install ssl-cert (needed by postfix/cupsys), ssl-cert didn't finish the postinstall script.. running in a loop
15:58 Linallee: this is a FAI script.
15:58 Linjust to force the installation of this package.
15:59 Linbut the "real" problem is not on this package, is on ssl-cert package installation.
15:59 alleeLin: strange.  I've installed today to feisty laptop.  Both have ssl-cert installed.
15:59 allees/to/two/
15:59 Linallee: dit you want take a look on my logs?
15:59 Lincant you show me your package selections for feisty?
16:00 LinAFAIK, the package order didn't matter. My classes are: FAIBASE DHCPC UBUNTUFEISTY (created by me) and ARTWORK (just install this package)
16:01 Linubuntu-minimal ubuntu-standard ubuntu-desktop ubuntu-keyring ubuntu-artwork ubuntu-sounds ubuntu-restricted-extras ca-certificates openssl
16:01 alleeLin: they are a bit lengthy ;)   my variant of UBUNTU feisty starts with:
16:02 alleePACKAGES aptitude-r
16:02 alleeusplash kubuntu-artwork-usplash
16:02 alleekubuntu-desktop
16:02 alleeand then lots of other packages (but this should not matter)
16:02 Linallee: i think too.
16:04 Linallee: wanna take a look at my {shell,fai}.log?
16:04 alleeLin: okay.
16:05 alleeLin: I assume you are you using the latest 3.1.8 feisty pkgs, right?
16:05 Linallee: using from ubuntu packages
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16:05 Linhttp://arda.ibeu.org.br/fai.log
16:06 Linhttp://arda.ibeu.org.br/shell.log
16:06 Linallee: 3.1.3
16:07 Linfai-server:
16:07 Lin  Installed: 3.1.3ubuntu1
16:07 Lin  Candidate: 3.1.3ubuntu1
16:07 alleeLin: ah, sh*t, right.  I've 3.1.8 here, but they missed the deadline due to lack of time to update fai-kernels to 2.6.20 :(
16:08 Linallee: can you borrow me your packages or sources entries?
16:09 alleeLin: pkgs yes.  I've destroyed the partition with the sources by accident.  Lemme check if I uploaded the sources too ...
16:13 alleeLin: the debdiff to build the pkgs yourself is at: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/fai/+bug/93876
16:13 Linallee: btw, did you see my logs?
16:13 Linthere is some bug with 3.1.3 version?
16:14 Linthis perl bug I have fixed by myself ;-)
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16:14 alleeLin: yeah.  You get lots of 'time stamp in the future', didn't you specify an ntpserver or timeserver in the dhcp.conf file?
16:14 Linyeah I have. but seems dont work
16:15 Lin   option time-servers ntp1.ibeu.org.br, ntp2.ibeu.org.br;
16:15 Lin   option ntp-servers ntp1.ibeu.org.br, ntp2.ibeu.org.br;
16:17 Linallee: I have some questions: How can I set the key map? cause seem that ubuntu didn't use loadkeys anymore..
16:17 alleeLin: here are the changelog 3.1.3 -> 3.1.8
16:17 alleehttp://paste.debian.net/25943
16:18 alleeLin: never checked, usually it's set in classes/<classname>.var
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16:18 Linyeah.. but didn't work
16:19 Linand any language ! C didn't work.. perl complains a lot.
16:20 alleeLin: try 3.1.8.  Here perl does not complain with en_US.UTF-8
16:20 Linallee: I have changed to en_US only.. but didn't work too.
16:21 Linthen I have set to C only
16:21 Linallee: how can I apply this diff (sorry 4 the lame question)
16:21 LinI have apt-get source fai
16:22 Linor should I have to apply over the upstream version?
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16:22 alleecd fai-3.1.8; patch -p0 --dry-run < /patch/to/debdiff
16:22 Lintrying patch -p0 < file and all alternatives ;-)
16:22 alleewhen it works remove --dry-run
16:22 Linok.. over  the upstream version ;-
16:23 alleeLin: oh, no cd 3.1.3 that is
16:23 Linok
16:24 Linmy dir is named:  fai-3.1.3ubuntu1 any problem?
