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07:55 dukezre
07:55 dukezhi there
07:55 dukezGood morning o GMT +1 users
07:58 h01germoin moin
08:02 nyalgood morning
08:02 nyalhot Paris
08:02 dukezhi nyal
08:03 nyal28 this afternoon
08:03 dukez^^, caused by the world global warming
08:05 nyalindeed dukez
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Action: dukez Un breton ^^ Caché vos bouteilles
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Action: ErKa reinstall dukez with a new alcohol-free FAI :-)
08:57 ozalcohol free FAI?
08:57 oz:)
08:57 \shMrfai: moins thomas :) hope you had a nice holiday :)
08:57 nyalholiday mmmm :D
08:57 h01gerMrfai, whats your explaination to my fcopy question on the list? IMO its a bug..
08:58 \shMrfai: btw...I could talk at froscon about FAI/combots...see mail...
08:58 h01gerMrfai, +good morning and happy monday morning after holidays... ;)
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09:24 MrfaiI did not read the fcopy thread yet.
09:25 dukezMrfai> Here is my contribution to fai to build crossarch mirrors/nfsroot without any modification
09:25 zobelMrfai: hi
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09:33 Mrfaidukez: I would be great if you could add this to the faiwiki
09:34 dukezMrFai> gime an account
09:36 dukez^^
09:37 dukezMrFai> i'd rather have mrozieres as loggin
09:37 dukezmail
09:37 dukezmrozieres
09:37 dukezat
09:42 Mrfaidukez: you will get an email soon
09:42 dukezty
09:42 dukezI got an email
09:44 dukezMrFai> Where do you like i write the page ?
09:44 dukezMrFai> In the Howto section ?
09:45 Mrfaioz: can you tell dukez where in the faiwiki his should put his howto/hint/tip?
09:45 dukezthaks MrFai, have a good day
09:50 ozdukez: what howto you plan to put in the wiki
Action: oz can only follow in company to the work
09:51 ozMrfai: should not be much of a problem...
09:51 ozin question, just make a new page fpr it
09:55 dukezoz > a new page ?
09:56 dukezoz> where ? i don't want to "spoil" youy wiki ^^
09:57 ozdukez: that's the wiki way...
10:03 dukezoz> you want i create a newpage ? how can ?
10:04 dukezin my talk ?
10:05 ozyou could either put it there...
10:06 ozoh sorry, I forgot
10:06 ozit's configured differently
10:07 dukez...
10:08 ozseems as if one can create a new page by<pagetitle>
10:08 oziirc, there should be a lik for it when you search for the term
10:09 ozdukez: best you put it on you page, and we'll look further afterwards.
10:09 dukezok
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10:33 dukezOk,
10:33 dukezSo , tell me if it is ok for you
10:34 ozMrfai: looks good, hm?
10:36 dukezHmmmmm
10:37 dukezYour wiki don't accept <code> in <li> items :(
10:37 dukezok
10:37 dukezthat was an error on the page
10:38 dukezOuff
Action: dukez : lunch time !
11:15 nyalbon appetit dukez (in french :) )
11:38 Mrfaidukez: looks very good
11:40 dukezty
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12:03 Linhi all!!
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12:13 dukezhi Lin
12:14 dukezHello cupakabana beach ^^
12:15 Lindukez: I will take some photos. and send 2 u.. ok ?
12:15 dukezok ^^
12:16 LinIm not with my camera today.. maybe  tomorrow!! ;-)
12:16 dukezok
12:16 LinTomorrow I will dress my DEBIAN T-shirt ;-)
12:16 dukezlol
12:17 Linwhere did you work?
12:17 dukezParis
12:17 dukezTrain Station St Lazare
12:19 Lincool!! you work in a train stations.. sysadmin?
12:19 dukezno
12:19 dukeznot in a train station
12:19 dukeznear it
12:19 Linok
12:19 Linwhich company?
12:19 dukezi am a Internet Website sysadmin
12:19 dukezetaponline
12:19 Linok
12:20 dukezulyssetravel .com is our ASP soft plateform
12:20 LinI work in a american language institute ;-)
12:20 dukezcool ^^
12:21 LinI had work with providers in the past. And as science computer teacher. But.. teach in brazil isn't so.. profitable.
12:21 dukezlets talk in private not to flood the forum
12:21 dukezas it is loggued ^^
12:22 Linlet me back to my fai server.. it's drive me crazy.
12:22 LinThis channes is so STRICT :-)
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12:22 dukezgood afternoon MT
12:22 Linmorning !
12:22 MThi :-)
12:22 Linas I could notice MT is french too.
12:23 MTno, not really
12:23 MTjust there on a conference
12:23 dukezMoreover he is near Paris ^^
12:23 Lininternational conferences are amazing.. new people, new places.
12:23 MTin fact, I'm in Nice, dukez...
12:24 MTI'm gonna leave again, WLAN is pretty bad out here...
