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07:42 nyalhi Lin
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09:32 dukezHello al ^^
09:34 dukezjust a question, how can i use FAI to install both x86_64 and i386 arch servers ? Do i have to make 2 fai distinct Nfsroot and configuration ?
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10:30 dukezjust a question, how can i use FAI to install both x86_64 and i386 arch servers ? Do i have to make 2 fai distinct Nfsroot and configuration ?
10:30 dukez^^
10:30 dukezhave a good lunch people near GMT +1
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11:05 mxpx-dukez:
11:05 mxpx-you need an amd64 based server where you create an nfsroot for x86 and one for amd64
11:06 mxpx-I'm doing this with a couple of month old fai version so back then there were quite a couple of tweaks necessary to get this going.
11:07 mxpx-so if you get stuck just query me
11:25 glancedukez: you can use one fai-server to install many diffrent arches.
11:25 glancei have a i386 server installing both i386 and amd64.
11:25 glanceyou just need a amd64 machine to build the nfsroot on.
11:37 ozyear, once the nfsroot is built, no need for 2 fai servers
11:38 \shglance: you are changing just the pxe bootable kernel, right?
11:39 mxpx-if you have a 32bit debian with a 64bit kernel you can even build bot nfs roots on the same machine
11:39 mxpx-both even
11:41 glance\sh: jupp
11:42 glancemxpx-: all my amd64 machines are to cool to just be installserver.
11:45 oztoo cool to rule? ;)
11:45 \shglance: I just wanted to be sure, not that I'm using some strange technique ;)
11:45 glance=)
11:46 glancei use the same machine to install 3 diffrent dists and both amd64 and i386 of eatch.
11:50 dukez ok
11:51 dukezglance> what are the other dists ?
11:52 dukezglance> i have a installserver with amd64, how can i build a i386 root on it ?
11:52 glanceubuntu. hoary,dapper and feisty.
11:52 dukezglance> k :)
11:53 glancedukez: yea..
11:55 dukezglance> can the i386 root be build on a amd64 machine ?
11:55 dukezglance> or do i have to build it on a i386 machine ?
11:56 dukezglance> and copy it to the amd64 machine ?
11:58 glancethat depeds on your kernel config.
11:58 dukezglance>i use ont he amd64 machine the default etch linux kernel image for amd64
12:01 \shdukez: debootstrap supports on amd64 both archs...
12:01 \shdukez: when you are using a x86_64 kernel
12:02 dukez\sh> is there a way to build both x86_64 and i386 NFSROOT on my AMd64 serv usinf fai make-nfsroot-command ?
12:03 dukez\sh> or do i have to build the i386 by hand ?
12:09 dukezis there a way to build both x86_64 and i386 NFSROOT on my AMd64 serv usinf fai make-nfsroot-command ?
12:12 \shdukez: you have in /etcv/fai/make-fai-nfsroot.conf (sp?) some debootstrap options, there you set the special commands for debootstrap...or you do it manually
12:12 dukez\sh> ok, simply adding the arch option to DEBOOTSRAP will be enougth ?
12:13 dukez\sh> i ll create /etc/fai-i386 and /etc/fai-x86_64 with symlinks to /etc/fai/fai.conf and custom make-fai-nfsroot.conf with arch option and the job is done s
12:13 dukezso ...
12:23 dukez\sh> thanks for all, the point was to add "--arch i386" or "--arch amd64" to FAI_DEBOOTSTRAP_OPTS
12:23 dukezty
12:38 sanso|work__dukez, thanks a lot for that question and answer! I always used a workaround for this.
12:39 dukezno problm
12:39 sanso|work__so the contents of /etc/fai-i386 and /etc/fai-amd64 are the same, apart from make-fai-nfsroot.conf?
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12:41 dukezjsut a question, how can i install an i386 package on a amd64 etch using apt ?
12:42 sanso|workoh, something with --force-foo you sure you want to do this?
12:42 dukezyes
12:42 dukezto install both amd64 and i386 fai-kernels ^^
12:42 sanso|workk
12:42 dukezi dont know if fai-kernel_amd64 is a i386 one or an amd64 one !
12:43 sanso|workreading the pkg-name I'd guess it's an amd64..
12:43 dukezme too
12:43 dukezthat's why i rather install fai-kernel-[...]_i386 for my i386 NFSROOT :)
12:44 sanso|workthat should be set in make-fai-nfsroot.conf, right?
