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09:30 baldyhi all
09:32 baldyany1 know whats happend.. after update from sarge to etch fai dont want to install debian :(
09:32 baldyit will only boot somethink like a "rescue system"
09:33 baldybut dont ask for a password
09:33 baldyor wont install...
09:33 baldyits realy strange
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10:14 dukezhi all
10:14 dukezi think i perhaps found a way to cross arch installs NFSROOT :) i am testing the finall solution
10:21 dukezI works !!
10:22 dukezWho wants to know how to cross build NFSROOT with make-fai-nfsroot with only 2 configuration assets ^^
10:23 :)
10:23 h01gerseverity: wishlist
10:23 h01gerhi dukez :)
10:23 dukezh01ger> HI
10:23 dukezthe APT_CONFIG env variable save me ^^
10:28 h01gerdukez, please file a wishlist bug, where you document this. then we can pick it up and either include in the code or the documentation
10:28 h01gerdukez, are you familar with the debian bts?
10:29 dukezsuyre
10:29 dukezsure
10:30 h01ger:)
10:54 sanso|workdukez, could You explain the process?
10:54 dukezi am making an HTML page of it
10:54 sanso|workcool
10:54 dukezi ll post the link in a few moment :)
10:54 sanso|workfaibot, list
10:55 sanso|workcan faibot remember factoids or urls?
11:13 juri__faibot needs the ability to memorize phrases, and regurgitate them.
11:14 dukezPre alpha release :)
11:14 dukez
11:14 dukeztake a look and paste comment if you have any :)
11:14 dukezi gonna go out for lunch
11:14 dukezcya
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11:34 sanso|workdukez, cool! thanks!
11:34 sanso|workfaibot, praise dukez
11:35 sanso|workhmm..
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11:40 sanso|workhmm... fai-kernels could just include the kernels for all architecture, wouldn't that be something?
11:45 h01gersanso|work, fai-kernels will be removed for lenny. we'll just use std-debian kernels
11:49 h01gerbaldy, sounds like that is the problem :) (re: mail)
11:49 h01gerbaldy, read NEWS.Debian.gz
11:49 h01ger(in case you havent done so already :)
11:53 sanso|workh01ger, cool.
12:11 oz'removed for lenny'?
12:27 h01ger we'll just use std-debian kernels
12:27 h01geroz, hi. thats no news. it was planned for etch already..
12:29 ozcool, even if not really news :)
13:03 baldyh01ger: i dont understand the problem
13:03 baldyit seems that no one knows the problem
13:14 dukezbalday? which one ?
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13:15 dukezsomeone read my FAI "contrib" for multi arch ?
13:27 baldydukez: after updateing the debian
13:27 baldynothinks works
13:28 baldyi am here since two days to try to fix it
13:28 baldyit wont work
13:28 dukezupdating ?
13:28 dukezwith fai ?
13:28 dukeznothing works : what do you mean ?
13:29 baldymom
13:29 baldylets speak a bit later
13:29 dukez^^
13:29 baldytelephone atm
14:09 baldyokey.... dukez .. time know?
14:09 baldynoe
14:09 baldynow
14:09 baldyeven
14:09 baldylol
14:10 baldyits to hot here ;)
14:10 dukezTake an ice cream
14:12 dukezCan someone read & test the procedure in please ?
14:55 Linhi dukez
14:55 dukezhi Lin
14:55 LinI will rebuild my nfsroot
14:56 dukezk
14:56 LinDid you receive any messages related to portmap in startup of fai installation?
14:56 dukezLet me have a test i ll test u in a minute
14:57 dukezAt the moment i haven't
14:57 dukezI was having such a message when my NFSROOT was broken
14:58 dukezyou should rebuild it and check everything is ok in my opinion,
14:58 dukezPerhaps can you simply save your current one and rebuild one more nfsroot for test
15:00 Linrebuilding
15:00 dukezok
15:00 LinI know that you use debian
15:01 Linbut there is any problem with ubuntu fai instalations?
15:01 Linshould not.
15:01 dukezi don't know
15:01 dukezjust look at ubuntuu BTS
15:06 Linok. I will
15:13 dukezwho is working on patching fai-cd for Etch ?
