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09:47 juri__lin: i don't think so, no. ;)
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10:29 sanso|workLin, booting from cd isn't sooo bad
10:59 zobelsomeone seen the boss? aka MrFai...
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11:03 sugarmiceNah - it's all been a little quiet around here
11:04 sugarmiceWe're about to re-think our FAI servers here, and was wondering whether you guys had any thoughts:
11:05 sugarmiceCurrently we have two FAI servers, one for 32-bit and one for 64-bit.  Have any of you managed to create a FAI server on a 64-bit machine which can install both 32-bit and 64-bit machines?  It seems to me it ought to be possible (just a separate NFS root for each arch) but I've never done it.  Have any of you?
11:06 sugarmiceThe other thought is have any of you done a feature comparison with m23?
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11:24 sanso|worksugarmice, I have an amd64 fai server that does i386 and amd64 - works well
11:34 sugarmiceCool - so how do you go about setting that up?  Are there any gotchas I should be aware of?
12:08 dukezsugarmice>
12:08 dukezme
12:08 dukezi ve done it
12:08 dukezjust create to different config space : /etc/fai-i386 and /etc/fai-amd64
12:09 dukezinside make-fai-nfsroot.conf, FAI_DEBOOTSTRAP, add --arch XXXXXXX
12:09 dukezget fai-kernel for both amd64 and i386
12:09 dukezsetup KERNELPACKAGE inside make-fai-nfsroot
12:10 dukezcall make-fai-nfsroot -C /etc/fai-i386 -k vmlinuz-install-i386
12:10 dukezcall FAI_ETC_DIR=/etc/fai-i386 fai-mirror /srv/fai/mirror-i386
12:10 dukezetc ....
12:10 dukezsetup /etc/dhcp
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12:22 sugarmiceSounds relatively straightforward, thanks
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12:57 dukez sugarmice> the only complex things to do is to specify all the param for fai-chboot
12:59 dukezfai-chboot -k "ip=dhcp FAI_ACTION=install nfsroot=/srv/fai/nfsroot-amd64,v3,tcp,rsize=32768,wsize=32768"-F  vmlinuz-install-amd64 /dev/nfs coltrev02
12:59 dukezfor me
12:59 dukezquite complex but understandable
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Nick change: \sh_away -> \sh
14:35 dukezhi all
Action: h01ger wonders if the mailing list has a hickup. i sent a mail yesterday but havent got it back
15:37 dukezhey h01ger
15:37 h01gerhi dukez
15:37 dukezi got a strange error about portmap trying to contact localhost when booting with FAI 3.18
15:37 dukezthis is not blocking
15:37 dukezbut do you know what FAI is trying to do ?
15:38 dukezit is at start, before running the class scripts
15:38 dukezMoreover, i got en error this killall in get-boot-info....
15:38 dukezI wonder if a package is not missing from my NFSROOT
15:38 dukezDoesit sounds to u ?
15:38 h01gernope
15:38 dukezkillall command not found at line XXX
15:39 Linsanso|work: yes. It is. I want a non interactive instalation.
15:48 Linor do you mean fai-cd?
15:48 LinI really dunno how fai-cd works. It can update packages from network?
15:51 dukeznot really, it use a mirror on the media
15:51 dukezbut u can apt-get update && apt-get upgrade in a script run by the installation processs
15:56 dukezLin> i mean, to make the fai-cd iso, you must provide to fai-cd a Debian fai-mirror.
15:57 dukezLin> The fai-cd iso will use this mirror during the install to access Debian packages.
15:57 Lindukez: I think that apt-get upgrade is too much interactive, and has problemas in upgrading version, exemple my cd is etch but the latest is etch+1  can happen some problem while installation (i cannot accept this, there is any way to avoid?).
15:58 dukezLin> In my opinion, use fai-cd like you would use Debian installs CD  ( not netinstall )
15:58 dukezLin> and then run a fai softupdate
15:58 Lindukez: I will be VERY far from clients
15:58 dukezLin> provided that during the fai-cd install you redifine during scripts execution the content of $target/etc/apt/sources.list
15:59 dukezLin> And ?