12:44 dukezyes
12:44 dukezKERNELPACKAGE variable of make-fai-nfsroot.conf
12:45 sanso|workin /etc/fai-i386/NFSROOT
12:45 dukezwhat about /etc/fai-i386/NFSROOT ?
12:46 dukeznothing need to be change in this file i think
12:46 sanso|workput the name of the package in there and fai will install it on the nfsroot
12:47 dukezsanso> sure but the kernel installation is computed speciallly ( if i can say that )
12:47 dukezsanso> it depends not on NFSROOT packages but on KERNELPACKAGE variable
12:48 sanso|workNFSROOT is for additional packages, so why not add your preferred kernel there?
12:48 sanso|workand You can always set KERNELPACKAGE to whatever you need
12:48 sanso|workI don't think You'll have to override architectures for that..
12:49 dukezsanso> the problm will be : inside NFSROOT, the /vmlinuz image will be the KERNELPACKAGE one or the NFSROOT one ? i don't want to bother with it, i 'd rather use FAI configuration instead :)
12:50 dukezmoreonver
12:50 dukezdurint make-fai-nfsroot
12:50 dukezit does dpkg -x $KERNELPACKAGE $NFSROOT
12:50 dukezso the /vmlinux must be the KERNELPAKAGE one
12:51 dukezbecause it is made on the end of the script :(
12:51 sanso|workhave you set KERNELPACKAGE to the desired version?
12:51 dukezyes
12:51 sanso|workand it died on you?
12:51 dukezdied ?
12:51 dukezthe make-faičpackage ?
12:52 dukezat 1st it died because /etc/fai-i386/apt was a symlink :)
12:54 sanso|workbut then You fixed that and then what?
12:54 dukezit is running
12:54 dukezi ll tell you
12:55 sanso|workokay :)
Action: oz wonders a bit about /etc/fai-i386
12:56 dukez:)
12:56 dukezwhy ?
12:57 ozseems a bit messy to me
12:57 ozwhat next=? /etc/fai-SPARC ?
12:57 sanso|workwhy not? Or better: how else?
12:57 dukezno next, the FAI dev 'll be cool enougth to make fai muli architecture :)
12:58 ozsanso|work: I think a solution via classes would be less messy
12:58 sanso|workvia classes? during make-fai-nfsroot?
12:59 sanso|workhow?
12:59 sanso|workI'd be happy to have a nicer solution
12:59 dukezoz> via classes ? how ? how can you transform an i386 etch to an amd64 one ?
12:59 ozsanso|work: you'd like to rebuild all nfsroots with one command?
13:00 sanso|worknope
13:00 dukezthe solution is now : make-fai-nfsroot -C /etc/fai-i386 && make-fai-nfsroot -C /etc/fai-amd64, this is no too bad
13:00 dukezThe complexity is now inside the DHCP conf to make it bounce to the right NFSROOT ^^
13:01 sanso|workI need two different nfsroots for two different architectures, how can You do this with just one /etc/fai?
13:02 ozsanso|work: I'd need to go to my pool to check
Action: dukez wonders how well Oz is swimming ^^
13:03 ozbut I thought the make-fai-nfsroot is configured via make-fai-nfsroot.conf
13:04 dukeztrue
13:04 sanso|work...which resides in /etc/fai
13:06 ozsanso|work: yes, but the sad thing is...make-fai-nfsroot reads also other files
13:06 sanso|workI know, You're the one who does the explaining here.
13:06 sanso|workAgain: I need two different nfsroots for two different architectures, how can You do this with just one /etc/fai?
13:07 ozsanso|work: I just have to explain why I think /etc/fai-i386 is ugly
13:07 ozand that is simple: it's another directory to care of
13:07 dukezOz> with symlink, it can be smart not ?
13:07 ozit violates the KISS principle
13:07 sanso|workoz, then how do You propose to do this using classes?
13:07 ozdukez: symliks would be just another workaround
13:07 dukezoz> i agree
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13:08 sanso|workwe are well aware of that, but You said You'd do it using classes.
13:08 sanso|workHow?
13:08 dukezoz> but how can you make a single config/install of FAI multi architecture ? The debootstrap is arch dependent !
13:09 dukezsanso> it work this way, you just have to download the i386 version of fai-kernel package by hand and install it using dpkg -i
13:10 sanso|workdukez, on the nfsroot?