15:13 dukezneed any help ?
15:13 nyaldukez, i have done information to MrFai
15:13 nyalto do a fai-cd
15:14 nyalwith bootcd it's very easy
15:14 nyaland i use it in prod
15:14 dukeznyal> bootcd + bootcd-initramfs  for sure
15:14 dukeznyal> nyal, you use it with fai nfsroot and fai-mirror ?
15:14 nyalyes
15:14 Lin (make-nfs output)
15:14 nyali have done male-fai-master
15:14 dukeznyal> can you send me your script ?
15:14 nyalmake-fai-master
15:14 nyalno problem
15:15 dukezmake-fai-master ?
15:15 Linfai-nfsroot module-init-tools dhcp3-client ssh rdate lshw hwinfo portmap bootpc rsync lftp rsh-client less dump reiserfsprogs usbutils psmisc pciutils hdparm smartmontools parted mdadm lvm2 dnsutils ntpdate dosfstools cvs jove xfsprogs xfsdump sysutils dialog discover mdetect libnet-perl console-tools console-common expect iproute udev subversion sysvinit upstart- grub lilo read-edid
15:15 LinE: Broken packages
15:16 dukezyou have conflicting packge no ?
15:16 dukeztry apt-get install the list
15:16 dukezand see what is conflicting
15:16 Linfinishing a apt-get update
15:16 Lin;-)
15:16 nyal
15:16 nyalit's make-fai-master
15:16 nyalthe last line of the script
15:16 nyali use a VERSION file in config
15:17 dukeznyal> it is working with Etch ( kernel 2.6 and udev ) ?
15:17 dukezit seems
15:18 nyalyes
15:18 nyalwork weel
15:19 nyalwell
15:19 nyali use it in production
15:19 nyalnow:
15:19 dukeznyal> is it cross architecture capacble ^^
15:19 nyalmy bootcdwrite.conf
15:19 nyali use bootcd for amd64
15:19 nyaletch amd64
15:20 dukez nyal> do you know if any arch flag exists with bootcd ?
15:20 nyalmy bootcdwrite.conf doesn't use discover
15:20 dukeznyal> i manage both i386 and amd64 nfsroot and mirror on my installserver
15:20 nyali have written my kernel module in /etc/initramfs-tools/modules
15:20 dukeznyal> and i need to make both i386 and amd64 image
15:20 nyali think it's ok
15:21 nyalyou have to use another bootcdwrite.conf
15:21 dukezyes
15:21 dukezfor directories
15:21 dukezi see it
15:21 dukezi think it can work
15:21 nyalyes i think too
15:21 Lindukez: I think that there is a conflict beetween upstart and init
15:21 Linsysvinit
15:21 dukezLin> so you cannot install both on NFSROOT
15:22 Linhow can I setup WHAT will be installed on nfsroot?
15:22 dukezLin> choose one, and make the package list work with pat-get install
15:22 nyali have to go
15:22 dukez! /etc/fai/make-fai-nfsroot=>NFSROOT=XXXXX old fai
15:22 dukezbye nyal
15:22 dukeztx for the script sharing
15:22 nyalno problem :)
15:22 dukezLin or /etc/fai/NFSROOT file
15:23 nyalif it can help
15:23 Linit ask for removal of upstart
15:23 dukeznyal> you helped my, i 've finished sarge to etch fai migration
15:23 Linno probvlem.
15:23 dukezLin> so remove upstart from the list !
15:23 Linsysvinit upstart-
15:23 Linit's already
15:24 dukezno
15:24 dukezok
15:24 dukeztry one time with sysvinit
15:24 dukezthe other time with upstart
15:24 dukezbut if upstart is part of the Ubuntuu bootstrap install, jsute remove sysvinit
15:24 dukezjust*
15:26 LinI really dunno.
15:26 Linubuntu is so weird 2 me
15:26 Linits a good desktop
15:26 Linbut it has some  weird configurations
15:27 Linit has no keymap do be loaded but how can it change the keymap? loadkeys simply doesn't work.  There is some setupcon without any man page...