15:59 LinI dont want  support users in reinstalations
15:59 dukezLin> fai-cd must be use for disaster recovery
15:59 dukezLin> one the server will be up, you simply have to take the hand on it trought ssh and run fai softupdate
15:59 Lindukez: right now I have to install 160 computers.
15:59 dukezLin> And so ? Clusters ?
15:59 Lindo ssh to 160 computers is boring ;-)
15:59 Linno.. user desktop
16:00 dukezLin> ok, so make the fai-cd once a day the night
16:00 LinI will need 160 cds.
16:00 Lin;-)
16:00 dukezLin> no ! With One CD, you can install 160 différent computers
16:01 LinWill be a hell ;-)
16:01 dukezLin> I personnly use 1 CD to install 14 servers
16:01 Linhow often you reinstall your servers?
16:01 dukezLin> in case of disaster recovery or to test the process
16:01 dukezLin> If you have to reinstall often, make an Installserver !
16:02 LinUsers frequently destroy their systems ;-)
16:02 dukezLin> Your users ll just have to press F12 at start
16:02 LinI have a Install server
16:02 LinIt already configured
16:02 Linand running
16:02 dukezLin> So !!!! Install server use network update !
16:02 Linnfs. mirror, ssh and everythingf else
16:02 dukezLin> FAI-CD use media update :(
16:02 Lindukez: here comes my SECOND problem
16:02 dukezLin> so ? why do you need the FAI-CD ?
16:02 Linsome hosts has only WI-FI card
16:03 dukezhaha !!
16:03 Linit cant do net boot ;-(
16:03 Linunfortunely
16:03 Linsome hosts == half them
16:03 Lindont laugh at me :-(
16:03 dukezLin> in my opinion, buy one PCMCIA Ethernet card, and use it for reinstall !!
16:05 Linpcmcia? how I will put pcmcia on my desktops?
16:05 dukezLin> or PXE over Wifi exist
16:05 LinAFAIK no
16:05 Linbtw, where the wireless computers lies, there is no network cable
16:05 Linjust radio waves ;-)
16:06 dukezok
16:06 LinI was thinking
16:06 LinI will create a RED pen drive
16:06 Lincalled : EMERGENCY
16:06 dukezLin> lol
16:06 Lininsert it and REBOOT!
16:07 Linit will reinstall the system configure all mount points and the network auth
16:07 Linthen when a user make some mistake in his system.
16:08 LinBreak the glass take the pen drive, remove the seal and insert on your computer (on usb port). Press reboot
16:08 Linfunny manual! ;-)
16:08 dukezHey
16:08 Linyes
16:08 dukezYou can use PXE bot with wifi,
16:08 Linwhere did you read this?
16:09 Lin... please ...
16:09 Lin;-)
16:09 dukezFrench forums ....
16:09 dukezUse a hardware wifi gateway
16:09 Linim not french. Is it a *real* information.
16:09 Linas a access point?
16:09 dukezActicate gateway synch in the bios of desktops
16:09 dukezAnd that must works
16:10 Linthere is no bios on my wifi cards
16:10 Linits a dlink g-520
16:10 dukezok
16:10 Linwhich card you're talking about?
16:10 Linorinoco? cisco?
16:11 dukezi am looking for an english forum about it
16:12 Linplease..
16:14 dukezLin> your wireless cards doesnt supoort PXE ?
16:14 dukezLin> Do you know that ?
16:15 LinAFAIK not
16:15 dukezSo this is the bad point
16:15 LinI didn't read anything about this at boot time or in card manual
16:15 dukezBecause booting PXE throught wifi or ethernet is the same thing as i read
16:15 LinI can send a question to hardware supli
16:15 dukezLin> Just try to see if the Computer bios support Network booting
16:15 Linyes support
16:16 dukezLin> Try to activate it simply and you ll see !
16:16 dukezLin> Does your wifi is using DHCP ?
16:16 Linyes
16:16 dukezLin> The DCHP is made by an appliance ? or a real DHCP3 unix server ?
16:16 Lindhcp server
16:16 Linlinux\
16:17 dukezcool
16:17 dukezso just give it a try !
16:17 LinI will
16:17 Lin;-)
16:17 dukezTry enable network booting
16:17 dukezand you ll see
16:18 dukezmay the luck be with you !!