16:24 Lin|diff -Nru /tmp/Um8mejrAch/fai-3.1.8/conf/make-fai-nfsroot.conf /tmp/55ZgJuTN7Z/fai-3.1.8ubuntu1/conf/make-fai-nfsroot.conf
16:24 Lin|--- /tmp/Um8mejrAch/fai-3.1.8/conf/make-fai-nfsroot.conf       2006-09-14 12:27:19.000000000 +0200
16:24 Lin|+++ /tmp/55ZgJuTN7Z/fai-3.1.8ubuntu1/conf/make-fai-nfsroot.conf        2007-03-19 21:51:38.000000000 +0100
16:25 Linit is looking for 3.1.8
16:27 Linallee: should I use Thomas repository 4 etch? (im using ubuntu) deb http://www.informatik.uni-koeln.de/fai/download etch koeln
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16:29 Lindidn't apply over fai_3.1.8 too :/
Action: allee looks into the debdiff
16:34 alleeLin: you need plain debian fai-3.1.8.  And use patch -p4
16:34 zobelh01ger: kernel is not my domain for SRM. ask dannf please
16:35 Linallee: worked
16:35 alleenever assume you know that's in a week old patch ;)
16:35 alleeLin: good
16:36 h01gerzobel, ok, will do
16:36 Linits downloading tetex fonts and extras... damn SGML
16:36 alleeLin: fwiw fai softupdate is broken in the ubuntu pkgs (maybe debian too) have not checked yet.  Wrong path to /var/log/fai/xxx instead of /var/lib/fai/xxx is used
16:43 Linallee: I have to recreate NFS root right?
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16:45 alleeLin: right.  Make sure the new pkgs is accesible via FAI_DEBOOTSTRAP in make-fai-nfsroot.conf
16:45 Linallee: they are.. I use apt-proxy ;-)
16:45 alleeLin: mhmm, update in nfsroot should also be okay  (apt-proxy: me too)
16:45 Linbtw im running make nfs root with verbose mode.
16:46 Linallee: should I pressed ssl-cert?
16:46 alleeLin: check also for changes in /usr/share/doc/fai-doc/examples/simple  compared to what you copied from 3.1.3
16:47 Linallee: ok
16:47 alleeLin: I did nothing special with ssl-cert.  kubuntu-desktop pulled it in
16:48 Linmy /etc/fai is ok
16:49 alleeLin: iand /srv/fai/config ?
16:49 Linchecking right now.
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16:53 Linallee: nothing big.. just my files
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16:54 Lingenerated
16:55 Linnow installing a new client
17:04 Linallee: these "in the future" messages are annoying.
17:05 alleeLin: can you try if running ntpdate by hand fixes it?  Or is there something why it happens in the logs?
17:06 Linallee: ntpdate can be run only in the end of installation right?
17:08 alleeLin: one of the fai-chboot options enabled ssh.  So you can login as soon as the fai kernel did boot
17:08 Linallee: ok.. but this dont "real" fix the problem.
17:09 alleeLin: either ntpdate by hand fails too, then you get a useful error msg or something is not working in fai feisty as it should
17:09 Linno
17:09 Linworks flawlessly
17:10 Linroot@cyber2:~# date
17:10 LinSun Jan  1 15:43:44 UTC 2006
17:10 Linroot@cyber2:~# ntpdate -u
17:10 Lin18 Apr 17:09:03 ntpdate[17507]: step time server offset 40785915.348493 sec
17:15 alleeLin: in dhcp.conf you used the name.  Does ntpdate ntp1.ibeu.org.br  work too?
17:16 Linroot@cyber2:~# ntpdate -u ntp1.ibeu.org.br
17:16 Lin18 Apr 17:16:24 ntpdate[25233]: adjust time server offset 0.037704 sec
17:16 Linworks too
Nick change: \sh -> \sh_away
17:21 Linallee: same problem
17:21 Linchgrp: cannot access `/etc/ssl/private/ssl-cert-snakeoil.key': No such file or directory
17:21 Linchmod: cannot access `/etc/ssl/private/ssl-cert-snakeoil.key': No such file or directory
17:23 Linallee: BIG WEIRD..