15:27 Lindamn weird
15:27 dukezLin> try to remove sysvinit, rerun make-fai-nfsroot but with "make-fai-nfsroot -v > /tmp/log.txt 2>&1"
15:27 Linok
15:28 Lindukez:
15:29 Linif you want to see interactively ;-)
15:29 dukez^^
15:29 dukezok
15:29 dukezJust look
15:29 dukezupstart is part of debootstrap
15:29 Linim looking already..
15:29 dukezSo upstart is needed in the base system
15:29 Linyes it is
15:29 dukezso revert the change
15:30 dukezjust remove the package conflicting with upstart from the NFSROOT list
15:30 Linshould I keep upstart.. and remove sysvinit
15:30 dukezyes
15:30 Linok
15:30 dukezi think
15:30 Lindone already
15:30 dukezbut i ma not sure
15:30 Lintrying.. ;-)
15:30 Linin 15 minutes we will know ;-)
15:30 dukezk
15:30 dukezi going out for a cigaret
15:31 Linand me 4 a coffe
15:31 Lin;-)
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15:48 dukezLin> thins seems better
15:49 dukezLin> You just have a problem with perl packages :(
15:49 Linexactly
15:49 dukezlook for perl-modules and libnet-perl conflict
15:49 dukezLin> but i think your NFSROOT is now workable
15:49 Lini looking EXACTLY this right now
15:49 LinI wil lremove libnet as prereq.. what uses libnet?
15:49 Linperl-modules should fullfill this
15:50 dukezLin> libnet-perl provides modules like Net::SMTP
15:50 Lini know
15:50 dukezLin> I think.... i don't know perl-modules packages :)
15:50 Linperl-modules should be a ubuntu-thing to put everything in the same bag
15:51 Linyes it is
15:51 Linit conflits with A LOT of perl modules
15:51 dukezLin> remove perl-modules
15:51 dukezLin> i never seen it :)
15:51 LinI cannot
15:51 Linperl need perl-modules
15:51 Linon debian
15:52 Linon ubuntu
15:52 dukezLin> ok
15:52 dukezLin> don't u mix repository ?
15:52 dukezLin> remove libnet-perl so ..
15:52 LinI will do
15:52 dukezbut before, give a try to your new NFSROOT
15:52 dukez:)
15:52 Lin;-)
15:53 Linok
15:54 LinI think that its a problem in module dependencies.. perl should not depend of perl-modules. makes no sense
15:55 Linlibnet-perl depends perl depends perl-modules conflics libnet-perl
15:55 Linmakes no sense
15:59 dukez^^
16:00 dukezSry for the troll but i hate Ubuntuu, because in my opinion, it hurt the debian project
16:00 dukezSo ....
16:00 Lindukez: i dont like it SO.
16:00 Linyes it hurts the debian project
16:00 Linbut it aims 4 something that there isn't on debian, a good desktop
16:01 Linno matter how you try.. debian is focused on administrations and servers
16:01 dukezLin> lets try not to troll this forum with this subjet Lin :)
16:01 Linis the better way to manage servers. has a damn good package. and unbeliveable tools (as fai)
16:02 Linbut lacks something...
16:02 Linexample..
16:02 Lindid you saw the latest ubuntu (feisty)?
16:02 Linwhen you try to play a audio file with a non existent coded. It ask you for instalation. and installs it 4 u
16:02 dukezLin> no :(, i'll never install ubuntuu on my desktop, i use Debian SID :)
16:02 Linjust works.
16:02 dukezLin> the NFSroot ?
16:02 Linthis is a ubuntu effort.
16:03 Linisn't something BIG.
16:03 Linbut users LOVE this.. try to ask a user to open synaptic (apt/aptitude/dselect) and install a codec.
16:03 Linadd a repository o anything else.
16:03 LinI know.. its easy.. but users don't think like that
16:04 dukezLin> the more you use GUI or automated things, the less u understand what your are doing
16:04 dukezLin> and if things go wrong you are dependend from the GUI or the automation
16:05 Linbut ubuntu has the same flaws as fedora / mandriva.. it insert too much new things in every package. it create new bugs.
16:05 Lindukez: as a sysadmin for more than 10 years I cont change my CLI + Scritps + automation for anything.