16:18 Linthakz 4 all help
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16:52 dukezhey
16:52 dukezsome fai dev are on ?
16:52 dukezZO ?
16:52 dukezOZ ?
16:52 dukezi got a scratch or 2 fighting with fai :(
16:52 dukezi mean some advice about install_package and cross arch installation ^
16:57 dukez!ping oz
17:02 h01gerdukez, please ask your question - dont "randomly" ping people.. (and esp. without asking your questions..)
17:02 dukezlol
17:03 dukezi ma tying to make an i 386 NFSROOT on a AMD64 server.
17:03 dukezThe only problem i have is with the^$ù* install_packages script ! It try to download amd64 arch packges
17:03 dukezIs there a way to bypass this problem ??
17:05 h01geri dont know :) maybe you need to create the nfsroot on i386, tar it and copy it over
17:06 dukezno, i must create it on the installserver, because i have an installserver that knows how to rebuild itselft throught fai-cd.
17:06 dukezi am looking for a setarch hack at the time
17:09 dukezh01ger> do you know if FAI dev team is going to leave the install_packages script for a "better" solution ?
17:12 dukezh01ger> i hope the setarch will fool install_packages script.
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17:17 h01gerdukez, if you give us a better solution... ;)
17:17 h01gerhi nomeata
17:19 nomeatahi h01ger
17:21 dukezdukez> Hmmm, i dont know how to handle arch in perl, but in C, you can make a syscall(SYS_personality) to foll the architecture
17:22 dukezjust an idea
17:22 dukezUsing this technique, perhaps can you handle an -arch switch with install_packages :)
17:22 h01gerdukez, file a wishlist bug then...
17:22 dukezthis is not a bug :) just an evolution
17:22 h01ger(and i dont think install_packages will be rewritten in c, if only for the fact that it would make the resulting binary arch-dependend, doh.
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17:23 dukezh01ger> does the fai-multidistrib handle different architecture ?
17:23 h01gerdukez, wishlist bugs are bugs :)
17:23 h01gerdukez, multidistri is targeted at multiple distros, not archs :)
17:23 dukezh01ger> doest u plan to make fai evolved multi arch ? so ?
17:26 dukezh01ger> perhaps installing install_packge inside the NFSROOT and running it from there thourght a chroot might be a solution to handle multiarch NFSROOT :)
17:26 h01gerfai is multiarch. it just doesnt work the way you want :-D
17:27 h01gerdukez, that only works on i386+amd64 and only in one direction...
17:27 dukezh01ger> i mean by multi arch that fai can cross-arch produce NFSROOT
17:28 dukezh01ger> and it seems to me that is it not truly the case without handmakde hacks :)
17:29 dukezbut i not a real FAI pro still
17:29 dukezi just got a quite good lvl )
17:29 h01gerlvl?
17:29 h01gerdebootstrap cannot setup chroots for other archs, thats the core problem.
17:30 dukezFALSE !!!!
17:30 dukezdebootstrap --arch !
17:30 dukezit make it !
17:30 dukezI use '--arch i386' in my FAI_DEBOOTSTRAP to try to make an i386 NFSROOT on an amd64 machine :)
17:31 h01gersend patches or file bugs at least
17:31 dukezsurely if i found a workable solution i ll contribute
17:31 ozh01ger: hm. we did something similar we fiddled with live-package
17:31 dukezbelieve me
17:31 dukezi love fai
17:32 ozdukez: what exactly does you thing now?
17:32 dukezinstall_packages sucks ^^
17:33 ozit takes the first amd64 client to build the nfsroot an sends it back to the server, or what?
17:33 dukezi can't i got an auto generated installserver thourgt fai-cd
17:34 dukezso i'll find a solution to make the i386 NFSROOT from the AMD64, even if i must wrap the make-fai-nfsroot inside a bigger hand made script :)
17:34 dukezi can't do it cause i got *
17:34 dukezmy make-fai-nfsroot works expect for the last stage : adding NFSROOT class packages :(
17:34 dukezwithout any modification to fai 3.1.8 for the moement
17:35 dukezi ll find a way
17:35 dukezi hope
17:35 ozdukez: hehe, I also built a cd doing that
17:35 dukezthat why fai is a great project : you can auto regenerate all your platform with 1 or 2 CD !