13:10 sanso|workvia a chroot command or such, right?
13:10 dukezno simply wget
13:11 dukezthen dpkg -i the package
13:11 dukezand use KERNELPACKAGE=/usr/lib/fai/kernel/linux-.....i386/amd64 depending on the arch !
13:11 sanso|workon which system? the nfsroot or the install server?
13:11 dukezon the installserver
13:11 sanso|workaaah..
13:11 sanso|workgotcha
13:11 sanso|workcheers!
13:13 dukezdpkg --force-all -i the package to ovveride arch error ^^
13:14 sanso|workdukez, you could file this as a bug against fai-multiarch ;)
13:14 dukeznoo
13:14 dukezstop
13:14 dukezGRrrrrr
Action: sanso|work is just kidding
13:14 dukezthere is a hick
13:15 sanso|workit's a replacement, as I just saw
13:15 dukezyes :(
13:15 sanso|workshite
13:15 dukezbut,
13:16 dukezi found a trick ^^
13:17 dukezinstall the i386, rename temporarly the kernel package, reinstall the amd64 one throught /var/cache/apt/archives
13:17 dukezand back rename the i386 one
13:17 dukezlol
13:17 dukezthis is a Nasty trick
13:17 sanso|workyikes!
13:17 dukezi hate to do theses things
13:18 dukezoz> do you know if fai-kernels_1.17+b1_amd64.deb is a amd64 or i386 kernel ?
13:19 dukezAnd the answer is :
13:19 dukezYes :(((((((
13:19 dukezCONFIG_X86_64=y
13:19 dukezCONFIG_64BIT=y
13:19 dukezCONFIG_X86=y
13:20 ozsanso|work: I'd just say "/etc/fai-i386" is an ugly solution. And if I remember correectly, you just need it for nfsroot creation
13:20 ozthe platform always is assigned a class (I386, SPARC, etc) so, why not use this?
13:21 sanso|workthis is what You said: <oz> sanso|work: I think a solution via classes would be less messy
13:21 sanso|workand I'm still wondering how you would do this
13:22 ozsanso|work: what are you wondering about?
13:22 ozyou have the classes list
13:23 ozand you can extract the arch info from it
13:23 sanso|workhow would You solve this problem with one /etc/fai and using classes?
13:23 ozyou are free to provied any classes list...
13:23 sanso|workduring make-fai-nfsroot?
13:24 ozsanso|work: year...I mean basically the confoig in /etc/fai should be a description of your infrastructure
13:25 sanso|workuntil now You only said "I'd do it using classes" but haven't answered how You would do this. So now, please answer how you would do this
13:25 sanso|workif You don't want to share this, then say so.
13:28 ozsanso|work: why so rough?
13:29 ozthink a bit about the class concept
13:29 sanso|workCan't you just answer a question?
13:30 ozsanso|work: it's difficult for me when I have to access to my server
13:30 sanso|workI'm asking because I can't think of a better solution. If You have one, I'm asking You to share it
13:30 sanso|workis that so hard?
13:31 ozsanso|work: is it so hard to imagine that you can change make-fai-nfsroot to be dependent on a class list?
13:31 ozbtw, I have to work a bit
13:32 sanso|workyes, it is so hard. I am not blessed with Your overwhelming insight into the truths of the world.
13:32 sanso|workwhy else would I ask?
13:33 sanso|workagain, in case You didn't read: I'm asking because I can't think of a better solution. If You have one, I'm asking You to share it
13:34 ozand I told you what I can tell you now.
13:34 sanso|workso You don't have a better solution
13:35 ozso, just think of me a a stupid asshole - and it should be okay with you.
13:35 sanso|workit'll save time and nerves for all of us if You could just say so next time
13:35 dukezoz> The NFSROOT is arch dependant, while booting with FAI, you will be on a AMD64 Etch or a I386 Etch depending the arch of the NFSROOT.
13:36 dukezOz> Has the NFSROOT is the 1st stage of booting before FAI is run how can you change arch when fai take the hand ?
13:36 sanso|workoz, If someone asks you how and You don't know, just use something like "i don't know"
13:36 ozsanso|work: don't bother me. I said that I need to go to my pool.
13:36 ozI don't know all script by heart
13:37 sanso|workthen don't hint at that You do and all is fine
13:37 ozsanso|work: I I gave you a hint, you could think of it yourself.