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12:25 dukezstrange, his Internet connexion ouput is in Aubervillier, a city near Paris ! He must be on a great WAN ^^
12:26 Lindukez: did you have wlan in paris? GOOD.. here in rio de janeiro we don't have these providers yet.. just personal wlan.
12:27 dukezLin> no in France, the only WAN are university WAN that cross the country ( the only i know is call Renater, i 144 Mb fiber channel WAN )
12:29 Lindukez: can I have more than one nfsroot, example: for debian and ubuntu instalations?
12:29 Linor it will need some "hacks"
12:29 dukez^^
12:29 dukezLin> just some configuration hacks !
12:29 Linhmm ok
12:29 Linjust to know.. I will need it soon ;-)
12:29 dukezLin> fai-chboot configuration specifics and dhcp configuration specifics
12:30 Linand. make-fai-nfsroot hacks ;-)
12:30 dukezdhcp to enable tell your comp which nfsroot to use and fai-chboot to tell the kernel the same thing : which nfsroot to mount
12:30 Lingot it.
12:30 dukezLin> yes, multiple make-fai-nfsroot.conf , one for each nfsroot
12:30 dukezyou can get some idea on
12:30 dukez^^
12:31 LinI read already
12:31 dukezk
12:31 LinVery good indeed.
12:31 dukez?
12:31 dukezty
12:31 dukezi am auto-pubing it ^^
12:31 Lin:-)
13:23 LinAt task_mountdisks I recieving this error: [: 93: ==: unexpected operator is it normal? (log can be see at ) can  I do something about this problem?
13:26 Linand my client clock is always wrong (it store the clock as UTC, but in FAIBASE.var i set: UTC=no and TIMEZONE=America/Sao_Paulo . What can I do ?
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14:35 Linsomeone here has used FAI to install ubuntu?
14:36 dukeznot me sry :(
14:37 Lindukez: yes I know..
14:38 MrfaiLin: there are a couple of people that have installed ubuntu with FAI. Should be no problem
14:39 Lindukez: I finished the installation.. everything worked fine. But when start a gnome-session it wait a long time (5 min) then start the session. Maybe its trying to connect something somewhere... any tips?
14:40 dukezLin> perhaps simply the DNS ....
14:40 dukezLin> When things are long ( SSH connexion for exemple ), My experience says that /etc/resolv.conf is not correctly set up ^^
14:40 Linno it isn't dns is ok
14:41 Lindukez: I know..  my experience says same thing. /etc/hosts is fine too..
14:41 dukezLin> Mmmmm only X Gnome session of general X is long ?
14:41 LinX start fast
14:41 Linonly gnome-session
14:41 dukezLin> heu, the 1st time gnome start it create Desktop file too
14:41 Linlong (5 minutes)
14:41 dukezLin> wasn't it the 1st session ?
14:42 Linyes it was.. but second, third ... too.
14:42 dukezLin> :( , don't know my friend, sry. I'm not a desktop guruu except with Wmaker ^^
14:42 dukezLin> or with E17 too
14:43 Lindukez: when e17 will be finished? ;-)
14:43 Linits an amazing  desktop ;-)
14:43 LinI reall want to see a good file manager there ;-)
14:46 dukezLin> i don't know, i assume when everything ll be debugged and it 's not still finished for me thougt i didn't try the lastest CVS
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15:00 nyal" when e17 will be finished?" mmmm :)
15:00 nyal"when perl 6 will be released ?"
15:00 nyal:)
15:01 dukez^^
15:02 dukezin French we have a sentence for this it is : "Quand les poules auront des dents" wich mean "When chickens will have teeth"
Action: dukez en bon français éduque son auditoire
15:05 Linin brazil we have the same sentence.
15:05 LinQuando a galinha criar dente.
15:07 dukezcool, this is an international metaphora ^^
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15:08 DonDiegohi
15:08 dukezhi
15:08 dukezone more researcher/student/teacher from the university ?
15:09 DonDiegome?
15:09 dukezyes ?
15:09 DonDiegokind of ..
15:09 dukezk
15:09 DonDiegostudent/admin
15:09 DonDiegoi have a question about network booting
15:09 DonDiegoi
15:09 dukezthis is called a studadmin ^^
15:09 dukezAsk your teacher MrFai ^^
15:09 DonDiego'm banging my head against the wall debugging here ..
15:10 dukezask it
15:10 dukezis it about PXE ?
15:10 DonDiegoi'm not from cologne university
15:10 DonDiegoyes, pxe
15:10 dukezk
15:10 dukezWhat the hell K
15:10 dukez?
15:10 dukezWith PXE ?
15:10 DonDiegoit stopped working after the upgrade to etch
15:10 dukezmmmmm :) What stop working ?
15:10 DonDiegodhcp address works
15:10 dukezStep 1 - Does DHCP is working ?  YES
15:10 dukezStep 2 - Does TFTP works ?