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17:48 Linhi all!!
17:49 Linmy fai is complaing about: fai-savelog ssh: command not found (and scp too). Why this happened?
17:50 Linin fai nfs I could not find a ssh binary
17:50 Lingrub either.
17:50 Linany tips?
17:51 LinI chrooted to nfsroot and installed ssh and grub
17:51 Linis it ok?
17:54 dukezmostly
17:56 Lindukez: now my fai client is compaing about: cannot connect to portmap on  local host (why it is trying this?)
17:57 Linwhere fai store the log?
17:57 Linnow a lot of errors about shell operator error. while mounting
17:58 Lin[: 93: ==: unexpected operator.
17:58 Linis it normal?
18:00 Linwhere can I find failogs?
18:01 Linthere is anyplace to discover which clients are doing instalations right now?
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19:57 Linhi.. how can I set a specific class to be installed on a host (or group of hosts)?
20:14 h01gerless /usr/share/doc/fai/examples/simple/class/5*
20:14 h01geror s/fai/fai-doc/ :)
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21:49 Linh01ger: thankz ;-)
21:49 LinI have read already easy and smooth
21:49 Linh01ger: there is any workaround to install java nonfree ?
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22:38 dukezYo all, i found a solution for install_packages to handle multi architecture
22:38 dukezapt-get -o APT::Architecture="i386" install tcpdump
22:39 dukezto force architecture :)
22:41 Lindukez: hehe dunno.
22:42 Linbut good anyway
22:42 Lin;-)
22:43 Lindukez: im installing these classes  FAIBASE DHCPC UBUNTU but it wont intalling my kernel. I have to add DEFAULT class or add some kernel?
22:43 Lindukez: but the DEMO or SERVEr didn´ t has anything related kernels.
22:47 dukezno
22:47 LinFAIBASE has it.. but my instaled system are without a kernel image..
22:47 dukeznorammy it install the kernel
22:47 LinI really dunno why its hapenning
22:48 dukezFAIBAE must install the kernle
22:48 dukezLIN you NFSROOT semms broken as i read the channel history
22:48 dukeza
22:48 Linyes.. it seems
22:48 dukezare you sure you make-fa-nfsroot runned correctly ?
22:49 dukezare you cross architecture installing ?
22:49 Linno i386 only
22:49 dukezstrange
22:49 dukezafter the install in /tmp/fai/software.log
22:49 dukezcheck for the inux-image installation
22:49 Lini setup to reboot after install
22:50 dukezdid you see it ?
22:50 dukezdont reboot and heck it via sshing on the serv
22:50 Lin-IFv right?
22:52 dukezyes
22:52 dukezit must not reboot automagically
22:52 dukezunless you hit a key
22:52 Linanother thing.. where I setup the /etc/hosts file to be copied to destination system
22:52 Lin?
22:52 dukezuse Ctrl+C to get the shell
22:52 Linbut CTRL+C didn't stop the instalation?
22:52 dukeznot at the end
22:53 dukezread the last message you ll see
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22:53 Linok
MT_ ( left irc: Read error: Connection reset by peer
22:53 dukezcan to make a handwritten version of /etc/hosts
22:53 Lindukez: I discovered where. ;-)
22:53 LinNFSROOT_ETC_HOSTS=" aptproxy"
22:53 dukezbuild a script to make it
22:53 dukezyes
22:53 Linok
22:54 dukezyou need it in configuration
22:54 Linreinstaling
22:54 dukezbut this flag is only used in the nfsroot
22:54 Linhumrum... another thing... my fai isn't logging
22:54 Linmaybe something with my SSH cert.
22:54 dukezyou haven't settup correctly logserver
22:55 dukezor perhaps it is using faimond
22:55 dukezconnections
22:55 Linand Im having problem to configure HPLIP cause it need cups being configured first.
22:55 dukezHPLIP : i don't know it ! sry :(
22:55 dukezi don't kno weerything ^^
22:55 Lindukez: hum rum.. there is no way to preinstall something?
22:56 Linor re-run the aptitude ugrade just to clean up everything?
22:56 Linthe scripts fall under fai/scripts/CLASS right?