16:05 Linbut users are users.
16:05 Linbut it uses debian packages.
16:05 dukezLin> yes, users are too much used to Windows ....
16:06 Linyes. then I see ubuntu with good eyes
16:06 LinI use ubuntu on my dektop.. but server in anything else.
16:06 Linbut debian in ...
16:06 dukezLin> but ubuntuu release an ubuntuu server flavoured version
16:07 dukezLin> what a shame !
16:07 Linshame 4 use ubuntu desktop?
16:07 Lin;-)
16:08 Lindukez: yeah.. I think that ubuntu server version should not exist
16:08 Lindukez: they should stay on desktop.
16:08 Lindukez: BUT, there is something that I missing on system side..
16:08 Linsomething as a new init. I know.. init is stable.. but 30 years :-)
16:08 dukezLin> in my opinion, besides making a whole new distrib, the "community" may have worked on a linked stable repository project
16:09 dukezLin> with End-users oriented software
16:09 Lindukez: I know.. but this effort never was created.
16:09 dukezsimply
16:09 Linbut not end-users soft
16:09 Linnot only.
16:09 Linnew features focused on users as that explained above
16:09 dukezk
16:10 dukezLin>  did you try your new nfsroto ?.
16:11 dukezroot *
16:11 Linright now.
16:11 Lin;-)
16:11 dukezk
16:11 Linfai already started
16:16 Linunpacking ;-)
16:16 Lindukez: are you french?
16:17 dukezyes
16:17 LinI never been on france.. they say that french bread is amazing.. and I love bread ;-0
16:18 dukezNot all french bread are good but for French, the bread is a french product
16:18 LinI live on Rio de Janeiro, Brazil... in last month 4 french was murdered here.. its a shame
16:18 dukezIn Rio ? whoa, city of crime, sex and drugs ^^
16:19 dukezamazing
16:19 Linyeah.. crime everywhere. Sex for those who can pay and drugs to kill yourself.
16:19 Linim at copacabana beach right now ;-)
16:19 dukezIs it as spoiled ( pollution ) as people says ?
16:19 Linno
16:19 Linnot a lot pollution..
16:20 Linwe have a good air.
16:20 LinIMHO!
16:20 Lin;-)
16:20 dukezLin> you have the Wifi near the beach ?
16:20 Linbut there is better one.. but rio is really beauty.. ;-)
16:20 Linyes
16:20 Lin;-D
16:20 LinI will change my antenna
16:20 Linto a 15dbi
16:20 Linto reach beach
16:20 Lin;-)
16:20 dukezpffffff, don't you need a sysdamin teamate to work with you ? i speak spanish too :)
16:21 Linbut we speak portuguese here ;-)
16:21 dukezoh  :( i've forgotten, the only country of South america not to speack "spanish" but portuguese ^^
16:21 Lindukez: if you come to brazil someday be my guest..
16:21 dukezsure
16:22 dukezidem if you come to Paris
16:22 Lin;-)
16:22 Linsomeday ;-0
16:22 dukezthere 's someone coming from Venezualla in my compani
16:22 dukeza beautifful girl
16:23 dukezShe often talk me about south america
16:23 dukezone day, when i have money i ll make a good trip there
16:26 Lina friend of fine visited paris in last year
16:26 Linit said that is a amazing city.
16:26 Linis it true that french hate ppl talking english with them?
16:26 Linin streets.. asking 4 information.. etc.
16:26 Linfriday 13th ;-)
16:27 dukezLin> not french people
16:27 Linare you here?
16:27 dukezLin>^^
16:27 LinI had some net shortout here
16:27 dukezLin> People in Paris are selfish
16:27 Linping dukez
16:27 Lin!ping dukez
16:27 dukezpong
16:28 Linhehe
16:28 dukezok
16:28 dukezmy boss close the company
16:28 dukezcya
16:28 Linbye!
16:28 Linwhere you work?
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Nick change: \sh -> \sh_away
17:46 Linsome one know which user is used to copy the install logs to the install server (i know that it tries to log in as user fai)
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18:32 LinI have to use the SAME distro as NFS root and install clients?
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