15:11 DonDiegoand then tftp does not transfer the nfsroot
15:11 dukezTftp is not the NFSROOT
15:11 dukezTftp is for the kernel
15:11 dukezThe 1st stage kernel
15:11 DonDiegook, that's the stage where it fails
15:11 dukezok
15:11 dukezso
15:11 DonDiegoPXE-32: TFTP open timeout
15:11 dukezdid you use atfpd or tftpd-hpa of Debian ?
15:11 MrfaiHe, I remember an important change in DHCP.
15:12 DonDiegonetstat on the server shows tftpd-hpa running
15:12 Mrfaithe new DHCP need one additional option:
15:12 dukez?
15:12 Mrfainext-server AFAIR
15:12 MrfaiThis was not needed before.
15:12 DonDiegoand nmap from the to-be-installed-host shows tftpd
15:12 dukezMrFai> next-server is mandatory, not new !
15:13 Mrfaiin the past is was not mandatory.
15:13 Mrfainow it is
15:13 DonDiegoit's there
15:13 DonDiegoserver-name pride; next-server pride;
15:13 DonDiegoon two lines, not one
15:13 dukezno
15:14 dukezserver-name "";
15:14 dukeznext-server;
15:14 dukezfilename "pxelinux.0";
15:14 dukezHere are thre required option
15:14 DonDiegozounds
15:14 thpoDonDiego: try server-name "pride"; this caused some problems for me some time ago
15:14 dukezHere is an exemple of /etc/dhcp3/dhcpd.conf
15:15 dukezYes, don't miss the quotes
15:15 MrfaiDonDiego: you have to call fai-chboot again. There are new parameters needed in the pxelinux.cfg/... files
15:15 dukez
15:15 Mrfairead the NEWS file
15:15 DonDiegoi scrapped the whole old config
15:15 DonDiegopurged and reinstalled
15:15 DonDiegolet me try the quotes ..
15:15 DonDiegoand/or the ip
15:15 dukezDonDiego> And look to /var/log/syslog to see if the TFTP server is contacted
15:16 DonDiegoip address does not work
15:16 dukezDonDiego, try the IP if u don't set    option domain-name-servers and    option domain-name
15:16 DonDiegodhcpd rejects the config
15:16 dukezwhich one ?
15:16 dukezWhich version of dhcp are u sing ? the 3 ?
15:17 dukezDonDiego, post a paste of your DHCP configuration ^^
15:17 DonDiegoetch
15:18 DonDiegogive me a moment to try the suggestions ..
15:18 dukezinstallserv:~# apt-cache search dhcpd
15:18 dukezdhcp - DHCP server for automatic IP address assignment
15:18 dukezdhcp3-server - DHCP server for automatic IP address assignment
15:18 dukezyou must isntall the dhcp3-server package
15:18 dukezbut i think dhcp is a virtual one
15:19 DonDiegoi have dhcp3-server installed
15:19 dukezok
15:19 dukezSo it must work, look at my configuration, this one is OK for me.
15:19 dukezDont forget ; at the end of lines
15:20 dukezDonDiego or simply paste the error message
15:20 DonDiegoi'm being called
15:20 DonDiegoi gotta run out for a moment
15:20 DonDiegoi'll be back soon
15:20 dukez^^
15:20 DonDiegothx for the help so far
15:22 dukezMrFai> does fai-setup do something more than seting up nfs shares and the NFSROOT ?
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15:23 Lindukez: did you found any page in english about netboo using wi-fi
15:23 Lin?
15:24 DonDiego\o/
15:24 DonDiegoit boots
15:24 dukezLin> no, netbooting througt Wifi is the same as over Ethernet provided that your Wireless Network Card support it
15:24 dukez?
15:24 DonDiegoit seems it needed both the quotes and the ip addresses
15:25 dukezDonDiego, welcome to the matrix
15:25 dukez^^
15:25 DonDiegobut one option with, the other without quotes
15:25 Lindukez: dlink support center told me that there isn't any wifi card with network boot support.
Action: DonDiego looks for somebody to strangle
Action: dukez borrow him is body
15:25 dukezhis*
15:25 thpoDonDiego: this was what puzzled me as well some time ago ;-)
15:26 dukezthpo> yes, dhcp configuration is a bit messy
15:26 Mrfaidukez: fai-setup also creates the LOGUSER account.
15:27 dukezMrFai> ok, so it is not mandatory to call it if i have setuped up nfsroot and exports ....
15:27 dukezMrFai> tx for the answer
15:28 DonDiegohah
15:28 DonDiegoit works with names as well if you have proper entries in /etc/hosts
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15:29 DonDiegothe hostname resolved to
15:29 DonDiegothis was one of the other admins :)
Action: DonDiego is relieved of guilt
Action: DonDiego goes look for a big cluebat to hit somebody with
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15:34 DonDiegodukez: your help was priceless thanks a billion
15:35 DonDiegoi'll see if i update the wiki or fai guide with this
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17:41 stockholmwhat was the fai/XEN book again?
17:41 stockholmURL?
17:47 Lindukez_away: I found the problem!!!
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18:01 DonDiegobye, thx for the help
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23:10 Linheya!
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