22:57 Linfai/config/scripts/class
22:57 Linthis is damn good ;-)
22:57 dukezno
22:57 dukezyes
22:57 Lino?
22:57 Linno?
22:58 dukezry
22:58 Linwhere then?
22:58 dukezpreinstallation is done throught packages_config
22:58 dukezconfiguration throught scripts
22:58 Linhumrum
22:58 dukezor with debconf
22:58 Linroot@arda:/srv/fai/config/package_config# cat UBUNTU
22:58 LinPACKAGES aptitude
22:58 Linubuntu-minimal
22:58 Linubuntu-standard
22:58 Linubuntu-desktop
22:58 Linas this...
22:58 dukezdebconf-get-selections to see the configuration flags use b the package
22:59 dukezyes
22:59 dukezPACKAGES install is better in my opinion
22:59 Lincleaner
22:59 dukezbut it is the same thing likely
23:00 Linkernel is being fetched
23:00 Linright now..
23:00 dukezand installed ?
23:00 dukezok
23:00 Linfirst fetch.
23:00 Lin;-)
23:01 Linfetch finished
23:01 dukezyour prblm perhaps is the bootloader no ?
23:01 Linpreconfigurin right now.
23:01 Linno
23:01 Linkernel isn't installed boot loade is
23:01 dukezyou have an empty /boot dir ?
23:01 Linyes
23:01 Linjust /boot/grub/menu.lst
23:01 dukezstrange !!! has the package is fetched, i ll be installed
23:02 dukezlook for packages unpacking bugs so ^^
23:02 Linlinux-image-generic
23:02 Linok
23:02 Linproblem iwth sun-java6-jre
23:02 Linlicense could not be presented.. damn.. I want to install this
23:02 dukezi didn't try it yet, it is new with etch
23:03 dukeztry to debconf it
23:03 LinI will try preseed it
23:03 dukezinstall it on an other computer
23:03 Linwait...
23:03 Linplease
23:03 dukezdebconf-get-selections /pipe grep sun-java-jre
23:03 dukezLin> i must go to bed
23:04 dukezLin> i ll help you tomorrow
23:04 Lindukez: night
23:04 dukezLin> i am at home throug VNS on my compani computer and it is awfully slow ^^
23:04 Linwant to log on a shell?
23:04 LinI have a server ;-)
23:04 LinI can create an accont 2 u
23:04 Linproblems with ssl-cert
23:04 dukezi can't i am througt a VPN
23:05 Linoh.. ok.. I know what is this ;-)
23:05 dukezi 'll not make 2 bounce to ssh right at this time
23:05 dukeztomorrow i'll help you for sure
23:05 Lingnight
23:05 Linsleep well
23:05 MTsun-java5-bin   shared/accepted-sun-dlj-v1-1    boolean true
23:05 MTsun-java5-jdk   shared/accepted-sun-dlj-v1-1    boolean true
23:05 MTsun-java5-jre   shared/accepted-sun-dlj-v1-1    boolean true
23:05 MTis what you want...
23:05 dukezat this time, i was lauching make-fai-nfsroot with like hacks to cross build i386 NFSROOT on a AMD64 platform
23:05 LinMT: thankz ;-)
23:05 dukezMT> i was sure of it
23:06 dukezLin> paste thiese lines in debconf/my_class
23:06 dukezwith s/5/6/
23:06 dukez^^
23:06 Lin;-)
23:06 Linok
23:06 MTis that in debian already?
23:06 Linno
23:06 Linubuntu
23:06 Linits desktop
23:06 Linnot server
23:06 dukezMT> do you know how to build an i386 NFSROOT on a AMD64 comp ?
23:07 dukezMT> it is in etch !
23:07 MTyeah, just found it
23:08 MTdukez, sorry, no idea...
23:08 dukezdebootstrap is just too slow ^^
23:08 dukezok not a prblm
23:08 dukezi ll make it i am sure :)
23:08 Lin844 seconds
23:08 Lingood!! ;-)
23:09 dukezLin> so for your kernel ?
23:09 Lininstalation
23:09 Lindidn't reboot yet
23:09 dukezno
23:09 dukezdont do it
23:09 dukezjust get a shell
23:09 LinDAMN!