13:37 sanso|workthis is not about not knowing, but about wasting everybodys time by hinting at having a solution
13:37 ozdon't blame ppl trying to give a hint.
13:38 dukezOz> perhaps booting with a i386 NFSROOT, we can install a AMD64 Etch but the question is how :)
13:38 dukezOz> Do you know ?
13:40 dukezOz> How the architecture is managed during the FAI installation ?
13:41 ozdukez: the i386 prolly has a i386 sources.list
13:43 dukezoz> does it is as simple as setting I386 or AMD64 class to make fai install Debian Etch i386 or Debian Etch AMD64 ?
13:45 ozdukez: no, not yet
13:45 ozthat was an absoulte developers remark
13:45 ozI'd hacked something a year ago
13:46 dukezk
13:47 dukezoz> how can with class and script can we pilot AMD64 vs I86 installation .
13:47 dukezoz> can you explain me ?
13:47 dukezoz> do you know how ?
13:50 dukezoz> The 1st step during a debian installation is the unpacking of base.tgz archive, do you agree ?
13:51 ozdukez: hm. I also think base.tgz is ugly. ;)
13:52 ozand I don't know if the standard debian install uses base.tgz
13:52 dukez oz> yes it is the standard way, the Debian installer use it
13:52 dukezoz> the base.tgz is arch dependant and is found by FAI inside the NFSROOT in /var/tmp/base.tgz exactly
13:53 ozdukez: that was the point I stopped when I worked on fai-cd...
13:53 dukezoz > this image is arch dependant, it means that base.tgz for AMD64 is different than the base.tgz for I86
13:53 ozand somewhat h01ger and me agreed that the base.tgz is ugly
13:54 ozwe used debootstrap instead
13:54 dukezoz> so, without changing the way FAI use NFSROOT
13:54 dukezdebootstrap is also arch dependant
13:54 dukezdeboostrap --arch i386 or debootstrap --arch amd64
13:54 dukezit ll create you 2 different base OS
13:55 ozdukez: yes, but iirc it's just the switch
13:55 dukezThe point is that without modifing FAI NFSROOT process, you can make a NFSROOT multi architecture in my opinion.
13:55 dukezoz> because FAI use a 1 to 1 relation between base.tgz and NFSROOT
13:56 dukezoz> if FAI was using one arch for the NFSROOT and all the arch for the installation it would be cool, but it is not
13:56 dukezoz> the simplier way is so to hack the make-fai-nfsroot process to build 2 NFSROOT and boot on the good arch one
13:56 dukezdukez > oz > it is not so awfull, and it is simple to configure
13:57 ozdukez: do you have an account for the fai wiki?
13:57 dukezoz> moreover, you can imagine jhaving one more NFSROOT for RedHat, and one more NFSROOT for Gentoo ^^
13:57 dukezoz> na :(
13:57 ozdukez: would you mind if I note that in it?
13:58 dukezoz > making youi FAI installserver an All word distribution install server with other soft, like the GPL project to install Windows throught Network with Samba ^^
13:58 dukezoz > no
13:58 ozI share your thoughts
13:58 dukezoz> you can
13:58 dukezoz > contribute is the key point to make software GPL developpment ^
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13:58 ozdukez: do you know that it's easy to install windowzes using sysprep and partimage?
13:59 ozproblem of the wiki is my password...
14:00 ozI always have it 'somewhere'
14:00 ozjust like my pool, which is 'somehwere'
14:00 dukez'somwhere' must be in your mind ^^
14:00 ozoooh. I'm so narrow-minded :)
14:01 dukezbuy some free space !
14:01 dukezhave a cookie
14:01 dukezeat some fish
14:01 dukez^^
14:01 ozat work seems to be done now.
14:01 dukezoz> you work on ? Computers ?
14:02 ozyes
14:02 dukezoz> Sysadmin ? Teacher ?
14:02 dukezoz> Developper ?
14:04 ozdukez: hm. I have a new job, and it's not sure, yet. :)
14:04 ozall of it, somewhat
14:04 dukezoz> In which country ?
14:04 dukezme .fr
14:04 ozuh-lala...where?
14:04 dukezOz> Working with Mr FAI ?
14:04 dukezoz> Paris !!!