17:23 Linallee: when I run the "bugged" command from chrooted command line. It works and "unlock" the installation
17:24 Linallee: and kernel-image was not installed
17:28 alleeLin: mhm, first pkg in FAIBASE is package_config/FAIBASE  so it should be installed when you use FAIBASE class
17:29 Linmy FAIBASE has linux-image-486
17:30 alleeLin: ah, one simple config change ;)  -486 does not exist in feisty
17:30 Linallee: already changed to linux-image-geneic
17:30 Lingeneric
17:31 Lintrying again
17:46 Linim really having problems with ssl-cert. Damn weird.
17:47 LiniF  ssl-cert       1.0.13         Simple debconf wrapper for openssl
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18:38 DarkglowHi all, any news on the fai-cd replacement / pointer to how to create a FAI cd ?
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18:44 h01gerDarkglow, svn/people/h01ger/faicd and faicd.debian.net
Action: h01ger goes to test that faicd.debian.net himself now. havent neglected that too long
18:45 h01gerstockholm, zobel: dannf is fine with a fai-kernels upload to stable-proposed-updates with "stockholms bug" fixed :)
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18:49 stockholmlol
18:49 stockholmnice
18:49 stockholmwhen is that due?
18:51 h01gerwhen its ready? ;) nah, after you bribed me with icecram ;) nah :) i'll try to be fast, but maybe it will take til sunday. you didnt provide a config patch :-/ :)
Action: h01ger is task juggling as usual. but its my first upload to debian proper, so i want to speed it up
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19:00 stockholmi forgot about the patch, but it is really trivial.
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19:10 h01gercan you just give it to me now+here?
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19:47 h01gerstockholm, CONFIG_SCSI_ARCMSR=m is all it needs?
19:47 stockholmyes
19:47 h01gerstockholm, would you be able to test a deb before i upload it?
19:49 h01ger(tomorrow anyway, as my laptops cpu is currently used for other stuff)
19:50 stockholmyes, sure. i need it as amd64, though
19:50 h01gerhmpf. then you need to build it yourself :)
19:55 h01gerzobel, do i put etch-proposed-updates into the distribution field in changelog?
Action: h01ger goes to have dinner now and will read dev-ref later himself (if needed ;)
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22:33 zobelh01ger: iirc only proposed-update
22:33 h01gerreally?
22:34 h01gerdef-ref speaks about testing-proposed-updates, so i figured stable-proposed-updates
22:34 h01gercan you look in a accepted package? i couldnt figure an easy way to find one myself.. but i'm sure you do :)
22:34 h01gerand then normally upload to master or is there a special queue?
22:35 zobelh01ger: merkel:/org/ftp.d.o/dak-config/dak.conf
22:35 zobelcopy of NEARLY everything is on merkel.
22:35 h01gerdank dir
22:35 h01gerdoing dishes now and then i'll look (or sleep and look tomorrow :)
22:36 zobelheh.
22:36 zobelsame here
22:39 h01ger /org/ftp.d.o/dak-config/dak.conf: No such file or directory
22:39 h01ger /org/ftp.debian.org/dak-config/dak.conf: No such file or directory
22:39 h01gerdishes
22:39 h01ger!
22:41 zobel/org/ftp.debian.org/dak/config/debian/dak.conf
22:46 h01gerthx
22:46 h01geryou're right (surprise, surprise :), its proposed-updates
22:46 h01gerthough if i understand "map stable proposed-updates"; correctly, i can also put stable there?
22:47 zobelyes
22:47 zobelh01ger: hey, belive me... :)
Action: h01ger buys an E for zobel
22:48 h01ger(referring to this tv show, not to drugs ;)
22:50 zobeltired, so no need for too much characters.
22:51 h01gerthe config also says, mustbeolder than unstable+testing+exp., but it wont?!
22:51 h01gerdoes that work then?
22:51 h01ger(and i just upload to the normal queue?)