23:09 Linempty
23:09 dukezand look at /boot
23:09 dukezmmmmmmmmm
23:09 Linroot@cyber1:/tmp/target/boot# ls  
23:09 Lingrub  memtest86+.bin
23:09 dukezgrep linux-image /tmp/fai/software.log
23:10 dukezanything revelant ?
23:10 Lininstall_packages: executing chroot /tmp/target aptitude -R -y -o Dpkg::Options::="--force-confdef" -o Dpkg::Options::="--force-confold" install memtest86+ dhcp3-client grub lilo- linux-image-generic linux-restricted-modules-generic cfengine2 cron debconf-utils discover file hdparm jove less linuxlogo nfs-common nscd rdate openssh-client openssh-server strace sysutils tcsh time postfix eject locales console-common pciutils usbutils bzip2 ubuntu-minimal ubuntu-standa
23:10 Linrd ubuntu-desktop ubuntu-keyring ubuntu-artwork ubuntu-sounds ubuntu-restricted-extras
23:10 Lin  linux-image-2.6.20-14-generic linux-restricted-modules-2.6.20-14-generic
23:10 Lin  linux-image-2.6.20-14-generic linux-image-generic
23:10 LinGet:792 feisty/main linux-image-2.6.20-14-generic 2.6.20-14.22 [23.8MB]
23:10 dukezls /tmp/target/boot
23:10 LinGet:793 feisty/main linux-image-generic [24.3kB]
23:10 LinI was on /tmp/target/boot
23:10 Linroot@cyber1:/tmp/target/boot#  ls /tmp/target/boot
23:10 Lingrub  memtest86+.bin
23:10 dukezLin> nothing saying unpacking ???
23:11 LinAFAIK no ;-)
23:11 Linwhy?
23:11 Linchrooting to target.
23:11 Lindpkg -l linux-image-generic
23:11 Linun  linux-image-generic     <none>                  (no description available)
23:11 Linomg! this is weird.
23:12 dukezUnpacking linux-image-2.6.18-4-686-bigmem (from .../linux-image-2.6.18-4-686-big
23:12 dukezmem_2.6.18.dfsg.1-10~bpo.1_i386.deb) ...
23:13 dukezi got his
23:13 Linnot on mine :-(
23:13 dukeztry apt-get install linux-image-686
23:14 dukezon my servs i was detecting CPU number and memory while i was using kernel from
23:14 Linin the chroot environment: apt-get install linux-image-generic worked
23:15 dukezand it have installed a kernel in /boot ( chrooted )
23:15 Linbut it start to remove a lot of things
23:15 dukeztry to put a more specific kernel package inside package_config simply
23:16 dukezyour fai server is also ubuntuu ?
23:16 Linyes it is
MT ( left irc: Ping timeout: 480 seconds
23:16 Linit try to remove ALL my ubuntu packages
23:16 Linthe list is too big.
23:17 dukezloooooooooool
23:17 dukezstrange !
23:17 Lin appres beforelight bitmap cabextract capplets .... xvncviewer xwd xwininfo xwud
23:17 dukezfr ?
23:17 Lin50 lines ;-)
23:17 Linfr? me? no .. im Brazilian
23:17 dukezok
23:18 dukezi don't know why it is miss behaving this fai ...
23:18 Linneither I
23:18 dukezcheck if you dont have package conflict or something like that
23:18 dukezperhaps cross arch conflict
23:19 LinIm checking
23:19 dukezserver is also i386 ?
23:19 Linyes
23:19 Linbeside linux-image dont conflict with anithing except old hotplug
23:19 Linand I havent hotplug on my system
23:19 dukezmmm
23:20 dukeztry an apt-get -f install
23:20 dukezjust to check things perhaps on the chroot :)
23:20 Lini have put a reinstall on everything
23:20 Linand it accepted
23:20 Linwithout ANY conflicts
23:21 Linmy dpkg selections are set a lot o deinstalls
23:21 Linmost them XORG based
23:21 Linfor sure it will take gnome and everything ubuntu related
23:31 dukezbye all
23:31 dukezi go to bed
23:31 dukezperhaps cya tomoroow
23:32 dukezi ll be on in 8 hours for 12 hours at least
dukez ( left irc:
--- Fri Apr 13 2007

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