14:05 ozdukez: no, I'm not working with Mr Fai, exept on FAI
14:05 ozdukez: paris is neat
14:06 dukezdukez>not to much, i'd rather the countryside, i don't like "big cities".
14:11 ozdukez: /me neither
14:11 ozI live in Freiburg
14:12 dukezoz> Just a word : FAI is so cool, thanks to helping developping it ^^
14:12 ozdukez: join the fun :)
14:12 dukezoz > I am helping a teamate debugging is "too slow" Jboss/Debian server ....
14:12 dukezoz > a real "narrow minded" one !
14:28 oz:)
14:28 ozdukez: my job also is to debug other ppl's server
Action: h01ger just commited git support for get-config-dir
14:40 ozhey, h01ger
14:42 h01gerhey oz - danke fuer die gruesse :)
14:43 ozhehe, spass gehabt in HH?
14:46 h01gerja, war entspannend :)
14:49 ozfein :)
14:57 ozh01ger: btw, what was the prob with fai-cd?
14:58 h01germk-bootcd was removed/is buggy
14:58 ozhow did you fix it?
14:59 h01gerby using live-package
14:59 ozh01ger: ?
14:59 ozI am confused...we used live-package ever since?
Action: h01ger is annoyed that fcopy exits with 1 if no file was copied because its up2date
15:00 h01geroz, the sarge version (of mk-bootcd) works too, thats the other option.
15:00 h01gerfaicd is a bit messy atm
15:01 ozh01ger: the mess is - I don't find time
15:01 dukezgenisoimage is the remplacement or mk-bootcd
15:01 h01gerwhat do you do re: fcopy exits with an error if file is already uptodate. "fcopy -i" or "|| true" ?
15:03 h01gerdukez, genisoimage creates an iso images. thats not enough (it needs to be bootable, include a kernel, foo). live-package also gives you nice icecream on top :)
15:04 oz...and the fantastic and absoulte necessary splash-screen ;)
15:06 dukezgenisoimage can make a bootable CD too
15:06 dukezfor the kernel, i dont know how it works ...
15:07 dukezbut man genisoimage | grep kernel is not empty ....
15:07 dukezso i think there are the needed option for the kernel
15:07 oz.o0(sheit - so many options)
15:07 dukeztrue
15:07 dukezit is a "All bullshit in once" tool box ^^
15:08 ozh01ger: is live-pkg now working with usb-stick out-of-the-box?
15:13 h01geri dont know, havent followed it recently
15:14 ozthat'd be quite charming, to install fai via usb-stick
Action: h01ger nods
15:27 nyaloz,  i have done a fai-cd
15:27 nyali have given information to MrFai
15:42 nyali use bootcd-mkinitramfs
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18:30 Linhi all
18:30 Linfai kernel (from package) has support to atheros wifi cards?
18:32 Linthere is any wifi card with support for PXE or any remote boot method?
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19:40 Linwhat is the better way to do automatic instalations pressed or fai?
20:19 juri__you're in #fai. what do you expect the common answer here to be? :)
20:22 Linjuri__: ;-) good to know..
20:23 Linjuri__: there is *anyway* to do a netboot using wireless cards? or the fai floppy supports atheros card (madwifi)?
20:34 Lini will relog and come back 2 minutes
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20:41 juri__lin: in a short word, no. its possible to boot, then request a rootfs/etc using a prism or orinoco or proper cisco card.. but only with in-kernel drivers, and major hacking.
20:45 Linjuri__: damn god! im *ucked
20:46 Linjust prism or orinoco? atheros can't do it? :-/
20:46 Lini really dont care for major hacking..
20:48 LinI really forgot to research about boot from network with wireless cards. I have bought 160 computers with atheros cards. I really need to make them boot from network. Using a pendrive or floppy or cd, I really don care.. since user has no interaction at all. Just insert the media and let it go :-/ Any ideas juri?
20:52 Lin(or anyone else ;-)
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21:31 Lin... since that there is no way to do automatic boot from network with wifi card. There is anyway to customize fai kernel to be inserted on disk? to do a usb/floppy disk boot to start the installation with the tools needed to configure the wifi card and start the installation?
21:51 juri__atheros requires firmware loads.
21:51 juri__yuck. you've got yourself in a pickle. :)
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21:52 juri__you could build a custom usb stick to do it.
22:06 Linjuri__: there is anyway explaining the right way(tm) to do this?
22:07 Lins/anyway/anywhere/
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