22:51 zobelyes. it will then be also copied to unstable IIRC
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23:07 h01gerit wont build in unstable, unstable has 2.6.20 already...
23:07 h01gerhm, so maybe i first upload to unstable and then to proposed-updates
23:08 h01ger.oO( do i want to think this over now...? )
23:09 stockholmh01ger: what happens if you upload it to proposed-updates and it is bad, you notice it and upload a better version?
23:12 h01geryes. but i'd like you to test it first, before i upload
Action: h01ger goes to create an etch branch now
23:13 h01gerstockholm, then you can check it out and build from there on amd64
23:17 stockholmh01ger: if i build it myself, do you regard that as a test then?
23:17 stockholmi would not, somehow
23:17 stockholmbecause a lot can go wrong in a build
23:18 stockholmi cant think of anything specific but ...
23:18 h01gerhm. you have a point. but i trust you to be able to build in a clean environment and follow to steps. i will not upload your build obviously...
23:19 h01gers/to steps/a few simple steps/
23:19 h01gerbasically, svn co, dpkg-checkbuilddeps, dpkg-buildpackage
23:20 stockholmno, you get me wrong.
23:20 stockholmwhat if your build goes wrong and mine goes right?
23:20 stockholmyou would upload a broken build
23:21 stockholmi would test a good build and bang
23:21 stockholmdestruction and eternal shame would follow
23:21 stockholmdebian would cease to exist.
23:21 stockholmredhat would win!
23:22 stockholmok, perhaps i should go to bed
23:22 h01gerit would show that the amd64 buildd is broken, which we than can fix and show the world how great debian is :)
23:23 stockholm"see, OUR buildd is broken, and builds bad packages! we rule!"
23:23 stockholmhm
23:23 stockholmright
23:23 stockholmlets try it
23:23 stockholmi can build it here
23:24 stockholmwhat was the var that contains the package list to install?
23:24 h01gerwhich var where?
23:27 stockholmarnt all the packages that should get installed on a given client kept in a variable?
23:27 stockholmand you can append to that var?
23:27 h01gerno
23:27 stockholmwhy not? :-)
23:27 stockholmthe concept is great!
23:27 stockholmor i will go to bed!
23:28 h01gerFAI_CONFIG_SRC/package_config/CLASSNAMES holds the packages
Action: h01ger just discovered he has hasnt committed fai-kernels 1.16 and 1.17 to svn. i was good and copied them to the -releases dir, but i didnt update the source dir. AAAARG
23:29 h01gerfixing now
23:30 stockholmindeed.
23:38 h01gerdone
23:45 stockholmhm, i get something done, too :-)
23:46 stockholmi thought i passed the tired and silly state and reached the useless status
23:46 h01geri made a bit more mess when fixing the mess, but only in svn history
23:46 h01gersvn+ssh://svn.debian.org/svn/fai/people/h01ger/fai-kernels-etch now contains what you want :)
23:46 stockholmok, thanks
23:47 h01gerplease check it out and build in a clean etch chroot, dpkg-checkbuilddeps and dpkg-buildpackage should work fine
23:47 h01gerthats 1.17.1
23:47 h01gerand svn/fai/people/h01ger/fai-kernels has 1.18 against 2.6.20
23:47 h01geri will build both tomorrow, and see with debdiff, if my svn orgy was successfull ;) and then probably upload :)
23:48 h01gerand now i head to bed :-)
23:48 stockholmi use pdebuild
23:48 stockholmwhich should take care of that
Action: h01ger was happy with debuild for a month or so and than discovered that it sometimes doesnt parse fakeroot further properly, so i switched backed to dpkg-buildpackage. i only have pbuilder for unstable not for etch. but i should probably set that up too... so much todo, so little time ;)
23:50 h01gerpdebuild? you mean pbuilder? or really pdebuild?
23:51 stockholmwell, the combination of debuild and pbuilder is pdebuild
23:51 stockholmit builds the package that i im in in pbuilder
23:51 stockholmit does not get much easier
23:51 stockholmwhich is why i manage :-)
23:59 h01gergn8 :)
--- Thu Apr 19 2007

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